Anybody seeing this? "BlackRock says get ready for a recession unlike any other and 'what worked in the past won't work now" - Yahoo Finance

  1. We've been in a recession since Q1 & Q2 GDP both were negative. I don't care how many times the idiots in DC change the definition. That's how they defined all the others so unless they go back in history and change the recessions we went through based on whatever new, fake definition they created this year, it's all BS which should surprise no one in this sub.

  2. Makes me really wish they would teach this kind of stuff at school, the older I get the more I realise finance is probably left out of core subjects on purpose..

  3. The criminals at Deutsche bank (idgaf how is spelled, those criminals don't deserve respect) are telling retail buying the dip won't work?

  4. -20% in 2023 is a bad comedy joke.. they manipulated GME down more than 20% this week. I feel bad for normal people who believe MSM and the rest of the bullshit being broadcast daily. Rough times ahead, except for Apes. 🚀

  5. In order for the shit to work like worked last time, they need retail to sell and lock in their 90% losses. Habit they’ve engineered the perfect fuckyoupayme diamond dicks in existence. No one will sell, and the institutions will all burn to the ground

  6. Let me be clear, my tits are jacked AF. My hands are unbreakable diamond vice grip gauntlets of hedgie-fucking doom. But in no way/shape/form do I have a diamond dick. My wife can attest. My doctor can attest. My moyle can attest. Eew eew llams a evah I.

  7. So much death and gloom right after GameStop earnings. Interesting. I guess they are finally realizing they are fuk'd.

  8. Does nobody else think it’s absolutely insane there’s upward movement in the markets because of “smaller rate hikes”? If in June, July, august, sept, etc the rates had risen 50bps instead of 75, there would still be negative sentiment in the markets. So it’s less but it’s STILL A RATE HIKE. I feel like I’m going insane over this alone.

  9. Remember it’s all a charade. All prices are by and large fake (all tickers). We are now in a stage where inflation dropping to only 8% instead of 8.2% is seen as bullish.

  10. “what worked in the past won’t work now”… soooo.. are they saying bailing out the pieces of shit who destroyed the economy won’t work this time around?

  11. What's even a recession at this point? Seems like threat of a recession is causing more havoc in the market than the actual one.

  12. You ever get the feeling that the news sells the FEAR in order to get ordinary people to panic sell everything so that THEY can buy it all up?

  13. this is what happens when retail doesn’t sell, they need to start using armageddon scenarios to incite fear to the masses

  14. They will tell us we were in one once we start digging our way out of it and celebrate the turn around. That’s the MO. Just like gas. Gas goes up= we don’t dictate prices/bad Russia. Gas prices go down = look what I did

  15. Well it’s when the powers that be and elected & appointed officials tell us there is/was one…. However any economics newb would already have called it and as top comment mentioned we’d have to re_write history of all prior recessions since two negative gdp qs in a row isn’t it anymore. Hot take we are in the depths now and trough’s out, ramping up rage economic story for the “goldielocks soft landing amazing avoidance by the powers” 🤮

  16. All the banks mentioned and who made those predictions were the ones that has too much leverage. Greed is coming to bite them in the ass soon enough.

  17. I know ton of people have >70% total credit line used. When people accept for bankruptcy. Shit will hit, and hit hard!

  18. The “Great Depression” was a recession unlike any before. And this will be unlike any before. Therefore “The Greatest Depression”.

  19. I was listening to a radio show today where they interviewed an economist and he said this recession would be a soft landing. I recall a podcast over a year and a half ago saying that inflation would be 2%. This was stated from a person at WSJ. I stopped listening after that because they were so full of shit. It was an NPR podcast

  20. They're calling it because they set it up. They've intentionally loaded the entire global financial system with unmanageable debt. In the worst financial crisis in history, everything will be reduced to zero, including pensions, retirement funds, investments, etc. They will declare the only possible solution is a new, centralized financial system built around CBDCs. They don't even care about the money; they just want to enslave humanity. Sick fucks.

