I'm a total smoothie, and I'm just spitballing, but wouldn't the rail strike or a larger mass union strike be the exact black swan event many believe is necessary to trigger MOASS?

  1. Well, the US Congress has averted a strike by siding with Wall Street and Corporations, instead of workers. But, yes, a rail strike would have catalyzed something. Labor strikes, pandemics, any large & unpredictable events are black swan.

  2. You think congress can magically vote and force them to work? No, they just told the railroad workers their strike is exactly what they should do. A strike is only effective if it disrupts, the fact the gov't somehow magically voted them into forced labor won't change shit when the trains fucking stop.

  3. It's knowable, predictable, and strikes aren't very rare. Govts and institutions know (generally) what strikes implies and how to navigate one.

  4. Outside of the stock market, the rail workers striking is what we all need. American conglomerates treat labour like shit and politicians have been working in concert, to out right criminalize collective action.

  5. Mass union strike would be no black swan, is totally expected to happen. Even a civil war would be expected in today situation.

  6. There won’t be a civil war Jesus Christ listen to yourself. What would the war even be fought over?

  7. Doctor Strange run 69.420.000 scenario.. only one where we trigger the MOASS is when apes lock 100% free float via DRS.. the rest 69.419.999 scenarios is tgat we still get the MOASS, but we don't get steam achievement badge "MOASS with DRS-100%", which is sad :(

  8. Never really have seen the logic in this theory or any market crash theory triggering a MOASS. Hedgies hedge so effectively play both sides of a bet. Market crash means their shorts print money making them more money while their long positions decrease in value which they will have stop losses set for. DRS and GME being profitable is the only thing that makes sense to me.

  9. I don’t believe MOASS will or even should happen until we’ve DRS’d more of the outstanding shares AND GME turns a profit… that will and should be the catalyst. Price surges without profitability and a higher % of DRS’d shares in this market probably won’t be sustainable… it will probably result in another sneeze… maybe a bigger sneeze than last time, but still a sneeze. I realize price surges become risky propositions for SHF’s and they will do whatever they can to suppress the price before it gets out of their control, but we’re talking about a complete market meltdown and all entrenched players will do everything they can to avoid that… in my mind, buying pressure due to profits and a lack of available shares in the DTCC to eliminate short selling and FTD’s is the only path to the real MOASS. I believe any surges prior to those things happening, will likely be short lived before being manipulated back down.

  10. I've stopped looking for the catalyst from external factors. DRS until there are no shares left to DRS is the true "black swan".

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