Thanks I hate perma-ads

  1. It seems that google is seriously losing money. This plus the termination of 50 projects, I suppose they're searching for a way to get back up. I've always wondered how google managed to stay afloat with all the free services they give, mail, 15gb drive, maps etc. I suppose they don't

  2. The internet in general was just a much better place in 2006. No corporate overlords telling you what you can and cannot say, or shoving massive amounts of ads in your face.

  3. If Google had the technology to forcibly beam advertisements directly into your brain, they wouldn't even pause for a second before rolling it out.

  4. If they had the power to force you to watch an advertisement before using the toilet, brushing your teeth, eating a meal, or going to sleep you know they would

  5. Unfortunately yes but equally as fortunately people like me would be driven completely insane and by it and subsequently organize a hostile takeover of Google

  6. This right here. We're all test subjects, they're going to keep putting in more and more advertisements until they start losing business.

  7. Two unskippable 20-second ads in a row is already testing my limits of fucks given. Any of these options won't make me pay for premium, it'll stop me watching.

  8. That's the worst part. YouTube doesn't really have any competitors. Sure, there's Twitch, but that's mainly for streaming. When it comes to video-sharing, YT has basically no competition, so they can do whatever they want with the platform and the only choice we have is to either deal with it or find a workaround like ad blockers. But who knows, maybe eventually YouTube will find a way to force people to turn off ad blockers to even access the site

  9. Has anyone else come across the 50 min ads? It’s usually before a really long video so idk if that has something to do with it but it’s ridiculous. Mainly if you’re trying to fall asleep with a YouTube video which is basically impossible now if you don’t have ads blocked or have premium.

  10. LEGO once made the entire LEGO Movie into an ad (that you could skip if you wanted to) that played when you clicked on the official LEGO Movie 2 Trailer.

  11. There used to be a few channels that would put entire episodes of their own shit up as an ad on someone else's channel. So yeah, I've seen a 50-minute ad on a 5-minute video.

  12. Yea I'm currently getting one for a flight school near me. All because it had a weird name and I googled it ONE TIME. THREE MONTHS AGO.

  13. Yeah I’ve noticed many of them are right wing propaganda, such as PragerU or Epoch Times. I guess they can’t get enough people to watch naturally

  14. That was my problem - trying to fall asleep to a video but being woken up by ads. I'm ashamed to admit that I now pay for ad-free youtube, but I actually think it's worth it in periods where I watch yt alot.

  15. Youtube genuinely feels worse than tv these days. In an 8 minute video you might get 4 ads, the ratios are fucked

  16. 2022 and people out there still rawdog the internet without protection? The first stable adblockers are literally older than YouTube!

  17. I use YouTube Premium because I get YouTube Music for free with it, for the same price as Spotify. So I just forgo Spotify and get ad-free YouTube, it's just kind of a no-brainer for me.

  18. Yeah we tried that format already. It’s called television. And look how many people are watching that these days. SMH give me more reasons to avoid YT, please. I don’t hate it enough already.

  19. YouTube has been slowly conditioning people to accept this, I’ve been anticipating the next change in ads.

  20. Never underestimate corporate greed. It never falters, never retreats. The executives and shareholders need more more more!

  21. Internet is quick. If it sucks too much they will go down. There will be (or already is, i don’t know) an ad free alternative.

  22. Especially on videos that are under 2 mins (its not uncommon to get get ads longer than the actual videos, esp ones that are 1 min or under! LoL) ... I'll never understand people who refuse to use ad blockers, most content creators dont even rely on view counts/ad revenue anymore anyways due to youtubes greed and all the shyt that they deal with that constantly blocks or demonitizes their videos/channels. So dont even feel bad for "not supporting" your content creators people!!! (Buy a sub or donate to em if you need to)

  23. They already do that... so many people I watch I have to skip 3-5 minutes into the video to just get past them. This is mostly thanks to youtube no longer paying content creators properly anymore and letting demonitizations run amuck (false content claims that ANYONE can file for instance lol), so the creators need to get revenue from outside sponsorships and patreon.

  24. I used a web browser called “Brave” on my iPhone for YouTube. The ads literally do not work at all on the browser. I miss out on some of the nice interface of the YouTube app, but it’s absolutely worth it.

  25. I've been using adblock and vanced for so long that I didn't even remember about ads becoming this much of a problem

  26. They're probably doing behavior testing. They'll track how many ads most people will sit through to watch content all they can find the day spot for ads while still retaining users. If you don't want them to increase ads, leave the video as soon as you see that many ads

  27. Ok I get 1 maybe 2 unskippable ads BUT 5-10 that’s probably longer than the video itself plus the 17 ads they’re gonna try to put in the middle of the videos

  28. Once someone makes a decent youtube alternative it will blow up. The only reason youtube is still the king of kings is because no other kingdom exists.

  29. It would therefore be very irresponsible of me to tell you about youtube vanced. I have no sympathy for those who complain about ads because y can block every single ad on our own devices. The only ads I ever see are billboards.

  30. Is there any way to block ads from the YouTube application on an android tv? It’s a long shot but I’m just wondering

  31. Either way I'm not paying for YouTube. I refuse to let every little thing in my life turn into a monthly subscription

  32. If they are at the very start, reload the page. If they are in the middle, reload the page, skip to the end, then go back to the start and it won’t show ads for the rest of the video (might not work, haven’t tried it)

  33. You can report any add on YouTube for being repetitive, Innaproptiate, or other. There's no limit to how many ads you can report and they skip each time you report them

  34. Ublock origin on Firefox, plus brave browsers on mobile devices, plus YouTube Vanced(android) and uyou+(iOS) and PI-hole dns server

  35. At least my adblock still works on their ads, unlike twitch. Somehow twitch ads dont get blocked ever. Imagine the nightmare youtube would be like that.

  36. Yeah im just going to start watching with something like piped or newpipe freetube or some other client where I don’t have to deal with these cancerous adds i mean i already use freetube on pc anyway

  37. I read an great tip on reddit the other day. If you use VLC media player, drag the hyperlink from a YouTube video into the player and you can watch ad free

  38. There's an easy fix to this. Alphabet doesn't just track what people do online, they track what causes you to stop doing stuff online. If you see more than two ads, you simply close out YouTube, turn off your phone (probably also Alphabet corp) and go do something else. I'm not even saying 'go play outside', just play a console game or something for a couple hours.

  39. Oh you don't like watching ads? (rips open nipple flaps on their shirt and begins rubbing), OOOOH that sucks, I'm SO sorry, but you need to subscribe to YouTube Premium to avoid ads you don't want to see... Yeah, no, we can't actually reduce the amount of ads. What a bummerrr. In fact we have to increase them in frequency, I don't make these rules I can only follow them, I'm really so sorry, that must suck for you.

  40. This is something everybody wishes to do. Too late, we should’ve used a multitude of different platforms at the time yet we stuck with 1

  41. I watch dimension 20 which is all almost 2 hour videos. I wouldn't mind this if they would just take away the skippable ones where on my PlayStation I have to find my controller, power it on, click skip then sit back down

  42. Vanced is dead. They got sued and now you can't download it any more unless you wanna risk finding the app from some sketchy rehosted site. Eventually it will be gone forever when YouTube updates in a way that breaks Vanced.

  43. I mean YouTube been free forever I litterally don’t watch tv or anything other then YouTube so me paying 25 for me and my family members to get access to YouTube premium and music is fine with me . Crazy a company wants to make money who would have thought .

  44. Here comes the next wave of shadow censorship. Post political content that YouTube employees don't like. Get 10 ads in front of your video. "We're not suppressing speech. teehee!"

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