These pictures are from just 4 instances out of many traumatic hair combing/washes like these since TE started a month ago for me.. i had full blown dense hair amd long hair all my life and even after this I am not yet seeing and bald spots/scalp but I am constantly panick mode anticipating worst.

  1. This is similar to how my hair was falling out per wash/brush. I lost about 75/80% this time last year. No bald patches. On the Black Friday sale I bought these expensive hair things that I couldn’t get myself to buy without the sale (but wish I bought earlier). The vegamor grow + serum and their shampoo/conditioner. Also the nutrafol supplements. After about a month or so on this regimen, my hair stopped shedding. I shed for about 3 months so idk if the telogen effluvium just stopped, or if the things I was using worked. I think a mix. Only brushed my hair with tangle teezer fine fragile brush. Boiled some rosemary with water, turned off the heat, put a lid and let it sit for about 30 min. Used that rosemary water to rinse out when washing hair. Cut my hair short because it was falling and tangling so much. After the hair stopped shedding I got some PRP hair injections which helped build new blood vessels to promote hair growth. Now I have lots of hair growing but definitely not as much and as thick as before. I know what caused my TE (CV), but it’s worth trying to see what the root cause is and try to address the issues (ex: stress, low iron…).

  2. My derm said that we shall wait for hair to fall in upcoming weeks and then will start with the new growth regime. Cureently he gave me all the Vitamins and calcium supplement. A spray for hair damage control and also a anti dandruff medicated lotion for scalp as an immediate solution. He said it will take time to fix the deficiencies causing TE (which probably caused/triggered by Dengue fever). I am not able to come to terms with the fact that I don't eat junk, I don't spend a day without 3 eggs a day and eats lots of green leaf veggies regularly. And I think I'm one of those rare people in their social circle who does it all. I do take care of my diet properly its like my lifestyle. And a few of my frie ds told me that you eat veggies, workout and also have enough protein then too something like this is happening to you.. I just don't have any answer for that.

  3. I was experiencing the onset of T1 diabetes and the stress on my body caused TE. If you know what's triggering it, that's super important and helpful. Unfortunately, it's just a condition that has to be patiently ridden out. Once it starts, it has to go through the cycle. I know it's hard to hear and frustrating in its unhelpfulness, but being patient, kind to yourself, and reminding yourself that it's not going to last forever, is extremely important. It will be okay❤️

  4. I was having a great time on vacation when this started happening and the moment I was back and went to derm and I was diagnosed with TE (which I already expecting before going). I had dengue 2.5 months ago and I had very bad fever for 2-3 days and week full of weakness. But later i got it under control and I thought I recovered well as I started going to work and working out (I am quite to lifting) a week after. But now I realise that whole of my hair took the toll of dengue recovery and i am losing my hair like crazy. Turns out I am also VitD and Vit B12 deficient. I haven't seen any others pictures with such amount of hair and I am scared that it is completely going to take my hair away with this much hairstrands as everyone says it goes on till 2 3 months. The pictures you see with dry hair were from my vacation in mountains when I was not refraining to touch  my hair it was that traumatic and wanting to be back to home so that I could get my blood work done and check with derm.

  5. Obviously everybody is different, but FWIW I was experiencing shedding just like yours for close to 2 months straight, starting 3 months after COVID-induced fever which lasted 3 days. Blood tests revealed very low iron, low vit D and slightly low B12.

  6. I only now see your comment, I also had high fever for over a week, which stimulated the TE. It does get better but it’s a long and tedious process. Also another thing is if you tie your hair up, look for hair ties that don’t pull your hair, like silk scrunches. Definitely look into supplementing your deficiencies. Vitamin D is best taken with oil as a capsule and with fatty food. B12 is usually low in vegan, vegetarian. Best to supplement B vitamins earlier in the day as can give you energy.

  7. Mine was similar! A few people told me to avoid combing or brushing with wet hair! The water makes the hair heavier and brushing it makes the weakly rooted hairs come out all at once. I stoplight brushing it when it was wet and changed to just gently combing it. Of course, the shed continued but its not worth traumatizing your self with each shower. Also, wash your hair less! My hair stylist told me that.

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