This is why shares at hundreds of millions of dollars is possible. A trillion is unfathomable. $80 T are sitting in swaps.

  1. This is what happens with fiat money. Everything is just numbers in a database, USD is backed by the force of the US military at this point.

  2. Sure, I’ll elaborate. This post shows the difference between one million, one billion and one trillion. The differences are so staggering it is difficult to comprehend the scaling.

  3. $80T at $100M per share comes out to 800k shares. There are 304.53M shares outstanding. $80T is not enough money to get to $100M per share.

  4. If you made $101,000 every second, it would take you 25 years to get $80 trillion. Thats how much money they just stole from hard working people.

  5. This is what I use to describe secure hash algorithms. 210 is 1024, or roughly 103 — 220, 230, 240 is what you just described, and sha2-256 hashes are 2256, or 10(3*(250/10)=>1075 x2x2x2x2x2x2

  6. So retail direct registered roughly $2b in gme shares if I'm not mistaken. 🧮 carry the one... 62 years to count $1 per-second 🤔 the monetary value of said shares.

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