1. Wait til bonus season hits (Q1 for most businesses), if we’re still in the end game then DRS is going to be huuuuge 🚀🚀

  2. So they trade our registered shares? Lol so they are admitting they commit fraud by lending and trading stuff that doesn't belong to them? And had no backing?

  3. Check that post history. Whoever they have openly lying through that official account right now and seems extra salty about the prison life they're about to try out.

  4. It’s like they don’t even understand who we are? You give us an “impossible “ challenge and expect us not to grind it out? This is our real life video game and we’re unlocking ALL the secret levels.

  5. It's one of those paragraphs where they are not wrong in any practical sense. But they're trying to communicate like adults do with children, when they need the kid to just do as they say.

  6. Bingo! They're parlaying words that seem like it's true but it's not. We know as a fact that taking shares to the transfer agent or buying from the transfer agent, removes the shares from DTC/Cede Co. Noticed how they said lending pool instead? That's intentional. Because technically we could loan our shares out IF we wanted to. But we don't because, why would I allow someone to short my long term investment.

  7. Has anyone been locked out of CS ? Wtf? Ive never been asked my security question and I was today.... and apparently it's wrong? Has anyone been through this and what to do?

  8. Amazing how we all know Ortex is a numbers fudging system that is working against us but for them to claim you cant 100% DRS just shows they are bought. If I registered every share possible there wont be 100%?? Cmon gtfoh

  9. They are right though. They are assuming a stock isn't being naked shorted and that there's no extra shares. To get 100% with no extra shares is very very unlikely. There's bound to be one individual who won't sell but also won't DRS.

  10. Only reason it would be “HiGhLy UnLiKeLy” it gets to 100% is because dumbasses like Ortex never have accurate data lol

  11. Dear ORTEX, some 40 years ago, as a 12 year old, I played one continuous 11 hour game of Asteroids on my SEARS version of the Atari 2600. The only breaks taken were done by getting down to one small asteroid, turning off the spaceships (the skill selector switch controlled this) and running upstairs to the bathroom. While I may need more bathroom breaks these days, I have much more resources for this. In keeping with my 80s theme here .... Shall we play a game?

  12. Seems pretty easy actually. Buy, Hold, DRS. We got all the time in the world. We don't loose anything holding. Might take 5 more years, so be it. Hopefully I'll be in the xxxx club by then. LfG

  13. I’m 33, I’m patient. But I’m tired yo. 60hr weeks for years. Kick this shit off. But yeah, so I kept DRSing.

  14. They didn't say anything false though. I know folks are piling on them rn, but unless a share is restricted it is freely floating

  15. It is also highly unlikely that a stock broker would prevent investors from buying a stock. But, you know, it has literally happened.

  16. It's also highly unlikely that these brokers actually purchased our shares anyways... it was either internalized, sent off exchange, or not purchased at all...

  17. Finish the game at 1🟣🟣% you say? Bitch, every game I play, I finish at 100%. As long as I know where the finish line is, imma keep chipping away at it. The best part is, this is a multiplayer game!! Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

  18. Well, to be honest, everything Ortex says seems to fuel our DRS rocket 🚀 so let them talk shit, let them TRY to play with our emotions. We’re just gonna buy/DRS harder, because we know better.

  19. Ya eat a dick ortex. I thought y’all were way to harsh before they definitely sucked like most of Wall Street but now… they should fuck off.

  20. Is that only if there were the exact amount of shares in existence that should be in existence? What happens if there are millions of shares more available than what the float is supposed to be? Can we lock those up too? Let’s find out

  21. DRS is great, but i think it'll take a long time. An NFT dividend however, which shareholders can propose, would be an instant count of all shares, and it would publicize it.

  22. They aren't wrong or lying. Remember were all running off hypotheticals and speculation(regardless of how good the DD is).

  23. Technically they are right. What they fail to address is that I'm not removing the free float, I'm LOCKING IT HERE WITH ME

  24. They just admitted it. If there's no fake shares, it wouldn't be "UNLIKELY" - it would actually be IMPOSSIBLE because there would be shares of someone who just died in a broker account that can't move. But they know it is possible BECAUSE THEY KNOW FAKE SHARES EXIST!!

  25. Then I gazed across that barren wasteland, once a field of possible fucks I could give about anything Ortex has to say, now a desolete place, cold and empty.

  26. I can't fault their logic, will MOASS happen before the float gets locked? Probably... But it's the only reason it won't eventually happen

  27. It's a finite number and apes are gamers who love to 100% achievements... Am I missing something? Or are they missing something?

  28. On a list of things not to say to a raging group of gamers set on a mission to DRS…this has to be right at the top.

  29. So I got a second job ... The income from this job is 100% going into GME through Computershare. It's highly unlikely that Cortex understands who they're dealing with.

  30. Shorting a stock well over 200% is also highly unlikely, or at least retail finding out about it. Yet here we are,

  31. I have full faith in the opinion of this one person at Ortex...or at max the other 10 employees or so. Definitely know better than the crowdsourcing thats been happening around here.

  32. Go ahead, don’t subtract them from your float estimates, that’s going to backfire though. By the time you even wonder if there’s enough float left, you’ll have been past the point of fucked for months already

  33. In other words, they have to get in front of the manipulation so that when it happens, they can continue to fuck with retail and say "See we told you nothing was going to happen!".

  34. No matter how fast or slow the DRS train is I’m very happy to be part of this. This is retail finally having a leg in the game. This was proven to be a great move. This is historic.

  35. Wait, I thought we were told that broker shares aren't in the "lending pool" unless in margin accounts? 🤔 Hey Ortex mayoboi wants you to delete this post

  36. "if desired" yeah, you know what? there are only a few things that bring about that desire: 1. no cell, no sell 2. when the numbers meet or exceed per share

  37. I'm down... the entire world "economy" is a shitshow anyways... 'economy" is just debt... glad I paid cash investing in a company with negative debt... I'd sure hate to be overleaveraged right now...

  38. How comes institutions can buy shares file an sec form than that amount gets subtracted from the free float. They could easily sell and we wont know until they file their positions...

  39. After 2 years have these 🤡 not learnt anything about us, we are gamers, we live for for this shit and making outlandish statements like this only gets us hard.

  40. When was the Ortex account created and allowed to post in our sub? Does that line up with the +13m shares spike they tried to distract us with and attempt to explain?

  41. “Trust us. Our data is solid, unless it glitches and we don’t have a reasonable explanation or accountability for it.”

  42. Maybe I'm wrong but this might be technically correct. My understanding is that CS has shares that are either 'Plan' or 'Book' and from my understanding there is mainly only 1 difference.

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