Dynamic armor in a Russian T80-BVM tank is made of rubber

  1. Rubber is actually used in tank armor though, sometimes in huge quantities. First gen Chobham armor was literally just a shit ton of rubber and steel alternating layers.

  2. Also, use tiny umbrella to stop big heavy metal things from dropping on head, like in famous Amerikan cartoon of dog and bird in desert...

  3. I remember how triggered several people in this sub were when in March images of the upgraded T-72's soft side skirt ERA 2S4 showed up after their captured. The ripped open "soft era" bags was shown to be some sort of granular substance along with plastic inserts allowing the soft bag to hold a rigid shape. Plus, someone turned up a Russian source blog from 2017 where they claimed a tank commander displaying their T-72 said it was just sand bags. The trolls and tankies couldn't except that "soft era" were simply sand bags made to look like blocks.

  4. The veteran tanker part of me wants to believe the Russians are that stupid and cheap, the engineer in me isn't so sure he understands what he's looking at. The bottom panel might not be rubber, the top panel might be rubber on purpose.

  5. https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-e6huvtmWXMQ/V2y_YzcbbrI/AAAAAAAAG0Y/UXwK4dc6ri4HI2WoRL8n_7oEoBmh_ldQgCLcB/s1600/blazer%2Bera%2Bbelow%2Bthe%2Bturret%2Bring.jpg

  6. Was gonna say rubber is used in many composites. Maybe this isn't supposed to be ERA but bolt-on composite additions?

  7. There were some T-80 variants and 90 variants that had what looked like actual cardboard as the era.

  8. The tank also seems to be in storage, missing machinegun, removed turret parts, tracks clear of dirt and full of rust. No reason to keep the explosive in the ERA.

  9. You mean just like how the 2S4 "soft era" on upgraded T-72s are actual sand bags? Might want to chill out with the Russian propaganda mate.

  10. Huh, funny they're still able to get away with this s*!t. It's the same problem they had back in Chechnya ... era didn't protect even against single, much less against tandem RPG warheads. Military condemned research team for faulty design so they did testing for them and era functioned as it was supposed to work ... so they checked those factory made which were sent to units, not prototypes used by researchers and found that plenty of them was empty or filled with inertial material like rubber.

  11. It's stealing in exchange for human lives. ERA cases are there, it looks nice, can be paraded, but rubber is much cheaper than whatever explosive filling it should have had. Somebody pocketed the money and bought a yacht or smth with it.

  12. its what happens when there is massive, serious corruption in your military and military acquisition.

  13. The tank has been picked clean given the rust, the bolts aren't even there anymore and major components and tools are missing. The explosives are going to be long gone.

  14. Rubber is legit, armor either deflects or absorbs energy. Rubber just like ceramic are on the absorb list. NATO tanks use it too.

  15. Well you see, while this is true, these should actually contain explosive reactive armour, or ERA for short. Russia either does not have the resources, or don't feel like protecting their crews. Most likely the former. Plus, not like a 30mm rubber block is gonna do much against something like a loitering munition, Javelin, or an NLAW anyway.

  16. This is NOT how ERA looks like. ERA is explosives sandwiched between metal plates. NERA contains rubber, again sandwiched in steel. This is is just useless filler for empty ERA cases.

  17. Essentially it’s meant to be a small explosive with a metal plate on top. When hit, the explosive is triggered & disrupts the incoming round, so that it is less effective against the actual tank armour.

  18. Reactive or dynamic armor is explosive on the outside of a tank that when hit or about to be hit, explodes pushing back against the shell causing it to not penetrate the actual armor.

  19. There should be reactive elements(some sort of explosive) sandwiched between those plates you see in the video but there is none, so they those were probaply stolen or ran out of budget and never installed.

  20. To play devil's advocate for a moment, this COULD be non-energetic reactive armour, or NERA. A block of NERA consists of a section of non-metallic material confined between two metallic plates. The non-metallic material is often plastic or rubber, but glass, polycarbonate, foam, nylon and elastomer have also been used. The metal plates are of different thicknesses and often of different metals.

  21. The explosive may be a very thin sheet because it only needs to disrupt the chemical energy of the round. If there was a lot it would damage the vehicle. Looking at the images it might be that one of the layers is that explosive.

  22. Guys, I'm all for Ukraine but can we please stop parroting propaganda? All it does is muddy the waters. I seriously doubt many people commenting here have taken the time to look or understand tank armour but it does appear to be legit armour.

  23. I agree, but to the extent where this is clearly a stored or disabled tank that has been picked clean. I highly doubt whoever took the commander’s hatch MG would have left all of the ERA in the large empty trays he pulls out.

  24. I'm sorry to burst everyone's bubble but that is infact what modern ERA looks like on the inside. I do ballistics testing so that's my qualification if you don't believe me. What modern ERA is, is pretty much several layers of rubber with thin metal sheets stacked in between. On the bottom you have a pressure charge which looks and feels like clay. The rubber is to dampen the force on the charge so small arms fire won't set it off. The metal acts as a heat sink so it doesn't detonate when it expands. The charge gets detonated by a lot of kinetic force, blowing the top metal panel upwards which then shoves against the incoming shell, making the shell hit the tank at a less favorable angle. This all happens in micro seconds, it's not a charge that blows up projectiles, just deflects it's trajectory

  25. Also I want to add, watching the video more it seems the turret ring ERA plates had their latches cut off? Either this is some sort of testing tank, or it got looted and scavenged by people (The big plates have a copper plate in them which can be pretty expensive) though I doubt Russia is still putting in those expensive things xD

  26. This reminds me of an earlier video where an examination of the ERA on a captured Russian tank revealed it to be full of cardboard. Corruption really does kill armies in both a figurative and literal sense.

