Thanks I hate shoving babies up your butt and bithing an anal baby

  1. Preeety sure this is a joke. But I certainly hate it for its inappropriate and grody terminology, and the insinuation that trans women want to shove things up their asses to simulate birthing. I’ve literally never heard anyone say such things.

  2. For the real authentic experience, you need to shove these in your Dick hole. Lovely experience and definitely would recommend!!

  3. I’m not reading the comments I just hope the majority of people can tell that this is transphobic satire and that trans women are not shoving prosthetic babies up our asses.

  4. the far right memers baiting the right base, who blame the left for it. It's like a perpetual machine, almost self sustained. Sad

  5. Comes in white, brown and Bushman of the Kalahari. Comes out in brown, darker brown and brown with slivers of corn.

  6. There are so many hatred inducing jokes here I just can’t… I mean this one post could make one genuine asshole the most hated person on the internet… very exciting. Following for the comments

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