Am I becoming a Bünzli or is this completely unacceptable

  1. I love that the comment section is getting wild about something CFF made clear. This is allowed and you cant do it with shoes on.

  2. Yeah this taking pictures of strangers thing is such a pet peeve of mine. I think a lot of people are so used to American social media, they don't realize that the laws around privacy in public are different here.

  3. Yeah, I’m more aghast at someone posting photos online of a random person doing this than of her very small infraction.

  4. “I dont sit naked on these seat” I actually witnessed a completely naked woman on drugs yesterday in my train where I live, just thought it’s funny (USA)

  5. It's simple: the people who think that feet are dirty are the ones with dirty feet. Being stuck in a world of stinking shoes and stinking feet, not capable of washing themselves properly, they can not think of a world different from theirs.

  6. It's also bad when they were just coming from a hike. Had two people next to me yesterday like that. And it wasn't one of those trains where you can open the windows. At least I don't think you could've.

  7. You need to put something under your feet to protect the seat like a newspaper. It says so on the sign in the train as well.

  8. I personally don't do this but was always told by my parents that with shoes it's unacceptable, but if we remove the shoes and the train is not crowded, it's fine.

  9. Being a person who suffer from a lot of back pain, I think it is ok for a person to make themselves more comfortable as long as there are enough seats for everyone.

  10. As a German im fine with it. Its hilarious how some people get offended at a human being for being human. We are born without clothes and that's how nature made us. Humans are primates.

  11. Well here in Switzerland its actually considered rude unless you put something underneath to prevent the seat from getting dirty. Its alright as long you do something about the tidiness of the seat

  12. I assume you're talking about uploading pictures of strangers' feet for Reddit points without their consent? Yeah, that's pretty fucked up.

  13. Bro, I literally said the same thing. I don't know what it is that makes people feel like it's okay to take pictures of people and just post them online for some goodboy points. Even on a public train like that, let people have some privacy ffs.

  14. Damn you guys really need to let it be. Are they hurting you? If so, always communicate. Are they not hurting? No? Well shut the fuck up and move on with your life. And try to abstain from taking pictures of people. Not nice

  15. Honestly if this is topic for discussion in Switzerland, then I hope you realize how happy you're 😃

  16. You mean the sandals shes walking the streets in with her feet uncovered? Does it really matter if she took them off in this case?

  17. Flip flops aren't shoes though - I am sure you wouldn't want her putting those feet on your couch. Why would it be fine on a train seat?

  18. Usually people should refrain from placing their shoes on the seats as it makes them dirty. I have seen removal of the shoes used as a way to prevent this and being acceptable though normally people would be wearing socks.

  19. SBB says no with shoes on, feet with socks is ok, shoes with paper under them also ok. Don't know about bare feet specifically.

  20. Where does SBB say that? They say no shoes on seats, but as far as I'm aware, there isn't a 'no feet' rule.

  21. Taking a picture of someone without consent and then putting it online is never ok. Redacted or not. Having nasty feet on a bench is frowned upon. Taking the picture can have legal repercussions.

  22. Id argue that many ppl with clothes on are, objectively speaking, by far more disgusting just sitting there than these perfectly fine and well aired feet.

  23. Making pictures of random people i public spaces is indeed "not done". The intrusion on private space is not befitting, certainly not in Switzerland.

  24. Stop filming people without their consent, it's literally illegal. What she's doing, although is not appropriate, is not illegal.

  25. But then, is your ass that much cleaner? It would have to be have to be demonstrated that feet are dirtier than the fabric litterally hiding the the body's orifice to bacteria so nasty you can get hill from them.

  26. This has been posted hundred times already, according to the majority of the sub it is completely acceptable, and "has always been like that"

  27. The fact you went out of your way to take a picture of someone minding their own business is truly concerning. Get a life, pal.

  28. Not sure if to downvote because you are an American or to upvote because you recognised your opinion's value.

  29. Folks are excessively sensitive these days. She took her shoes off and she stopped being an elegant lady obviously with that proceed. Irregardless, it’s worse to take pictures of strangers covertly and proceed to discuss them online with other strangers.

  30. Wtf whats there to hate. Obviously nobody is disturbed or 'robbed' off their place. Live and let live, dude. Even in friggin Switzerland.

  31. Yeah i have seen it so much in my last europe trip which was a couple of weeks back. I feel european people are starting to completely lose their manners 🤷‍♂️

  32. I don’t understand the need / desire to be barefooted. You have sandals on to begin with. That’s like basically a thong for the foot. Have some respect she’s like 50 anyways. Complete yuck.

  33. If you can get annoyed about this, you can get annoyed by anything. As long as no stranger is sitting with her, I think this is fine.

  34. Can we also talk about the fact that she basically occupies all 4 seats herself? I hate to see that. Buses so full people can barely leave or enter, yet 4 people sitting on the outside seat of a 2-Seat row… I don‘t get it.

  35. In my opinion its very impolite and disgusting…then theres the people who put a newspaper under their feet/Shows while doing this…gotta say makes no difference for me at all…your not at home…your on freakin public transport…so act that way…

  36. Well, there is (or was) a sticker on the window literally telling you this is forbidden, even with shoes, so no, not really acceptable

  37. She took her shoes off this is totally fine. It's not as if she has disgusting growths all over here bare feat.

  38. You may find it "gross", "weird", "disgusting" or maybe just wrong, but the bünzlification starts where you use "completely unacceptable". Putting feet on a chair is not completely unacceptable. Beheading kindergarteners to play football with their skulls is completely unacceptable.

  39. I personally travel each day to work with a GA and öet me tell you how much i see that each day. I think its selfisch to use up 2 places its gross and i myself would wisch peopel would just be a bit more normal. Oh yeah in the train rules its officaly forbiden so hard NO from me

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