What is better? Gold Light Runners or Lv2 Purple Eternal Boots

  1. I planned on keeping both. But which would find more time on my character? I am probably gonna use the extra damage, especially since it’s coming from a health slot.

  2. If you’re struggling with damage, then light runners imo. I used gold light runners for a long time before I finally got eternal boots from a chest. I will say that when I switched to eternal boots, some of the bosses became way easier because of the additional movement speed.

  3. Light runners are better than eternal boots in almost every way. That damage buff is basically permanent aside from during boss fights and the trail of fire from eternal is pretty useless

  4. Both seem to have decent utility in their own rights so I will definitely hang on to both, most of the other boots seem mediocre at best so I will focus the Eternals first (which are still killin it for me around level 20 (I suspect they might fall off though) then get the Light runners up to speed for when i need the extra DPS.

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