Pizza Hut changing gas compensation policy

  1. If you've got a large area and run singles it could work out really well for you. If you leave on multiple stops does it all just count as one? Pizza Hut is such a shitty company I'd imagine you're gonna get boned no matter what.

  2. No, the computer in store calculates the mileage to and from the address and adds it to a total for the delivery. So you will be compensated as if you had taken three separate deliveries. Source - I drove for Pizza Hut for a year or so

  3. It depends on how frequently your deliveries are 4 miles or longer. Mileage compensation counts the round trip, so that's anything 2 or more miles away from the store.

  4. Pizza Hut generally does cpm (cents per mile) everywhere that I know of. I didn’t know there were any places that still did it like that. If it were me, I’d keep the flat compensation. Not all of your deliveries will be at the edge of the map, so you’d make more with the flat rate.

  5. Depends on area, rural area? Pick the cpm every single time (it's counted round trip) city where the average delivery is a mile away? Choose flat rate.

  6. When I worked at Godfather's Pizza back in the 90's, we charged a dollar per delivery. The driver got that entire dollar essentially. The driver got paid 25¢ per mile, but it was funded by the dollar delivery charge. At the end of the night, if the mileage was under $1 per delivery, the driver would get a bonus pay out in cash.

  7. The funny thing is customers got used to that extra charge, and so delivery companies started just charging it, not as a tip but just because, and then delivery drivers get tipped on top of that if the customer understands this, which is why delivery drivers tend to Hate Old People, no offense, who think that the ever-changing delivery charge is the tip, and so often find themselves going to nursing homes getting stiffed while waiting long periods of time for both residents and nurses, while still keeping the reduced pay rate

  8. I worked for them in the 90's also. 30c per mile. Also worked for them right when the pandemic started they had moved to a per delivery fee (1.50 or 2.00 I think)that was less than the delivery fee they charged customers. At least the base pay was 3$ over minimum wage.

  9. 40 cents is not nearly enough. they did the math and figured out what would cost them less than what they are paying now.

  10. The gas reimbursement is always more than the cost of gas, for me anyway. I guess it would depend on the drivers car.

  11. Well, if the delivery is for one and it's a 4 mile round trip, it makes no difference. If that single is more than a 4 mile round trip, it's best for the driver.

  12. We get 40 cents a mile and it averages out to a little over $2/delivery. If I got 40 cents a mile at the other Pizza Hut I worked at before this one I think it would average out at like $1.60/delivery. Going to depend on how long the average delivery is.

  13. The IRS recommends 56 cents per mile to account for maintenance and depreciation, as well as gas. While it's not a strict law, if you can prove that the company isn't fully reimbursing you for the costs of doing business, you could sue. I'll admit that this can vary state to state though.

  14. when I worked there years ago I got .40~ cents per mile as well, but yeah it depends on your area, you can probably map out your common delivery areas and just see how many miles on average you're driving. My concern, though I never found this out for sure, is that they measure by air miles and not whatever route you're taking. I had a guy I used to work with who would actually write in a notebook how many miles he would go on every delivery to find out the answer to your question.

  15. Back when I worked for dominos we had a similar thing. It worked out pretty good since our area was kind of big. Of course we abused it, have two orders to a apartment complex on the edge of the area. We would clock out and In on one then do it to the other.

  16. Idk what your mileage is average, but I usally do about 100mi in a 7 hour shift. At .37 that’s almost an extra 40 bucks! Would maybe make about half that if I was getting 1.50 a delivery (including doubles?)

  17. At my location it's always been per mile, we have a fairly large area oh, but Pizza Hut has gone through quite a bit, including a bankruptcy so a lot of shit is changing, especially my store where we have dine-in but it hasn't been opened because they don't want to open it but now apparently they are opening it? We get like six calls a night asking for it but we definitely don't have the staff to run it.

  18. It's about 1/3 the money if the average delivery is within 1 mile. It's only worth it if you're going farther than the $1.50 would normally pay for.

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