GameStop will never repeat again

  1. Generations forget the lessons of the ancestors and often make similar mistakes. Could happen again. In the year 3000

  2. The GameStop saga is not a saga for the masses currently- it will be a blip that was missed for some, and a game changer for others. The masses will eventually see the benefits of

  3. ...and to think all the shorts had to do was let it run to $1k or so in January 2021, watch retail collect their home run, regroup, and try again.

  4. Every time someone says this… I realize that a lot of people still don’t understand how massively huge of an idiosyncratic risk the naked short positions on GME really are.

  5. And instead entities like Citadel, Icahn etc reportedly shorted it the day that people knew the buy button was being shut down, instead of covering short positions, just adding more, meanwhile non-institutional investors just keep buying it up.

  6. This. I saw one of my options I bought for $100 go all they way up to $90k. Then they closed the buy. I would be happy with the 90k and would move on with my life. But now, I DRS.

  7. I think they had lost all control of the price basically at that point. I'm not sure it was possible for it to "Just" go to 1000. I'm pretty sure at least one on here sold shares for 10k during the sneeze if I recall correctly. And others for 1k.

  8. I seriously don't think I'm ever selling. I'm here for one thing and one thing only, systemic change. I'll be happy to live off dividends.

  9. They would've collapsed beyond all salvation if we had even reached 500 and everyone cashed out. That's why they openly committed crime by colluding with brokers to shut down the stock when it hit 400 and dump the price. 1000 probably would have crashed the US stock market considering how much these funds and banks have totally mismanaged assets given to them in trust by the ignorant public.

  10. Maybe not. What if there were hundreds of millions of shorts on a 67M float? What if it reached $1,000 and there were still hundreds of millions of shorts?

  11. Once DFV quadrupled down there was absolutely no doubt in my mind anymore. simply put, the wheels currently in motion are unstoppable. the cat is out of the bag. people are ready and willing to do something bigger than themselves and GameStop is our vehicle to achieve our destiny 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  12. That was my personal tipping point as well. I was considering taking the 4x return I had when the price plummeted and flat lined right after they shut off the buy button, but seeing the big balls on DFV in front of those political crooks made me start to think there was more to come, so I held. If he had went on and flexed like a typical wolf of wallstreet wannabe I probably would've assumed I was part of another double ess bee pump and dump and took my meagre gains. However it shakes out, he's definitely been a major part in the saga, inspiring retail when Ryan Cohen had to be radio silent.

  13. When RC became the 🪑man it was game over tbh. I was balls deep before he took over and when news broke he was taking over like everyone here speculated he would…I actually 💦. Sorry for the NSFW

  14. On that day I got my COVID shot. I remember refreshing his Twitter page every second until 4:00PM. Then on my way home I saw his double down post while space oddity was playing. I cried on the way home because that double down removed all doubt about this. It was done. You're either in or sold. I was never going to sell. Just buy hold. No exit strategies because what's an exit strategy? Just up.

  15. I wonder though, are there already discussions behind closed doors between SHFs and authorities (okay, they might be the same people), and how they will damage control when the shit finally hits the fan.

  16. I remember when Dave L said that moass is an improbable event and for the first time I had doubts and was bummed out. Guess what it gets more and more probable every passing day. Now it’s not only probable but almost a certainty barring an alien invasion or asteroid

  17. As for me it's (beside the DD's) the equalization of the media corps bashing and lying about GME just in time for every announcement and step it makes, that keeps me up to this journey. It's reliable like an clockwork that media is making up stuff to overshadow any positive thing of GME. In such a manner that even non-redditors, non APE's and anyone else who has no clue about what's happening is thinking something is strange, suspect and they're getting curious. Please do your part MSM, you're an important force on our side, if you intent to or not, doesn't matter.

  18. We grew up as the generation with the internet. You can’t tell me shit. And the more you try to force shit on me the more I reject, research and come up with my own conclusion.

  19. We will go down in financial history. This will be in a history textbook one day. They already illegally stop us once, after we truly moass you better believe they will absolutely never let this happen again. Soon the game will stop, then we go pop.

  20. When people ask what I do, I tell them I invest in small and mid size business. Which is true. Then I follow up with, me and a few of my homies actually own about 30% of GameStop.

