Americans and their Firearms collections

  1. Ikr some people are like “haha what if BLACK people purchased guns, would you still support the second amendment then??”

  2. All you need to farm upvotes on reddit is go: "GUNS BAD" or "ROE V WADE BAD!" in a thinly veiled political post and the absolute idiots on here will upvote it because they agree.

  3. Someone is karma whoring trying to shock the world with American culture........the joke is on them, the world already knows we are fucking crazy

  4. Reddit needs to create an image for the rest of the world that the average american doesn’t get out of bed without shooting their gun first. It is a propaganda machine.

  5. Gun owner here. I have a rifle, shotgun, and a handgun and I consider that all I’ll need for life. This isn’t normal.

  6. Unironically, yea. These are all reasonably wealthy people, and some of the bigger gun collections here alone would be worth a small fortune. Swing by when the family isn't home and you got yourself a good haul

  7. Arendelle is a hereditary monarchy, pre-suffrage. Very clearly a nationalistic, socialist city-state: “We'll always live in the kingdom of plenty / That stands for the good of the many / And I promise you the flag of Arendelle will always fly”

  8. People like this are the gun owners you need to be least terrified of. The ones you need to watch are the non-enthusiasts who have a single gun slammed up in their sock drawer that they don’t know how to use.

  9. Thank you I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Look at demolition ranch that dude has probably over 100 guns and he’s a responsible normal person.

  10. I don’t see anything terrifying here. These people are in their homes. If they’re not taking these guns out and shooting up the public, what’s scaring you?

  11. Everyone saying they don’t understand why someone would have this many guns, you gotta understand it’s just a collection. It’s like collecting fucking n64 cartridges or anything else, yes it’s a gun but to a lot of people it’s just a fun hobby. I have a few (nowhere near how many the people in the post have) and it’s fun to shoot each of them and clean them etc. I don’t think these photos are terrifying what I think is that most people don’t know anything about guns so just seeing them makes them nervous.

  12. The benefit of highly configurable platforms is that you can kit them out however you like. I know some people that have a dozen or so of the same gun, just configured differently, that each get fired maybe once a year and spend the rest of the time as display pieces.

  13. And something else people don’t realize is how common it is to acquire firearms from relatives who pass away. I only own 3 firearms that I’ve bought for myself, but I’ve acquired 4-5 from people in my family who wanted me to have them after they’ve died. What am I supposed to do with family heirlooms? Sell them? Or let me guess, surrender them to the state? I don’t think so.

  14. Exactly! My collect would rival some of these folks…and I’m trying to figure out why I’m the asshole for liking it? I grew up with firearms, grew up camping and spending time out doors and then went into the military. Firearms have always been a part of my life…..why the fuck am I the bad guy because I like collecting, shooting, and maintaining them?

  15. American consumerism goes overboard about any object? I dunno probably OP wanted to karma farm the european up-votes

  16. People generally aren't scared of what other people would do with a bunch of guns. Hoplophobes like OP generally are scared of what they would do if they had a gun, and so project that fear onto everyone else.

  17. And how exactly is it terrifying? Okay, terrifying other than the fact these people can afford this and still be living in the US and not living off the streets, like actually in a house… they aren’t doing any harm, one person can only operate 1-2 guns at a time and only 1 effectively so how exactly is owning 100+ guns terrifying? Guns are a hobby to some people, a form of self protection to others and a job for some too.

  18. This isn't terrifying, it's the people that don't have expensive collections, and only own one or two guns that you have to worry about.

  19. I mean that’s cool. They can’t use them all at the same time. Nice collection tho. Almost missed the rifles on the roof.

  20. If this is "Terrifying" you're a pussy. All you gotta do is not fuck around and you won't find out 🤷🏿‍♂️. But continue getting stabbed, kidnapped, or blown tf up wherever you are, unarmed.

  21. The only thing terrifying about this is that people genuinely fear these images. Are these collections a bit excessive? Yeah I’d say so but so is Jay Leno‘s car collection. It’s not terrifying at all and I would be delighted to take a tour or check out such a collection

  22. Also I’d be willing to bet there are zero human deaths caused by a single one of them. Any collector of this caliber is going to have them locked up like Fort Knox

  23. Lmao y'all are jealous asf my boy, wouldn't last a week here in America being that soft worrying about what other grown ass people are doing

  24. It’s Reddit. Half the people on here think you’re deeply psychologically troubled if you don’t despise firearms.

  25. Why can’t people be firearms enthusiast? Like if guns are what’s fun to collect and shoot to someone why can’t they just be happy? Some people it’s motorcycles and cars others it could be guns … just let people be happy.

  26. The second amendment is a right that many of us cherish and love to exercise. The vast majority of us will never go out an commit a crime. There’s 120.5 guns per 100 people in the US.

  27. I don’t know what’s so terrifying here? Maybe if this scares you, you should go and get your own rather than take what others have?

  28. I see nothing wrong with this. Seems like leftist fear mongering propaganda posting this in this sub. This family is simply exercising their 2A rights as they should.

  29. Not all leftists hate guns friend. If you went into the world and talked to people who think differently than you, maybe you'd understand that.

  30. Not scary, your scared of an object. And also none of these people have committed a violent crime with a firearm. Propaganda at its finest.

  31. I know this isn't representative of the average gun-owner, but I'm curious : have there been psychological studies looking into the attachement many Americans have formed with guns and the reasons behind the importance they accord to gun-ownership ?

  32. The second amendment is second only to free speech and religion. It’s a fundamental part of most Americans’ concept of freedom, especially considering the Revolutionary War that led to the foundation of the US in the first place. Guns = freedom = good.

  33. I wish more Americans were like you honestly. So many on both sides of the political spectrum refuse to take authoritarianism seriously.

  34. I'm all about it, but damn sell at least one and upgrade that rust bucket you have as a smoker/grill, sheesh.

  35. Tbh I don’t find this terrifying unless they don’t keep them locked up so they can’t just get robbed and arm a whole crew of criminals. These aren’t the gun owners that are terrifying. Yes I’m American

  36. RELAX Nobody was killed in the making of this picture and they haven't kill anyone either so like... if you're scared go to church.

  37. This looks like a huge loot drop. Haven't they ever played COD? With a stash like that in a residential area, most of them look out of shape and likely couldn't handle actual combat, and that means in a scenario where these would be used, they will most certainly provide others with a huge stash of firepower working against whoever remained. Geolocating the pics just added the drop to the map. 😬

  38. Thank goodness their little girl has training wheels. It's very important that parents raise children in a safe environment that minimizes the risk of injuries.

  39. Surely the ultimate circle jerk for these people is ultimately to shoot a person. That must be what goes through their mind.

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