Legit question. When reddit gets compromissed, where are we moving next? What is our communication chanel? We still commenting gangman video on youtube?

  1. All jokes aside I really like that. News is going crazy gme is in the 100,000s superstonk is overwhelmed with a million “new apes” creating so much static that the sun goes down. So all of apes just drive to the local grocery store gets all sorts of bbq food.

  2. I’ll bring the ribeyes and coors light. Seriously though. We start the MOASS and things go down and I will show up to the Bonney Lake GameStop ASAP. Probably have to Uber home…

  3. I’d walk to everyone and be like “…Ape?” and see what they say. They’re either gonna look at me like I’m a psycho or say “…Ape.”

  4. This is the cultural movement that this country needs. Just everyone hanging out at GameStop, smoking meats, grilling up some veggies. No fucking mayo allowed. You see anyone using that shit, slap it out they fuckin hands.

  5. We don’t need comms anymore - literally. The playbook is the same no matter what. Every platform can die at the same time during MOASS, it doesn’t matter.

  6. Yeah this place I just come to for jokes and occasional new dd. But as an individual my only action that makes a difference is drs the fuck out of the float

  7. There is a lot of wisdom in this. I suspect Reddit any many other outlets will go into full on “ you better sell for $x or you’ll never see a dime once the shorts finish closing.

  8. But I want to be able to celebrate with every9one here, even for a few minutes before I go land shopping and pay off all my families mortgages.

  9. This is the power of a decentralized response. Doesn't matter what they try. We don't need to be in constant contact and will keep DRSing until something breaks.

  10. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  11. 💯 % this. We don’t it anymore. We know what to do. I’m going back to the OG Gangnam styles home base for the memes only. See you on the moon. 🏴‍☠️

  12. I will be likely on #gmedrs on Twatter and then picking who to follow based on who they follow and what they comment. After listening Mario Nafwal's room where Musk was commenting today I believe there is genuine effort to keep twatter as free speech platform that tries to be transparent

  13. It's already compromised. When MOASS, just hold until phone numbers. The sub will become unbearable/unusable I'm imagining. But, at that point, it won't matter.

  14. My mom says we can use her house but if you’re going to stay the night you have to make sure to ask your mom first.

  15. No selling.. if it gets like that (when) then you can borrow against your asset.. pay the loan back via dividend.. no capital gains and you down diminish your ownership stake..

  16. Folks like you are why we will win this time. Thank you for your service. I HODL with you all, brother and sister apes. No cell, no sell(is not a meme). <3

  17. This sub's goal [MOASS] will kill it eventually. I'm happy to let it die when the time comes. I'll see y'all in the metaverse or GMErica or whatever the next level is 🏴‍☠️

  18. We host a team speak server. It's local host at at neighbors who is a WISP. They can handle quite a bit of traffic so I could hand out the address for a backup place.

  19. All the YouTube channels were infested with shills well over a year ago. Personally I would be fine with the ticker but it would be nice to find a safe alternative. Maybe if possible a chat the lies on the blockchain?

  20. I think this is an absolutely critical thing we should be discussing, but whenever it comes up it's showered with down votes.

  21. I agree, a YouTube vid isn't gonna work, and coupled with some big fud, reddit going dark will have some people panicking, no matter how zen we all say we are

  22. I'm sorry but that's really unlikely. If anything, "they" would promote us having this discussion. Being disorganized is one thing, but think really hard what would happen if everything went dark like that? You would hold. Lucky you, so will everyone else. Absolute darkness would only strengthen that resolve. All opportunity for us to read into FUD would be taken away. "They" would have an absolute hell of a time finding where to spread FUD when it's scattered about everywhere, vs knowing where everyone is gathering. "They" want to know where we'll be to have any chance to control the narrative. Me? I'll be stopping by my local gamestop from time to time to see if any other members have left any signs. Maybe a trail of misplaced poop emoji merchandise that leads to a back corner where the rest of my ape brothers are. As I step closer, I hear the chanting, "weebo wabbo D-R-S! Weebo wabbo D-R-S!" I'll pull my hoodie sleeve up to reveal my purple silicone wristband, and the shrewdness will accept me into their circle. But hey, you do you. Just remember, they did not close. Buy, hodl, drs