  21. After GME moons, imagine how many investors will be DRSing everything they own (or thought they owned). I wouldn't be suprised if we found alot of surprises along the way with other stocks.

  22. 100% this. I watch a lot of small tickers that exhibit unusual movement in the market without news or obvious cause. It doesn’t make sense. But it consistently mirrors basket stock movement.

  23. That would be a beautiful change to the stock market. It's not a fix, but it's a step in the right direction.

  24. The funny thing is, they’re stalling but giving us even more time to accumulate more shares. Which fucks them even harder in the endgame. I never thought I’d profit from stupidity like this until now.

  25. Sometimes I feel like a cult, then I go back and reread the DD and realize how right we are. I have a client who is a planner from Baird, who has called me crazy for 2 years, told me to sell at $350 and brings it up everytime I see him. It seems too easy that all we have to do is Buy, Hold, DRS, but it feels like I will soon be rewarded for my nightly visits to

  26. The only way to lose money is to sell at a loss or for the company to go bankrupt. The latter can't happen now and I averaged down so much when we were in the $80 range (pre-splivi) that I'm in profit.

  27. Baby we are coming down to an ace. It's retail vs everybody else. It's a 1v5, the bomb is about to go and they are at the wrong side of the map.

  28. The DFV quadrupling down yolo update is the biggest most diamond balls move ever. i never been more excited to see a dam screenshot of someone’s position in my life. DFV is a fucking legend.

  29. Need more confirmation bias? The SEC put in place rules that will prevent a GME retail squeeze event from ever happening again, proof the government knows shorts are fucked and where this ends, we’ve got these greedy fucks cornered, boot to neck….why it will never happen again.

  30. I love the ape DRS movement. And I have most of my shares in DRS. But the thing about putting all your shares in DRS is that you will be forced to sell a real share potentially. I'm never doing that. So I still have some in a broker. Yeah, they might get rugged, but they are the shares I'm willing to sell. Just food for thought. I want the infinity pool to stay that way.

  31. Personally, I wouldn't mind if GME doesn't take out Amazon like we think, so long as it takes out and replaces Steam. A co-workers son lost access to all his games and Steam account a few weeks ago after his father passed away and they couldn't access his email the account was attached to. Steam offers no recourse for him. That was the last thing the kids had from his father. Gabe and Steam can go suck on a railroad spike. We NEED ownership of what we pay for. I'm tired of renting.

  32. So far it seems GameStop is only focussing on in game assets as NFTs rather than making the whole game as NFT. But steam alternate already exists where you can truly own the games you paid for: it’s a console with a disk drive and you buy the physical copy of the game.

  33. Not to defend steam, that really sucks, but I think they should try and kick up a bigger fuss. You should be able to retrieve that account somehow and I'm sure Valve would be able to help out somehow.

  34. Bro I’m holding because I believe in their future. My current investment is perfectly fine tucked away at ComputerShare and I’m 100% confident I’m at a discount

  35. DFV quadrupling was a very big big moment for apes. And having him in a hearing made it even more a moment - you should add this - I am not aware of a retail investor being in such hearing situation ever before - that is part of WS history already!

  36. I personally think that if we want real lasting change, we need more people on our side. And there is no better substitute to time.

  37. I’m picking up what you’re putting down. This is unique for many reasons. Social media has leveled the playing field. They can’t just make stuff up as before and manipulate the market. And if they do, millions are watching and calling them out. The tide is changing, and that’s something to be concerned about because they will not let go of power…

  38. So, I’m not rich. And, I know extremely little about investing or finance in general. But, I do alright, and I have a little extra money every month. When I first heard about all of this, I bought stock for the first time via the Robinhood and Fidelity apps - right at the beginning of it all. I have three shares. That’s it. But I’ve held them all this time. In my mind, I wasn’t buying to make a return, I was buying to make a statement and support a movement. So I let it sit and forgot about it.

  39. Now is the best time to accumulate some shares. If you use Fidelity DRSing is as easy as chatting online and it’s usually over in 5 min.