  27. That is what I was thinking too. Multiple steel plates with layers of PE between which propel the steel plates into the incoming projectile to chew it up.

  28. To be fair, rubber would provide a moderate amount of protection against heat rounds, not nearly as good as reactive, bit there's a reason most modern tanks have a rubber layer somewhere in their armor sandwich. If the Russian were smarter and knew that their own armor was completely useless as reactive armor, they would likely fill those blocks with salt water.

  29. True, rubber is used in NERA(Non-explosive reactive armour), rubber layer is placed between steel plates, and when projectile hits the steel plate, it compresses the rubber below, and when the steel plate is penetrated, rubber decompresses and affects the projectile, reduces penetration of both, dart and heat ammunition.

  30. Steel-rubber sandwiches are the base of all NERA, that's hardly rare. Rubber expands when hit and pushes the steel plate towards the projectile. If it's properly assembled, it'll definitely provide some protection.

  31. Where do you see steel? There's no steel, they all bend. Have you ever heard of Russian NERA bricks? No, because they don't exist. This is supposed to be Relikt ERA.

  32. To be somewhat effective NERA should be way thicker than that, 1cm of rubber wont do nothing against an Heat round/ Atgm. Also you can clearly see that the turret mounted ones are empty at all. If you search online era photos you can see that the explosive filler has totally a different shape from what we are seeing. This tank lacks one of the most important part of its armor, and many others as well.

  33. Reactive armor only has to be a thin layer of explosives and a spacer behind it, rubber isn't the stupidest thing you can put there.

  34. Nothing surprises me about Russian vehicles. They could open the engine panels and show 30 hamsters in wheels and say "Yeah, that seem about right."

  35. After seeing this, and how they've operated since the start of the invasion, i have zero confidence in anything made by the Russians, and any country that has a large inventory of their equipment should really overhaul it all.

  36. it's like you've never owned anything made Chinese. google tofu buildings and you'll know your answer when it comes to Chinese quality.

  37. Reddit fawning over a Ukrainian propaganda video simply because it confirms their biases and prejudices.

  38. I hate to blow the hate train ofits rails but that very much looks like early NERA, non explosive reactive armor. The earlier ones used materials like rubber, foam, plastic etc. This stuff is also found on some NATO Vehicles

  39. Everyone commenting on the rubber but you guys missed him pulling out the trays in tne front ERA and there's nothing at all in them. He even mentions that it seems there never was any ERA there because no marks just some dust.

  40. This tank is clearly scavenged/looted, all electronic elements are taken off and the top MG is missing, but the top ERA is literally just rubber, where there should be 5 different layers

  41. It is not. The rubber is part of the mounting mechanism for the roof ERA tiles. The reactive tiles themselves are not visible.

  42. Same as the "eggshell era" on T72 ride skirts, those eggshell shaped things where Silikon spacers for the actual explosive charge and the crew took the explosive out before abandoning the Tank.

  43. The explosive elements are probably removed by russians (if the tank was abandoned). The rubber is just spacer and it is there for purpose.

  44. Yeah... no. I think if it were being abandoned they'd be more focused on running away than removing the ERA.

  45. Rubber is what’s supposed to be in there. It’s called non explosive reactive armor. A shockwave propagates the rubber and pushes the two metal plates apart creating more distance for a KE or chemical penetrator to cover. Using rubber is a very old technique however and I don’t think is particularly effective against more than Cold War munitions

  46. I thought reactive armor was made of explosive material that ejects HEAT and other shaped explosive warheads upon contact. This is a sick joke on the Russian tankers who are risking their lives for Putin.

  47. I get russian corruption, but showing me an empty, burned out tank with the ERA already opened just looks like propaganda. One of those layers might be explosives, who knows.

  48. I guess it might have some effect. Softening the blow from a projectile travelling faster than sound. But a bird landing on an aircraft carrier will displace an equivalent amount of water to its mass. The ship will continue steaming oblivious to the bird.

  49. I'd be interested in seeing the big relikt blocks in the front, the roof ones are much smaller and use a single explosive block like K5 their protection against tandem heat warheads would be null.

  50. There is an excellent video made by a YouTuber called Perun that explains in great details how that kind of shit happens.

  51. Not surprised considering the debacle that is the t-14 and su-57. The very few handful of actual fully kitted and functioning units are just either for show or prototype. The rest supposed ones are fake or incomplete

  52. Rubber should be in these containers. A person cannot find an Explosive there, which must also be installed. Either the explosives were pulled out when the tank was captured, or it was pulled out somewhere else in Russia.

  53. That is not rubber! That is Putinium, it is harder than any metal and it can flex at the same time, it looks like rubber to fool these w*stern spies.

  54. I wonder if this is some kind of like training armour they put on them as a place holder, and that they’re supposed to be replaced with proper ERA before theatre entry like some western vehicles. Knowing Russia that’s probably the plan, but people along the line sold it off so now they’re getting fucked in Ukraine.

  55. I've seen another z tank with egg cartons shoved in there instead of the explosive. It's supa yacht armour dude s

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