thanks, I hate bellybutton treasures.

  1. It’s like opening a drawer you totally forgot existed. Finally found my car keys, Bob’s Carwash Goldmember card and 16GB flash drive. Some of those things have been missing for like two years.

  2. I've had a navel stone before. I should preface by saying I shower daily when I wake up but I had a hairy chest which apparently is a catalyst for this. I saw something in my belly button but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't seem to get it out. I then started Googling, worried about what it was which is when I discovered the term "Umbilicolith". I knew what if was and began getting disgusted so I bought a tweezer set on Amazon.

  3. For a while my wife thought it was funny to poke my belly button. Then one day I noticed a funky smell coming from my there. I was in the shower when I saw it looked kind of infected. I took a closer look and saw hair inside that seemed to pull out without being attached. A little more digging and I pulled out a hairball/whiteish mass the size of a small grape. She doesn't poke my belly button anymore lol.

  4. Baby oil helps loosen them up. Lay on your back, fill to top and wait a few minutes! Soak up excess with paper towel then go to town. Gonna feel real slippery and sadly increase sensation so that’s a warning. Should have an easier time.

  5. would you say it's closer to a good qtip in the ear session feeling or the socks being taken off?

  6. Funny, this reminds me of the time I removed a planters wart from bottom of my foot. I had read online that warts survive so long because they never break the skin, just live on the surface so your immune system can't do its thing. So I just started cutting a circle around it, grabbed with the tweezers, and yoink, something that looked flush with the bottom of my foot had been growing into the foot at least 5-8mm and was just compressing the flesh to make room. There was just a clean flesh "hole" in my foot. Swabbed it with alcohol, and 2 days later you'd never know it has been there. It felt SOOOOO good to not have that pain in my foot anymore. It had been there so long I was at least partially used to it. I would maybe compare it to wearing too-tight jeans all day then suddenly unbuckling them.

  7. Props to childhood surgeons who tried their best to reshape my belly button after removing a blockage (and my gall bladder, the gall!), though I did go around for years thinking mine was some sorta neutral midpoint between extremes of “innie” and “outie”, only for it to settle on me that belly buttons tend toward that binary (though, never looked that up statistically). It does allow me to see every surface in it, though, so rarely does anything stick around.

  8. I bet some people that have them…they might not even know about it because they don’t venture there during a shower and feel it out.

  9. This is surprisingly accurate. I know this because I’ve seen navel stones being removed on YouTube because I’m disgusting. For some reason this animation is way more disgusting than real life to me!

  10. stones? in the belly button? STONES? FUCKING STONES MADE OF DEAD SKIN IN BELLY BUTTONS? thanks to you prick, I now have one more thing to worry about.

  11. Now we carefully extract the dookie from the butthole lol looks like little deer turds being pulled outta somebody’s ass crack

  12. i think i have these in my bellybutton what's that liquid they splash on there at the beginning? can i pick it up at cvs or what

  13. Sooooo 2 things I have been informed of in the passed 10 year both by awkward white dudes. The first was tonsil stones, the second was these things.

  14. What the fuck? I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that is normal. I, nor anyone I have ever known in my entire life has experienced this, ever. Go to the doctor

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