Hate I am having to make a post on here again:/

  1. Yes same thing happened to me , I came off birth control 2021 has shedding for 6 months , was slowly recovering then got covid July this year and with in couple of months shedding started so its now causing an over lapping , I shed bad secound time for about 6 weeks on and off and it started to slow down but like you i was really not that ill with covid

  2. Ugh I pray mine only lasts a couple weeks:/ idk what to do. I was finally stable and having so much healthy regrowth and I am currently losing all that regrowth cause I got Covid 12 weeks ago. I can’t take this anymore. I’m at a loss at this point and am just preparing to go bald.

  3. Once it’s started you just have to wait it out. Are you sure Covid is the issue and not something else? To trigger hair loss you need to be pretty sick

  4. While a dermatologist absolutely needs to confirm this, when there are clear triggers 2-3 months prior to the onset of shedding, the likelihood of TE definitely increases. A lot of times, many folks will post on here with no triggers, shedding, and continuous density loss which more often than not points to AGA. We can never self diagnose, but being as educated about the conditions as possible def helps

  5. covid and many viruses aside from covid can cause shedding; depending on your genetics, you don't have to become severely ill, it can be mild. i confirmed this with several doctors when i fell ill and mine began to thin because they suspected it was my common cold that started it (when it wasn't, it was medication induced, or maybe both together, but still)

  6. My dermatologist (who specializes in hair loss) said that even mild covid can trigger an episode of TE and he has seen several instances of this happening.

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