Airport security longer than usual? How early should I get to the airport?

  1. I’ve never had an issue with long security lines at Syracuse airport… I flew out of there last week and was through security in about 20 min.

  2. lol it’s Syracuse. I’ve never seen it busy at the airport. Maybe during busy travel season but even then Syracuse isn’t a big travel hub.

  3. security is super quick. any delays you encounter would be at the ticket check-in desk (if you need to stop there).

  4. Maybe a bit too early, but I flew out on the 18th and it was quick and easy. Of course lots of people have come down with Omicron since then, and it was a much bigger drama coming back to Syracuse on the 26th.

  5. I always plan to arrive one hour early and I spend 30 minutes sitting around. This airport has the fastest security of any I've been to. Flew to SFO last week, lines seemed normal.

  6. Fun fact SYR is in my top 2 for worst airports for security in the country. It's amazing how poor they are with even the slightest amount of people. Also they routinely close precheck and have only one or two people working.

  7. I’m not sure how you got this so incorrect, because I don’t think TSA is allowed to close pre check lanes. If someone is going through that lane (they DID move it from the right side of security to the left, be advised), I believe they have to accept that passenger when the next agent is available. SYR isn’t huge, granted, but that’s some Watertown airport type shit you’re talking about

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