  21. I love that recession is certain in all media and here they're saying 35% it won't happen. That's one in 3.a huge number

  22. In other news, "BlackRock admits they were a major participant in causing the upcoming recession that will be unlike any before".

  23. I don’t think black rock is necessarily against us… hear me out. I think their interests align with us as they sold RC his shares. I think they want to replace the FED.

  24. Blackrock is a pretty insidious organization. Dont they run a paramilitary group? Or am I thinking of someone else?

  25. I still have a hard time believing all this is unfolding. I have a really hard time accepting that the dollar will go into hyper inflation but based on how little action is taken I fear that might be the truth of it.

  26. Blackrock developing a sense of reality through consciousness, and talking to itself in regards to ' what worked in the past won't work now '... sure as hell my dudes, y'all paying us out soon... 8)

  27. Literally fuck msm. They changed the fucking definition of a recession the day before Q2 posts negative. Gotta control the public masses from ever questioning “hmm, why’s my portfolio dying like a cancer?”

  28. „What worked in the past won‘t work now“…. They‘re talking about US, not leaving GME, not leaving the market no matter what WallStreet throws at us! Fuck you, Pay me!

  29. Sounds like BlackRock is in on shorting the whole market with black pools. What we have witnessed with GameStop, it is not surprising that they can take down the whole market with their shorting black pool tricks, crimes, and corruption.

  30. The money that will pipe in from "responsible politicians" to save these "too big to fail" hedge funds will be vomit inducing. They have to sell this narrative to the average folks to justify saving "teachers retirements" and the such, all the while demonizing those big internet stonks bullies who caused it all. You watch. It's all a ruse to hide the fact that they bet the farm on shorting GME and it backfired. BCG fed them the ball and they went in for a slam dunk like they had with oh so many times with otherwise viable businesses. Luckily, we have it all on daily record of the actual order of events and the SHFs won't get away with their necks intact. Their days are numbered, tick, tock.... We got them on the run, tick, tock... DRS and win, tick, Tock... It's just a matter of time Kenny and you know you can't win this time.....

  31. So this scum organisation which is driving the recession via tech like their Alladin, are trying to position themselves as our ally by tipping us off about how bad their recession will be for us, but as always, never for them.

  32. It’s not the first time Larry Fink has said this, remember there was a release sometime in the last year starting’You will have nothing but you will be happy’.

  33. No shit. In debt crises you have 4 options (levers): austerity, debt restructuring, QE, and redistribution. There are many reasons why QE has been the primary approach since 2008. One of which being that it is the most palatable for policy makers in the public sector. QE is inflationary; which can be mitigated via the stimulation it provides the economy. We have long been past the point where printing more money will solve this

  34. Good thing GME has a negative beta!! 😜 DRS & HODL. Greatest transfer of wealth incoming!! 💥🚀🦍

  35. They’ll say the recessing is coming until months after it’s over and they’ll say it’s over once they secured new positions

  36. So gme has billions in back up cash to ride this out while we all sit around this recession depression worse then 1929 playing video games and buying I told ya so gme merch and more cheap shares to drs the float only to drive the value of gme up and make it the most valuable stonk I have no idea where I was going with this but hey 👁️♥️🖍️ and black rock in my opinion should be crack rock as I feel they’re propping up mayo man and the boyz with lending shares back and forth and soon it will be shown no shares exist in those big accounts because we drsd everything. They are slowly seeing individual retail as individual investors are in for the long haul

  37. Probably doesn't help them that states are pulling funds from them for the ESG scoring. Florida yoinked 2 billion. I think Louisiana and Texas yoinked a bunch. Fink is a Fink

  38. Trying to DRS and fucking RBC is trying to tell me I can't transfer my shares from my TFSA to my Investment account. I'm going to snap, give me someone that fucking speaks English.

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