Since the 'Sneeze', up to now MACD on the weekly time-frame has crossed into the green four times. Each time has culminated in a multi-week price surge of +74% to +161%. We have just now entered into the green for the fifth time, with Hedgies struggling to keep this under $30...

  1. They are going to let it run into Wednesday close to find some liquidity then short the shit out of it after earnings. By doing this they will be able to burn all the bullish call buyers to last a few more days.

  2. Yep. For the love of god people do not play options here. Even if you get lucky once or twice SHFs coming out waaay ahead because of the options bros giving them more ammo to prolong this. DRS is the way.

  3. Lol their shorts don't do shit anymore. They probably will get a nice dip but it'll be shortlived as they have to cover them before the volume dries up. Then with the t+69 cycle around the corner, there will be a one-two punch on the price.

  4. We’re so illiquid it won’t be that simple. If we run, it’ll be like May. Would be great if after the dip we get good earnings. Wild.

  5. Seem to be in uncharted territory with how long GME has been contained to a 24-27 channel. Not sure how that timeframe snapshot compares to anything prior to the sneeze-event. I find it’s leaving a lot of wrinklies stumped who’ve been analyzing the stonk. “It’s compelling and provocative but idk why”

  6. It has been there for awhile. Oh lawd it doesn’t matter which direction it goes it’s hot either way

  7. At this point it’s like buying apple at $10 in the 90’s when everyone said the internet was just a fad. Or like buying Tesla pre multi splits at $50 in the 00’s when everyone said ev was just a gimmick.

  8. Just to point out, the beginning of this fifth "surge" began on November 9th, with a price low of $21.89. So these numbers you have speculated above need to be adjusted a little, due to that.

  9. That consolidattion line around $24-$25 also says a lot. Those CS direct purchases keep coming in 💪💪💪

  10. Wishful thinking. I would love it too, but RC isn't going to help us. Too much publicity for his liking.

  11. Moving average convergence/divergence (MACD, or MAC-D) is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two exponential moving averages (EMAs) of a security’s price. The MACD line is calculated by subtracting the 26-period EMA from the 12-period EMA.

  12. It’s insane how they wanna bore us to death with such low volatility now after 2 years of roller coaster. No chance. I will hold until my grand kids inherent everything

  13. Genuinely belive when RC tweeted "The best time to be alive in human history is now" is because we were finally entering the final dip before the rip, ever since that tweet we have traded more sideways than ever before which only strengthens this belief.

  14. This run up can’t be as big. Definitely can’t hit 75%+, that’ll bring the price too high up to the point where margin debt overwhelms their balance sheets.

  15. The "surges" as OP calls them, have been diminishing in size, the peak volume has been as well, but the price bottoms have also been rising leading to overall more price stability. Personally I think that this has been an intentional result from adjustments to the swaps, spreading them out rather than lumping them all together

  16. The thing with gme is regular indicators don't work well because well...this ain't a normal stock. Normal tickers aren't shorted and manipulated like this.

  17. Cool story anyways I got bored and stuffed all my shares into computershare. Why because fuck them that’s why

  18. How many of those other movements were related to specific news such as RC buying in additional shares? Nothing happens in isolation.

  19. Sooo, MACD, while it's arguably the most reliable indicator in the TA toolbox, is still a backward looking indicator. The myth that TA doesn't work stems from the fact that some people try to make predictions based on TA (remember Warden? He used to do that and he got seriously burned). That's not the role of TA, and indicators should be used to strenghten conviction in a position. The actual role of TA is to encode massive amounts of data into an easily understandable format. Backward looking indicators tell you that in the past sonething happened in certain conditions. If current conditions are simillar, you get an aditional point of confidence that that something might (MIGHT) happen again. But the big points of confidence come from other more reliable sources, such as fundamental analysis, liquidity flow analysis, option chains analysis and so on. Cheers

  20. I swear to God I heard this before where we say the MACD crossed, and each time it does, we rocket. But there were failed MACD crossing that didn't amount to anything. How many times did THAT happen?

  21. If we break $32, I will be surprised. Although, SPY is pumping again, (and will probably do so again when inflation numbers look better again next month thanks to the rolling observation period), so they might end up with more leeway.

  22. Remember it is a weekly chart. In the previous four instances, the 'high' was between 3 weeks and about 2 months after the crossing to the green.

  23. If you’ve been paying attention, you’d have seen by now that max pain doesn’t mean anything when the price is actually moving, only when we’re trading sideways

  24. Max pain is a lagging indicator and can easily change to the upside or downside based on options inflow. Call OI or put OI can rocket Monday and skew max pain

  25. Max pain is useless as fuck. I still don’t understand why people use it. It’s not accurate for what y’all use it for. It can easily change due to it being based on max calls and puts expiring worthless/ most losses. This can easily be manipulated based on creating said options (writing).

  26. I thought Cs registration stops both downwards and upwards volatility, so wouldn't that mean we don't get the huge upswings anymore

  27. There is an argument to be made the runups are what causes macd crossover and the inverse. Come on guys, ta? Really?

  28. Meh not interested in little moves like that. Might get a call if we get over 30. Also towel stock seems to have found a 52week low bottom at $2.96 they've got two things to deal with now. If towel stock runs, people will take profit and put into GME.

  29. It's funny. Those fake apes have appeared on yahoo saying 'don't believe the reddit crowd, the squeeze will reach xxx. That is when i will sell' - it's the same nonsense we saw last year. All these similar comments telling people when to sell the top of the other basket surge to $70.

  30. What the fuck is the weekly MACD? Does it take the final value of Friday to do calcs? Or is it the average of the week and calcs on that?

  31. I'm fairly certain another thread confirmed MOASS Tuesday. If not Tuesday, a day following it to be named later.

  32. Unless there is some absolute regulatory or book keeping procedure that can only be attained by buying shares off the market this does not matter.

  33. So you’re saying the majority of the time ape’s have been DRS’ing 60% of the float… that “accumulation” has only happened a few weeks in the past 2 years…?

  34. Good simple TA; this is the way. I concur with all; commenting for Visibility. I do find merit in the technicals here screaming 'AutoBuy.' As for the fundamentals, $GME MOASS is Tuesday (the start as jokingly rumored), epic $GME earnings with new DRS numbers is on Wednesday, and payday for so many is Friday.

  35. Options trap incoming. Seen this play out too many times. Until we DRS the float it will be manipulated. No evidence to show they are “struggling” with price suppression

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