Buddy of mine had shared a reel on Instagram that was basically a video summary of the final piece of the Dollar Endgame... this happened.

  1. Pretty annoying video. They seem to guess at the average interest rate when that data is readily available. (And they're off by 35% guessing 1.5% when in reality it is over 2%.) And they give the rollover rate but and guess again at new interest but don't actually give us the result of the guess and how this will affect the net average interest.

  2. The whole thing seemed very scammy to me so I stopped bothering. We know shit's upsidedown and sideways, but when they lie about it, it just discredits everything.

  3. The population is barely growing, and I’ve also seen predictions of the curve becoming negative at some point in the future, so that’s not a very good metric to add.

  4. Good points. Also Sort of… the 95K is per person. Multiply by three when you factor in not every person is a taxpayer .

  5. If they plan to get out ahead of BRICS then debt needs to be inflated away and gold will be repriced so they can get back to solvency.

  6. If you want to really understand the whole story, I mean you really want to understand the whole truth of what is going on in our economy today and the reasons why, devote a few hours to educating yourself this weekend by watching this documentary in its entirety. It is 3.5 hours long, but it is the most God Tier DD that you could ever privilege yourself to watch and take in. It will cover the situation we are faced with today, and how this has been going on for thousands of years. This will give you an insight to what will happen in our near future because believe it or not they have perfected their greed/craft so much from running the same plays over and over again since before Jesus ever roamed this earth, literally.

  7. He had shared it from the original account, that account no longer exists. I've been trying to find it, it was of some podcast. The parts I remember were the one guy telling the other guys "This isn't funny guys, it's a serious problem" and then pointing out the amount of debt each person is responsible for is around $534,000.

  8. Posting about GME on IG always got me shadow banned as my views dropped dramatically. You don't get shown to people the way you would.

  9. I'm only on IG and it's a private account with maybe the 500 or so people I went through highschool with. I haven't noticed a drop in any views, but I restrict myself to "fixing" provocative headlines and memes:

  10. Bribing? Oh no. Based on whistleblowers and Musk recent info, there’s actual collusion between big tech and govt agencies like FBI, DOJ and others. So much so that they were holding weekly zoom meetings!

  11. I’m not an Elon or any crazy political person. But the censorship is getting way out of hand, we have seen it with the definition of recession being changed in real time. Ken griffin lied to Ken g in minutes. Now this, it’s not only here, it’s happening world wide. When governments are threatened they find an other, if/when moass happens we need to fix this. Not by choosing what people see, actually having free/fair markets. The entire world has been infected by the greed we see everyday.

  12. They don't want normal people to get the info and start to act. They want time for them to find a way to survive. Avoiding holding as much bag as possible.

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