So this happened …

  1. Dude better have picked up SOME kind of lottery ticket after all of that...that was a ridiculous amount of luck!

  2. I may be reading too much into it but I wonder if the driver of the white suv had the wherewithal to slow down properly as not to launch the black suv into another roll?

  3. These always really bug me until I know the full story and if anyone got hurt. So here's what my internet poking around found, for anyone like me. (Full disclosure, I couldn't find a lot about this, but I like this answer, so this is going to be true for me. Your mileage may vary.)

  4. If that’s true and nobody was seriously injured then WOW because I’d assumed that at least one of the drivers in the collision died. That was high speed and brutal.

  5. Seriously, SUV drivers gotta step it up. This isn't funny anymore. Lives are at risk. You have to learn how to drive and to think when youre doing it. If you know an SUV driver, pull them aside and remind them that this isn't acceptable anymore. Speak slowly of course, but do it. Do it for all of us.

  6. The guy walking across the road died. That was actually his ghost walking backwards trying to figure out what happened.

  7. If I was the dude crossing the street; I would immediately go buy a bunch of lottery tickets.... gotta ride lady luck as long as possible....

  8. Anyone know the make and model of that white SUV? It didn't even bottom out. This should be in their commercials. "World-class front hood load capacity!"

  9. Being so close to that car will kill a part of one's soul, one will likely not see stars, but get a peek of the abyss, and it will get a peek in return.

  10. Bro I thought that guy in purple/pink got buttfrucked but then I seen the lucky asf cheeky bastard walk back and I was like phew

  11. White car stopping after the blue car lands on top of it reminds me of a cat with a sock on it's face. It just doesn't know what to do.

  12. It always amazes me that people have such a hard time following simple instructions. Dude, there are a few key rules you have to follow, stop at the red light and dont go fast on the corners, it's that fucking simple.

  13. 1: what kind of car is the white one because it’s indestructible and I need it 2: talk about videos that end at the exact right time, I’m so glad purple shirt is okay.

  14. I can’t believe they let children, and dogs, drive cars in the USA. The driver was obviously colourblind not to see the red light.

  15. Was the white car also running the light and that’s how they ended up with the other car on top? It seems the horizontal traffic had green so I don’t see a reason for the white car to pull up further.

  16. Not necessarily. You can still see colors - even if it’s shades of gray. You learn to associate “stop” (red) with what you see - which can be a different hue of red or some shade of gray. Positioning of the signals are important, too.

  17. OP you can fuck right off. Show the whole god damn video in the full frame instead of this stupid “edited” format to make it seem original. Fuck you clown.

  18. This is what scares me every time I get behind the wheel, you don't need everyone to ego-drive you just need the wrong one who thinks they can bully everyone into yielding for them and then when it doesn't work, everyone loses

  19. "Still gotta get to work. The boss won't believe this unless I come in with this car on my hood." - person driving the car at the end, probably

  20. The version with Elvis’ “Return to Sender” overlaid is much better. Although it is nice to hear the camera crew screaming.

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