NFT Giveaway x2: Xmas interactive AR artwork + ebook NFT combo.

  1. I signed up for this last time but did not get it. Would be so fking cool to have this as my first NFT🚀🚀🚀. Stonks on the moon!

  2. The last time we put this one up it got pulled down pretty quick, but we do have the NFT BOT submissions from that round and will include those within next Tuesdays drop. This NFT has not gone out yet to anyone so you didn’t miss anything and I’ll personally make sure yours shows up 💜

  3. You’re wicked early this time. I leave these open all weekend and do the airdrops the following Monday/Tuesday so that everyone has a chance to get one.

  4. I bought the original "Stonks on the Moon" book the day it came out. I'm 25 and keeping it to read to my future kids haha.

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