Hormonal coil

  1. Hi! I also had the Mirena coil which I'm sure is what triggered my TE. It ended up expelling itself after a month, my hair loss continued for 9 months after that.

  2. Had hormonal coil put in end of May. Come end of august huge amounts of hair falling in the shower. Blood tests clear, drs have no idea. Had no other issues with coil but reluctantly got it removed 29th September. Hair fall is definitely increasing and I’m petrified that this is permanent! It’s devastating because 2 years ago I had to cut all my hair off to a boys hair cut due to my own fault (bleach damage!) and now today it’s almost down to my bum but I’ve lost at least 50% of my hair I’d say. The drs say wait 6-8 months to see what happens but by Christmas I’ll be bald if this continues. Please help!

  3. Are you talking about an IUD ? This makes sense some people are very sensitive to hormones! Coming off of them triggered mine. If it’s truly TE it will end and you will NOT go bald

  4. Following the 3 month rule, 3 months before hair loss started I had coil fitted. But now I’ve had coil removed does that mean in another 3 months I can expect to lose it all again? 😭

  5. The thing is you putting the Hormone coil couldve triggered TE but the fact you took it off also made your hormones even more imbalanced which is probably why you see a increase and might last a bit more longer since hormone hairloss takes longer. I’ll say yes 6-9 months sounds right.

  6. I was shedding so much like this when I got off birth control:/ I shed normal now thankfully and the hairs slowly growing back it’s a very hard long process but no you aren’t alone and it’ll grow back.

  7. This was getting on birth control! Does that mean that coming off I’ll get another wave in 3 months time?? How long does yours last ?

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