Any young adults professionals just moved here?

  1. Long shot, but if you’re into roller skating, I’m an admin for a local group that hosts meetups for people of all ages and skill levels. Skating is basically the only way I’ve figured out to meet new people as an adult.

  2. Do you have any more I do on this group. I just bought some roller skates and I’m trying to learn.

  3. If you’re into drinking, a lot of younger people go out to bars in Tipp Hill. Coleman’s (does a block party on thursdays, live music outside), nibsys, blarney stone

  4. Awe I wish I saw this post yesterday. We had a great time at our event with The Syracuse Eating Club yesterday. We went to Willow Rock Brewery and they had Pita Dream food truck come too..

  5. Also. What do you consider like minded? For more context: most of us are young professionals. It's a mostly progressive crowd. Many don't have kids. But a few do have them (but they don't bring them). I'd say a good mix of couples and individuals attend our events.

  6. Check out Turbo Bocce. Bocce is a simple game, you roll a bigger ball at a smaller ball, closest wins. Anybody can play and it's the most social thing around because you meet, eat, drink with different people each week as you play. You can show up any time after 5 and before dark and they will get you a game. It's free to try out and a great way to make lots of new friends.

  7. It’s been incredibly hard meeting people these past couple months, probably couldn’t have picked a worse time to move if you tried haha (who would’ve seen this shit coming though!) just know you’re not alone out there man (or woman). Heck, even my cousins are in the same boat and we all grew up in Syracuse

  8. has been really good in non-pandemic times. Some local libraries are also doing virtual book clubs (which hopefully will be non-virtual soon..maybe.) Joining a fitness club or studio (such as yoga,) is always fun. While the weather is good, just being outside can help you to meet people. It’s certainly not easy!

  9. Most of my friends who are young professionals will go down to armory square on the weekends (Al's Wine and Whiskey, Wolffs, Hops Spot, Benjamins etc). People also do things other than drink but it depends on your hobbies lol. Slide into my dms if you want, I can introduce my friend group... the more the merrier! (I'm 24).

  10. It's definitely hard. My boyfriend (23) and I (21) don't have a lot of close friends in the area. I recommend trying bars downtown in armory Square (funk n waffles, als wine & whiskey, limericks if you want a dive bar) can be quite fun! Or try going to coffee shops, cafes, etc. Go on neighborhood walks/get to know your neighbors. Get involved in a group maybe that has similar interests to you. Its hard now more than ever though, definitely get that. Good luck!

  11. Armory. Just go to the Armory. All the kids love them some Armory. From bougie white kids to bougie frat boy white kids, you'll enjoy the conversations of topics such as...

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