How to verify Incognito and Exosphere is working properly

  1. To see if incognito/exosphere is working just go to Settings/serial number it should be blank (00000..) Insted of your console serial number.

  2. I went to check this at first and it kept showing my actual serial number and I got scared- then I realized I was on SYS and not EMU. On EMU, it does show all zeros besides the letters, but everything else seems to show up (eg. battery lot no., JoyCon serials). Is this ok?

  3. And if you want to ensure mitm is doing it's job, download 90dns checker and it'll tell you if you have anything being blocked, you should see a bunch of the big Ns sites.

  4. To check if 90DNS works you can grab a homebrew app called '90DNS Tester' which despite the name also shows efficacy for other methods.

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