My Daughter Downplays Her Creativity in Terraria

  1. We can all do it with enough trial and error, I ended up spending an entire 5 weeks (because i was a no life 13-yr old) on a really detailed build with tons of bombings and it turned out really cool!

  2. The secret to building good looking stuff is taking a screenshot off the internet and copying it block by block. I've become an amazing "builder" (or maybe copier) doing that.

  3. i do see how a lot of these take inspiration from khaios and the buildy bunch series, but i think those are all definitely their own builds, and all look stellar, love the pirate ship, and the lihzahrd shaft(speaking of, where does that lead?)

  4. My daughter downplays her creativity in Terraria, saying that she isn't original because she "uses other peoples builds as inspiration". I try and tell her that everybody uses *someone's* work for inspiration, but she still downplays her skill! I think she's very talented and creative. What do you think???

  5. Even the most complex builds likely drew inspiration from one source or another. There's absolutely no shame in drawing inspiration from another person's build, and honestly it's incredibly flattering.

  6. Almost every builder uses someone else's work as inspiration - that is the actual way that we progress further and develop our skills. For example - more than half of the active builders here and on r\TerrariaDesign have learned from Khaios at one point or another, and in turn, if you can visit the older building threads on the official forums, you will see the builders that Khaios learned from. It is the exchange of ideas and techniques that got us all to the point we are at today, so there is no reason to downplay your creativity. On the contrary - acknowledge the people that you learned from and be proud of it, because you have the skills to surpass them in the future :))

  7. As someone who's been in your daughter's shoes, let me say that it's natural to feel this way. Sometimes it can be really hard to appreciate your own accomplishments when you take inspiration from other people. But no one person can be expected to know how to make stuff like this from scratch. Even if she doesn't realise it, by taking inspiration from other builds she's seen, she's internalising how to incorporate all these little details into each build of her own - the bridge's support beams, the moss growing from the stone pillars, all of these are techniques that you have to learn at least once before you can put them into a build that's 100% your own idea. It's all part of the learning process.

  8. There's a really good book called, How to steal like an artist. Some pages are just a quote or a few sentences about the art of "stealing" for inspiration. It's an eye opener about creativity and how ro develop a style copying multiple sources.

  9. Even looking at other builds and trying to make something cool and unique I inevitably end up with shoebox number 9001. Inspiration from other works is a key part of any creative work, and architecture (even digital) is no difference. She clearly has skill and I'd say plenty of creativity to back it up.

  10. No art exists in a vacuum. We are all influenced/ inspired by others and the world around us. Your daughter is freaking awesome.

  11. Artist draw inspiration from many things! We have to otherwise, we'd be blank. She's definitely talented and has an aesthetic eye! I'm a mom and an artist who started playing terraria with my son. She's got some style and patience! Keep going girl!! 💚

  12. She'll eventually understand that as far as art goes (and this is absolutely art) originality doesn't exist. The first artist was inspired by the world around them and every artist after was inspired by them to create their own work.

  13. I might borrow that idea. I always wanted to make unique stuff but I suck at that so I might copy a good build just to feel like my world looks awesome.

  14. Well, I sure know I'm going to be using her builds as inspiration! Especially her bridge and her oceanside homes, both were super cool!

  15. I think you should tell her shes great and that imma copy some of her work since it looks amazing and given the opportunity ask her if she can make a sky island + arena, and some oasis comfy base ;D

  16. Her inspired works have in turn inspired me to try my own versions. Her builds aren't only great, they're inspiring!

  17. The thing every architect and probably designer has come to term with: Most of the time you are building ob someones work, not reinventing the wheel from scratch. And that’s completely fine! Creativity is about how you combine things and in wich context you arrange them.

  18. I do the same thing! Inspiration is important, and I do believe she already understands the difference between imitation and inspiration. :) Tell her these builds look very good, and to never stop!

