What kinds of things would you want your client to contact you about between sessions? Assuming that

  1. My T wants, actually encourages/demands, that I contact her if I need a word of encouragement after session if things don’t settle. Doing hard trauma work can be very unsettling, and her phrase is “I’m here with you during processing, I can stay with you during the week while your body keeps processing”.

  2. I don’t contact them for anything. If my support system and coping mechanisms aren’t enough to consistently get me through the week on a regular basis I would probably have a serious discussion with my T about it and even consider trying to add more sessions.

  3. T here, sometimes I ask clients to contact me as part of behavioural experiments or exposure activities e.g. fear of making phone calls or working on the beginning stages of practicing reaching out for help. Or, if clients are receiving DBT phone coaching as part of a DBT programme. So I WANT them to reach out when it’s part of treatment. Outside of that, I would be working for them to reach out to ER, use coping strategies, or other supports to cope in between sessions. It’s not that the things that happen for you in between appointments are or aren’t important enough, you can always update me in the next session. Its about boundaries, what’s relevant to treatment, and remembering I can’t respond as a crisis service and where to get more appropriate support in those moments.

  4. At their request, I have contacted my therapist in regards to self-harm incidents, thinking about self-harm or suicidal ideation, panic attacks, or having a serious, out-of-control spiral which would lead to the aforementioned issues. For a while, this was daily. Now I am doing better and it's once a week or sometimes not at all. I have two therapy sessions a week.

  5. Sometimes I fling big feelings into my therapist's email inbox with an email that says something like "I can't contain my X feeling anymore, so I'm flinging it at you here and you get to hold it until we meet again" and she'll email back and say something like, "got it! will hold it until I see you on X day".

  6. I am having surgery tomorrow, and my T said I can text her to let her know how it goes. It's through an app called Spruce which is encrypted. You can't even take screen shots in the app. Anyway, it feels really warm and nice to know she cares for me and is concerned for my well being. Helps motivate me to get through it.

  7. How do you do it? Do you just send an email/message every evening like "I am fine" or "I am feeling this"? And does your T reply every time?

  8. My T actually encourages me to email her whenever I feel the need to between sessions. Sometimes I'm having a hard time after a rough session, or I might need clarification on something we've been working on, and sometimes I send her topics I want to cover in my next session.

  9. I mostly use in between session contact as a invitation for them to give me information but i wont necessarily respond. Such as - If there are things happening in the week that a client wants me to know so that way we can discuss in session (hey, xxx happened I feel weird and don’t want to forget to tell you).

  10. (Not a therapist) I only reach out about big stuff happening, once when I needed some extra support after a surgery, and the occasional update on things that he knew were coming up that I was worried/stressed about. He's fine with it, and encourages me to reach out if needed.

  11. I’m used to having suicidal ideations and it’s my baseline but my therapist wants me to contact her for SI. Maybe because she’s new to me and doesn’t know me that well

  12. I really struggle with opening up and feeling connection with people, especially my therapist so early on in our relationship she encouraged me to email between sessions. I didn’t trust it at first. Now it’s been nearly two years and I will email or text rarely if I’m going through something really rough or significant (maybe like once every 2-3 months or so??)

  13. i don't usually contact my T between sessions. for things other than rescheduling, most frequently i or my spouse call her when i'm experiencing more severe psychotic symptoms. she helps us identify whether what's going on is acute enough to need hospitalization, and encourages me to take my emergency medications (which i often forget are available to me when in an episode). it also gives her a touchstone for discussion in our next session.

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