Attention Euroapes! How does this petition to the European Parliament to implement mandatory buy-ins only have 630 signatures?? This is as important as signing Dave Lauer's petitions!

  1. I think some shy away from the effort with the extensive registration on an official EU site but since yesterday there is more momentum. Thanks for bringing it up here.

  2. I thought, yess I will sign… than saw the registration requirement, and for a second thought “I don’t want to do this” and then thought, “fuck it, lazy ass, do it”… and I did do it!

  3. And only 630 people signed the petition. We need to keep calling attention to it. The European Parliament actually listens to this stuff.

  4. Signed and upvoted this post. Naked shorts are a small symptom of the problem, the real problem is failing to deliver.

  5. I am proud to have been one of the first. It takes much more to support this. You have to create a login with your address in the eu. So an email is not enough. But come on apes, help out.

  6. I had to provide my address in the EU and select my nationality from European countries, so not sure.

  7. I was hesitant with signing up but then realized how easy it was, account created and petition signed in 5 minutes. Let's set an example for every other Ape that us Euroapes have crayons to sign petitions too! 1000 signatures and counting! 🇮🇪🇪🇺

  8. You know, after having so many people signing this I can see some people signing other petitions to the European Parliament.

  9. Respectfully, I’ve lost all faith in this system and only want to lock up the entire float. Can you blame me and others who feel this way?

  10. No, I can't blame you. I feel the same way most of the time. But as much as it pains me to say this to you, it's not by alienating ourselves from participating through these channels that things will ever change.

  11. Probably the most important petition since EU regulators actually a semblance of a shit about their citizens. Can’t say that about the US. Think of every fund that sends their shit overseas to take advantage of these loopholes. Let’s give them one less safe space.

  12. This pertains the implementation of penalties for market participants, specifically market makers and broker-dealers, who fail to deliver shares, margin calls, and mandatory buy-in rules. Currently this implementation was postponed, so even if these behaviours are illegal, there are no effective penalties against them which incentivizes market participants to engage in these risky behaviours.

  13. I ll tell you why. Because here in Europe nobody cares about petitions, we know that is not gonna change anything. Sad to day this but history tells us that only with violence you can change something, especially here in Eastern Europe. Start a petition here - they will laugh in your face 😅

  14. Shut up and sign the petition. Even if they end up using it as toilet paper, making it clear there are eyes on them is the first step.

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