  19. I think I'm going to use her builds as inspiration. These are stunning. Giant projects like castles and huge towers are cool and all, but these are beautiful in a more down-to-earth sense. Her builds don't need scale and grandeur to be outstanding, they're both gorgeous AND practical.

  20. Just having the patience to do this and not revert back to the o'l standard efficient apartment is already impressive lol.

  21. Is that jungle brick thing her hellevator? That's the coolest hellevator I've ever seen period, it's so creative. The best of props to her.

  22. Notice how in one comment they say "It's a throwaway account. I'm not comfortable using my real account with something I know she will see." but then almost every reply says "daughter here".

  23. If she wants to see someone with the crestivity of a stone I can post pictures of what I build. It all looks the same... Her constructions are awesome and very detailed. I wish I could build a tenth as good as well.

  24. Tell her great job. I would have thought it was screenshots straight out of a Khaios video. It’s not just creativity, but determination too. I could watch multiple hours of khaios vids, then do basic squares with different materials.

  25. Your daughter builds better than most; I’m blown away and I’m definitely going to learn and use inspiration from her builds! Holy cow 😍

  26. Most of my builds use the exterior block placements as a reference. I've started trying to branch out more and use more original ideas for the exteriors though (:


  28. as a builder, I have to say. this is one of the best ocean biome builds I've EVER seen! it's so pretty and full of detail! God it's so nice, definitely got inspired lol

  29. The temple Hellevator is absolutely gorgeous, my favourite piece I must say. I never stop to think about decorating my hellevators but I will definetky start to

  30. Regarding the NPCs, there is one called the pirate. It only requires to beat a pirate invasion... it would be even more caching if she puts him in charge of the sailing boat... He also sells cannons and cannon balls just to make it clear

  31. This is really impressive, I’ve played for years and finished the game several times but have never built anything remotely close to this

  32. Daughter here, and that was legit the very first build I ever did. It was a cactus house for the clothier that I made next to a tiny sandcastle that I built. Going back to mine it looks terrible, but I remember really liking it for a solid 20 seconds lol. (:

  33. That Pylon design is brilliant, im 100% gonna steal that. What has she used as a background to get the blue bubbles? Im new to the whole "not a box" thing and have no idea what duffernt materials look like

  34. idk why but the 4/7 made me remember the tomato pizzaria temple from fortnite lol (i really dont know how and why.)

  35. I wish I could build aesthetically pleasing masterpieces like this. I can build a rectangle with doors really good though, some might even say I'm a rectangle expert.

  36. I really like the OOA arena, I've never been creative and just used my Hell bridge. I think this has given me inspiration for my current play through :)

  37. Dude I wish I was anywhere near this creative lol all my bases are a modge podge of random blocks and I am too lazy to redo anything

  38. That was this motivation to do exotic builds I did a couple neat ones a few maps ago. I really like making the wizard party girl house out of gym spark blocks and the rainbow blocks!

  39. This is just what the earlier phases of being a builder is for everyone trying to learn new techniques. I have been a builder for over 2 years and have learned a lot through all of it. I really do believe that taking inspiration is the best way to improve at building. The creativity comes from using what you learn and combining it with other things you learn in new and interesting ways. And even if you aren’t the most creative (I am not the most creative), you can still make really good builds and should be proud.

  40. Daughter here, first of all, love the username. And also, I would recommend using online images as references for room measurement and stuff. It makes it ALOT easier (:

  41. Well, tell your daughter that a 23 year old man from Canada with over 1000 hours in the game is literally taking notes from her builds to utilize in his own playthrough 😂 these are gorgeous builds. Im not a shabby builder by any means but I feel inspired by some of the design implementation here!

  42. I'm on my 1st play through right now. It's not the 1st time I've played it, but it's the 1st time I've put effort into finishing it. I just beat plantera, And all I do is the hotel house, and hellevator. Something like this is awesome and maybe on a subsequent play through I will try doing the same

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