  23. I agreee with you. Having an alternate comm doesnt mean the plan has changed. MOASS is inevitable. And a MOASS with comms will just make ir worse for the system. Maybe instead of XxxxxxxXx digits we go Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with comms open

  24. Ya'll can come over to my crib. Mom just got back from shopping and we got minute maid and pizza rolls in the freezer. We can play nintendo in the basement and stay up late, too.

  25. Let’s meetup at the latest earnings conference call on YT to continue the chats. We won’t be blocked or banned by GameStop and shills will have to visit and listen to the earnings. GameStop will also generate money from all the views. It will be a win, win and win situation for us.

  26. Lol if u need other people to tell u what to do w your $$ you're gonna paperhand. Simple as that. The only thing you'll see on a YT video comment section is FUD and noise. Seriously hedgies r fuk there's no doubt about it, just be zen 😌 🆙️📈🚀🚀🚀

  27. If this place is shut down, MOASS is on. Just fire up the grill, throw on some beef, crack a cold one, and chill the F out. Comms aren’t needed at that point. If they’re not in jail, you have no need to go looking for a sell button.

  28. It’s called the dark net. There already many backups a very popular one is called Dread. The onion address is easy to find and has as many if not more people than Reddit using it. I think the creators were part of Reddit at some point and branched off

  29. When, lol. It's compromised. It's better for them to know where we are and do just enough to FUD it up without an exodus. That's where we're at, currently.

  30. Technically, I’m sure some of us have expertise enough in various professions that creating a viable show is very doable. Not sure the legality, but it seems like it could be allowed, given that literally everything else is allowed at this point.

  31. I believe someone dug up something about teddy.com having forums or something. Take this with a grain of salt as I did not see this myself

  32. I am not willing to compromise. My investment requires no stimulus from a message board. It is fun to shuck and Jive with other great investors though.

  33. My DRS shares won't ever be sold. I don't have an exit strategy. This is lifetime investment. Only shares I will sell if they don't get stolen from me is the few I have in brokers.

  34. Take this to the bank: When shit hits the fan, Goog, Twit, Youtube and Shitbook will not be available. Rumble and Gab will be getting DDos'ed to hell and back, but they can't pull the plug on them. Twitter looks like it is in fairer hands now, but who knows on that one.

  35. Theres a gaming arcade 2 doors down from my local gamestop. I never realized it had only been around a few months....

  36. when reddit gets borked i am going dark as the end will be near.... its like one of the last pieces of the prophecy.

  37. Most likely would be the superstonk discord. After that, some industrious ape with a pc they wouldn't mind running permanently could host something like an IRC server, too, as a more private comms backup

  38. We meet at the local gamestop. I will be there with a banana in my pocket, a purple hula hoop, and a red bandana. From there we will march to GME HQ in Texas and await further instructions

  39. I don’t need reddit to tell me to DRS. The plan is simple. So simple an ape like me can do it. We’ve won. We’re holding the Royal Flush.

  40. I bet there will be false movements to other places trying to fragment shareholders and then disinformation / fud campaigns on every channel. Divide and conquer is their MO.

  41. Everyone knows reddit has been compromised…some subs ALOT more than others👀 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  42. We all know what needs to be done during MOASS, just like in Vietnam. You know what the orders are and you take action on your own. You extract when the dust settles and meet up in friendly territory. I’m sure we’ll find a way after MOASS. The most important thing is to take appropriate action during the squeeze and not panic.

  43. As dumb as this sounds, I've heard they have a solid GME community in /biz/. I don't know how durable 4chan is against compromise though (I don't really know how it works and have barely ever been there).

  44. I say we just meet up at the parking lot of the lambo dealership, I figure a lot of us will be there around that time anyway…….

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