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  1. Follow up with the county on what the current human health risk assessment of Murphy island is. The head of the EPA was asked in a meeting and she wouldnt answer. The county and Honeywell didnt like the question being asked. So the loop trail is going to cross toxic land at murphys island.

  2. I know one person who can’t, Dana Balter. Let’s see if the Democratic Party can find a more suitable opponent.

  3. Would love to see a truthful story about employee experiences in state facilities. The CNYPC has a history of firing and rehiring staff (one person three times now) that have been caught on video sneaking in drugs and cellphones for residents.

  4. Something that always intrigued me was how Chinese Restaurants all taste very similar. I suspect that Chinese food wholesale suppliers lock in Chinese immigrants into really shitty deals, which they can never escape from. So what you have is essentially a company which is technically independent, yet run like a franchise.

  5. Completely unrelated to CNY but I’m always amazed at Chinese food restaurants in other countries. Someone once said to me that there’s like a syndicate and they just say “okay you’re going to Manlius, NY. You’re going to Lexington, KY. You’re going to Rosario, Argentina” etc. I’ve never found anything to back that up other than the fact that you can find Chinese immigrants in pretty much every country in the world.

  6. How family visitation is still being restricted at nursing homes due to Covid. Residents have not been outside in 2 years; some facilities won’t let them open windows for fresh air. Our elderly are locked away in nursing homes dying from loneliness.

  7. You should talk to that guy who was posting in here a few weeks ago about a coffee shop in Manlius that didn’t have running hot water for several weeks

  8. Towns clutching their pearls and trying to opt out of allowing marijuana dispensaries to open in them.

  9. The number of people camping out in the left lane has increased. Just move over when you're done passing. It's not hard and for some reason people feel entitled to be there.

  10. I know this just interests me more because I have a young kid, but I feel like they didn't really do a good job of covering the surprise state pre-k grants. Seems like it was kind of bungled by the state and school districts had to turn down funding because they didn't have enough time to prepare.

  11. How about the effort to undermine the Onondaga County Library System during Covid? It seems like, between all of the layoffs and shutdowns of the libraries, that they were the only County department that lost out big time. And the City of Syracuse pays the salaries at the city libraries so the County wasn't saving money anyway!

  12. How about the misappropriated funds budgeted for a task force that Buckner repurposed to racially profile people in vehicles for marijuana arrests, even though the DA said he won't prosecute pot busts? Using the stop and sniff to violate over 1,000 people's 4th Amendment rights?

  13. Upvote for WellNow, downvote for whatever the hell is going on in the first paragraph, is there any source to this?

  14. How the syracuse democratic mayoral candidate used to go by "Clepto" and accused multiple major recording artists of stealing his music back in 2002.

  15. How about UPK enrollment since Covid? It’s free pre-K but registration depended on parents entering a lottery, which requires internet access and doctors visits (shot records) and the know-how to do it all before the really early deadline (feb). I’m betting the 3-k cohort this year in the city’s UPK program will be overwhelmingly white and more middle class than in prior years when parents could register face to face.

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