I respect people who speak directly and to the point. I don't doubt these people. The rest is just a distraction from the main thing. #DRS #DRSIRA P.S. 420 NFS with QueenKong for everyone who writes a couple of good words about her. @SusanneTrimbath

  1. I am very grateful to Dr. Trimbath. Without her knowledge Apes would not have the current power they have over their investment in GME. It's hard to say if we would have ever figured out DRS on our own, but after hearing WHY you should DRS and the way it removes shares from the DTCC it just made sense to the majority of people looking for a better way to fight fuckery in the Fraud Market.

  2. Let’s be honest. If not for her, we might have never started the drs process and would have never known the intricacies of Wall Street and naked short selling. She’s the Queen Ape!

  3. It takes a true leader to weather ridicule and slander, some even from their own people, and stay true to both their cause and keep pushing for what they believe in as well as accepting and supporting those who wish to join. To Dr. T, sorry that you had to endure what we threw at you, and thank you for still supporting us as we learn just how deep the financial rot goes.

  4. It always amazes me when most of the people sleep walk through net of corruption that there are still some who manage to do something about things. She is doing much.

  5. The knowledge and understanding, in regards to markets and corruption, held by Susanne Trimbath is invaluable and I feel blessed to have her on my team!

  6. She is courageous and gives zero fucks, as long as she fights truth to power. My hero! And if not for her, there would be no way out of the mess we find ourselves in. Can you just imagine if we didn’t have DRS?

  7. Dr T has been a guiding light, and trusted source of crucial information for so long. I DRS'd my first shares in Aug 21 after reading her twitter post. Long live the Queen 👸 ❤️

  8. She is the reason I got into DRS and also audio books. I downloaded Naked Short & Greedy and I'm hooked on audio books since.

  9. I do appreciate her ‘straight to the point/no bullshit’ attitude towards the topics that are discussed around here!

  10. It’s people like her that have helped me to diamond hand tbh 0xd1f4d6354472354F412b76AFD67c110d0f2f3E74

  11. When you focus your energy on hearing the truth, the veil of lies and deceit starts to dissipate right before your eyes and ears.

  12. She's hella on our side but what's crazy is I can't picture her perfectly when I look at this apes haircut and earrings!

  13. Queen Kong is a force to be reckoned with. I bought her book with autograph to show my support for her awesome wisdom that she gives the world everyday on Twitter! Long live the queen.

  14. I can’t imagine being as knowledgeable about the system and pushing back against that kind of resistance for so long. The fact that she keeps dishing deep facts and giving us apes new wrinkles everyday is remarkable. Love you QueenKong! ❤️

  15. This ENTIRE movement would have lost its legs without her. Apes like DFV and leadership like RC, illuminated the treasure map for the common Ape to march into the wilderness. However, Dr. T gave us the key to the treasure chest! I would be honored to hold this NFT in recognition of her leadership and bravery!

  16. I respect her for fighting the status quo, helping to implement DRS (on DTCC's expense, nevertheless, lol) and trying to teach us about direct registration, early 2021, when we were still young kids, playing in the dirt.

  17. I asked for an eCopy of Dr Trimbaths book for Christmas, I'm excited to see what she has to say in Short, Naked & Greedy: Wallstreet's Failure to Deliver.

  18. If you have older relatives and you have a hard time finding something at gamestop for them, her book is a great gift idea!

  19. She showed us the way! I'm forever thankful for her knowledge and help in understanding the importance of DRS!

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