Split Dividend and Reg Sho: proof the Shorts never closed!!!

  1. This is why I back up everything- maybe i don’t recognise the op but that doesn’t matter - this is important work . You forgot this king - 👑

  2. The bill always comes due. Those that have been playing hot potato will no longer exist. The only way of making sure they pay their tab (and in a more timely manner) is by locking the float. It’s been over a year, folks.

  3. In my 20+ yrs of coaching we referred to anyone who couldn’t understand the game plan , plays as a Turnip . Now I’ve been the friggin Turnip in this lingo for about 84yrs until today !

  4. I know we have a strict “NO DATES” policy but these are based off rules for settlement. Nothing they can do to skirt around them. The most amazing thing to me is if they kick the can into Feb they really risk blowing up when we have well over 100m shares DRS’d and potentially show profits for Q4.

  5. 459million +96 million are the least amount of total shares in existence. That number likely doesn’t include the DRS shares prior to July 21, 2022.

  6. Some number of shares actually sold at some point might make the number a little lower. But it’s a good thought that it is still massively snorted.

  7. For all who see this posters comment… I’m here to reiterate and emphasize the shorts never closed but simply shuffled around deck chairs on their sinking titanic. Good luck shorts. You’re gonna fucking need it.

  8. I’m definitely glad I posted the conclusion before posting the rest of this series of DD. I have an alternative conclusion planned analyzing monthly options.

  9. They can time a possible run up and use two possibilities as reasoning. 1.) positive earnings report 2.) New DRS count record.

  10. Tesla run up was also the same. Tesla runs around its earning reports. i think this is just to give an illusion that the markets are responding to earnings of companies.

  11. "So on July 22, 2022 the brokers shorted the stock split dividend to provide the dividend to all their customers."

  12. Hi just to say option number 3 lines up with t69 and if both happened together what a Christmas we would all have 🤣

  13. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read a DD in months but I love that they keeping coming. Great minds and diligent research from this community! DRS!!!!

  14. Dang I’ve been so zen and just playing video games and getting high i forgot I had hundreds of shares in Computershare. Is this thing still going on? I’m winning???

  15. Ryan cohen is a smart guy. He knew about the swaps before we did. Question is what will he do about the corruption and wrongful dividend delivery. Or what is he waiting on?

  16. Holy crap. I can't even keep my own birth date straight! Good job OP! I look forward to being a witness to this fuckery.

  17. If you really think about the whole saga, we don't need any more DD. The cellar boxing one was actually the nail in the coffin. GME was approaching cellar box levels, hedge funds went extremely reckless shorting it assuming it's gonna go bankrupt and they can keep the money. The more they short the more they get paid so they start shorting multiples of the float.

  18. I got a dumb question on the infinite shorting thesis (and more of a thought experiment). Where does this money truly come from? If , let’s say, the banks and hedge funds are in on this, and the short selling is facilitated through the sec lending desk (of a major banks brokerage arm). Why would the banks keep supporting this? That’s a risky gamble. I mean if I wanted to buy a $300,000 house , the bank wouldn’t give me 3 million to buy it. It’s quite risky of them to do so. In this case, shf are just churning out sells/shorts and borrowing against the market(when they receive cash for those shorts). Is the retail buy pressure that strong that we just keep supplying the banks all this money for 2 years straight at a volume significant enough to ensure that the price can stay static? The thing I worry is that, they seemingly always have something to counteract the buy pressure. Our buy orders just disappear into the ether. What’s even the point of listing (if you are a ceo). Stocks just seem like a complete scam and “investing” is a complete joke. Publically listing your company essentially guarantees your company to go under (unless an insider on wallstreet) wants to play and make money on your stock. They “fairy dust” your wealth. And many “billionaires” are just a construct of who the flavour of the decade wants to make wealthy. I dunno, I’m so tired of everything being a complete grift. Like everything. Holy crap I need to lay off the add drugs haha.

  19. Melvin is documented to have shorts from 2014.. the minnow had shorts from 7 years prior.. ppl don't realize that this is existential.. the govt won't be able to respond to the cascading failures.. the system will seize. It'll be interesting to say the least

  20. How long can they continue to kick the can? Is there anything outside of DRS’ing that can cause an actual need to close their short positions?

  21. Interesting that this post shows no awards on my feed until I click into it, then I see the awards.

  22. The Automod hates me. I had posted parts 1 and 2 of the DD that this is a bigger part of but it never showed up in new. It was in limbo for a while and then disappeared. The mods weren’t helpful. I’ll eventually reupload part 1 and 2 when I finish part 3 and 4. After the huge glitch on Friday I got the energy to finish part 5 (this DD) and post it.

  23. It’s weird there’s no data on 9/12th for FTDs… does it mean it didn’t have any fails or something else?

  24. I have no idea. Both most likely scenarios involve crime. 1) The NSCC could have failed to disclose the number to regulators. 2) The prime brokers and market makers colluded to cover the FTDs for that day.

  25. I've been laying low for the past several months, but I appreciate coming back and seeing this write-up. 🤟💎 Ready for 2023.

  26. Am I the only knuckle dragging unwrinkled ape that needs a bit simpler explanation? Somewhere between this and more that shorts never closed.

  27. Shit. That means earnings after hours on 7th December is the ideal cover to move a vast amount of (synthetic) shares.

  28. All I know is we’ll be continuing to watch the fuckery unfold. Well thought out post and easy to understand for my oil slicked cranium. Thank you.

  29. my cranium is like how they say if earth was shrunk to the size of a cue ball it would be waaay smoother than a normal cue ball cause cue balls are actually terribly rough and wrinkled. But even with mount Everest earth cue ball would be impossibly smooth to manufacture. That's me!

  30. Not bad, Dec 8 is pretty close to Dec 6 which is one of the dates i thought something could happen. Could be a thing.

  31. If the total shares short is 96m, is that significant? That is 32% of shares outstanding and 38% of float.

  32. Knowing the potato getting heavier and heavier, what could prevent them to pass it around and around again since assets could be hidden and fake?

  33. I reread your post several times and it actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the wrinkles.

  34. Also there is a daily post about the percentage of trades short and it's been over 50% short for months now. That means more shorts are being opened than longs are being purchased.

  35. We finally have undisputed proof 1 or at most 2 prime brokers are holding a bag of 555 million post-split shares. It’s unknown how many other prime brokers have shorted GME but managed to cover via synthetic prime brokerage accounts.

  36. That's really complicated, there is a much simpler way to provide absolute proof that shorts never closed. Quite simply, the reported short interest during the sneeze went above 200%, meaning that closing of shorts would trigger moass, but instead of moass the price went down - meaning that they've been only adding to their short position for the past 2 years, not closing.

  37. So I tagged someone who thinks this whole sub is bullshit to see his thoughts on this. He’s afraid to post his genius thoughts because he’ll get banned for having opposing thoughts. CraigJay is the user. Will someone smarter than me please shut him up. I don’t even understand why he’s afraid to be banned.

  38. Is he in the financial industry? Not sure the answer matters—if he is, he may have insight/credibility, but then again, maybe not. Tell him to post his shit or STFU.

  39. I need to reread this in a quieter environment… was a couple sentences that seemed to jump to co conclusions but maybe i missed something…

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