This is a reminder to replace your magazine springs you haven't touched in the last three years.

  1. Pictured here is my magazine springs from my 500 (Middle) and 590a1 (bottom) with a new magazine spring (top) Both guns have a couple thousand rounds through them.

  2. Mossbergs come stock with pretty short springs, and with some mag extensions you can get an extra round in by keeping the stock spring (choate+1 is actually plus 2). Any chance you got a longer one or a different one when you got the new one? I have an 18.5” 590a1 and the stock spring on the stock 5 round tube was hella short.

  3. It can even go further than that. I replaced the mag spring on my SPAS-12 due to the gun being very old, and I still don’t know whether I accidentally chopped off too much or too little and caused overcompression, but when I loaded shells in it and left it there, I ended up having constant issues of the last shell not ejecting out of the tube. Every other shell runs perfectly reliably (so long as I use the right loads), but the last shell would keep having issues every so often. I thought something was wrong with the gun as I replaced the spring recently, but after finally taking the spring out and comparing it to my old spring, I was shocked to see that the spring length was actually shorter slightly on the new spring. Then I remembered the first few shells I stored in the tube were Sellier and Bellot #4 loads that were slightly longer than normal, and that must’ve overcompressed the spring.

  4. No, I shoot pretty often. I haven't been counting, but it's usually over 1k a year with a lot of loading drills too. Probably 15-30k cycles?

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