Gun control protest?

  1. Call your local, state, and federal representatives. Tell them what action you want taken. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. You have to push for change.

  2. THIS should be the top comment, not "huhuhhuhuh we have strict gun laws what do you want us to do about it?" even though one just happened in our state.

  3. NY already has some of the strictest gun control in the country. A gun sits in the closet until someone decides to use it.

  4. Every other nation in the world has kids, phones, emotional health issues etc. But the US has 4x-10x the rate of gun deaths of any other sizable, developed nation—that’s per capita and not just raw numbers, where we hold a staggeringly bigger “lead.” All these folks come up with all these excuses about why we shouldn’t change things. But what we are doing is obviously failing badly. Meanwhile, while we stall and deliberate, we will continue to average another 1.4 mass shootings a day.

  5. Absolutely agree. The cats out of the bag re: restrictions to guns. There are so many guns now it would take centuries to reduce them. The gun people are using these latest tragedies to justify loading up on more guns and ammo. New guns and ammo were already hard to find.

  6. Ok, but, respectfully, what do you want to do about it? NY state already has the most restrictive gun laws in the country, as well as the SAFE Act.

  7. Maybe it's time to work on the federal level? So guns in states with less restrictive laws aren't brought to NY and other states with more restrictive ones?

  8. The Buffalo shooter literally explained one of the reasons he had his eyes on NY is because he knew most locals couldn’t legally own handguns and that we’re limited by state laws.

  9. The Buffalo shooter likely had no mental health issues that contributed to his extremist views and actions. Being a racist asshole isn't a mental health diagnosis. People like you are looking for a convenient reason to place blame solely on the shooter ("he's mentally ill"), rather than looking at the societal factors that shaped his world view and allowed him access to those weapons.

  10. I respectfully but strongly disagree. People are mentally ill in all societies. The reason the USA has so many shootings is because those crazies can get their hands on lethal weapons, because the country is awash in them. Guns are 100% the issue in mass shootings.

  11. It's mental health (a problem everywhere) and not the fact that 5% of the world's population has 42% of civilian owned firearms?

  12. And where did he say this? I saw where he researched the cities around the state looking for the highest concentration of black people in one area and settled on Buffalo. Maybe looking at the the fact that both shooters engaged with trained law enforcement and still slaughtered people will make people think twice of arming everyone. Both shooters had body armor that negated the use of lower caliber handguns which many people would have as concealed carry weapons. Looking at mental health is only part of the solution. Look at the guns. They are weapons of war, not my words. Those are the words of the designer of the original AR Eugene Stoner.

  13. Yet there was an armed guard in the supermarket, who fired upon and hit the shooter multiple times, but the rounds couldn't penetrate the shooter's body armor. The Buffalo shooter also lived in NY for his entire life so I wouldn't pin a lot of credibility on other reasons for why he "had his eyes on NY." I wouldn't take the words about gun laws in a right wing extremist's manifesto about a mass murder as a useful primary source. And it's not like mass shootings only occur in states with restrictive gun laws so to me there's not a lot of evidence indicating restrictive gun laws attract mass shooters.

  14. Me and my coworker literally had this exact same conversation this morning. Why doesn't anyone want to talk about the real difference between today with these events being common place, and 30 years ago when it was unheard of??? I know kids weren't on 3 different medications and in regular counseling for mental health issues 30 years ago at even close to the rates they are today. But no let's blame the guns and not accept that we fucked up a generation pretty badly.

  15. If it was these GOPs children being slaughtered like cattle a law would pass tomorrow. But they're tucked away safely in private schools.

  16. Fragmentary gun control in the USA does not seem to be working. Gun control as practiced on a national level in other countries does.

  17. About the only way this issue is going to get resolved is with a Constitutional Referendum where we (the entire public) vote on altering or abolishing the Second Amendment. The same goes for abortion rights. Both are nationwide issues that need to be addressed on the Federal level and this will never get done with legislators that are in the back pockets of lobbyists. Time to by-pass the legislators who are supposed to vote on our behalf, and just let the actual voting public vote on these issues directly.

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