  40. I started the exact same way, I bought 5 shares on Fidelity. I called them and asked to DRS 4 of them.. Fidelity did all the work, created my DRS account with computershare and a week or two later the confirmation came in the mail it was super easy. Now I buy more stock through Computershare and let my 1 remaining GME stock sit in my Fidelity account just so I can be apart of the class action lawsuit if they try some shit when MOASS gowns down

  41. Let's do this for our kid's, the system is wrong and we have to heal it. Fuck the system really hard, I hodl and DRS till they fall and all there corrupt bullshit is open for everyone who want's to see.

  42. Actually, not all apes are thriving, some are barely holding on and need moass now. I am vehemently opposed to any new share offerings and I'm not going to go along with anyone's attempt at making that seem ok. Gamestop got its pre-moass share offering bag already when it was justifiable and they're done with their heavy foundational spending. There is no need for this.

  43. How can people still not be in with at least 1 share? Even if I didn’t believe any of this and thought it was all tjn foil conspiracy bullshit, I would still refuse to be the guy who “heard” about it once or twice and then see it going up 100%+ on a daily without a single share in my name

  44. That's my argument to my friends who don't get it. I'm like, it's 26(ish) dollars and a computershare account....

  45. I look forward to seeing future articles by MSM saying something like “if you thought GameStop was the mother of all short squeezes check out these 10 stocks!” They’re going to try so hard to get retail to hold there bags by attempting to get them to believe MOASS is repeating to another stock.

  46. All the above low probability events happened in perfect chronology and timing. If you know anything about probability the combined probability of all is much much lower as it gets multiplied.

  47. by this point, every one of my family and friends is either invested, ignorant or respectfully thinks i'm crazy. gotta be in it to win it baby, NISMO '22 STILL AIN'T NO PIPEDREAM (but will settle for NISMO '23 or even '24 - but that's it!)

  48. Naaa. Towel stock is probably shorted as much. With a much smaller market cap. If it was on Computershare it would probably be damn near locked up. I'm balls deep in GME but to say it couldn't be replicated is not being honest with yourself.

  49. This will happen again. The market is inherently a cliff and There are companies dying all the time. There will come a time when a hedgefund gets greedy and there will be over leveraged institutions are there to make me more tendies. It’s inevitable. If this won’t happen again then why in the hell is there a VW from years ago ? I’m sure there were tons of analysts that said ohhh this will never happen again and wow look at that

  50. Set a CS Direct buy monthly/weekly for whatever you can afford for the win! I am just sitting back and watching my DRS shares pile up, feelz good Apes!

  51. Just out of devil's advocate, wasn't the coca-cola situation kind of similar in terms of amount of "peasants" making it big off of the market in a rare event? Follow that up with Bitcoin. Not saying any one of those events will be as severe nor is identical, but a sliver of similarities.

  52. I agree with all this but one part. I actually think a majority have DRS'd. Retail continues to buy and DRS, but I don't think that theres a large number who hold them in brokers. Yes, there are some, and there are some who might not be able to to transfer for one reason or another. But I do think most people who are following this have DRS'd

  53. It can all be summed up in technological revolution. I really think the internet will ultimately be responsible for setting humanity free because of both the unlimited potential to share information as well as blockchain allowing us to transfer value freely and without friction.

  54. It’ll happen again. Not for anybody here’s lifetimes or their children’s lifetime, but it’ll happen again. Greed is too strong.

  55. We all know about that town that became millionaires because they invested in CocaCola during the Industrial Revolution.

  56. It’s important to differentiate between what HAS happened, what WILL happen, and what actually CAN happen.

  57. OP, I think you probably need to add to your list that the once in a century pandemic didn’t just give investors more time on their hands. The pandemic pulverized retail brick and mortar businesses right at the same time SHFs were trying to drive GME and other B&Ms into the cellar for delisting, along with a reasonable expectation that they could accomplish that goal given the decline in most B&Ms due to online shopping. Malls across America were already closing and failing before the pandemic hit, and that led to shorts potentially once in a generation volume gamble into shorting GME that backfired for the other reasons you stated. The pandemic also led to COVID relief checks being mailed out, free money which many retail investors used to buy GME leading to unusual buying at the same time from shorts who spoofed up fake shares to meet unprecedented COVID-relief-check-driven demand.

  58. It's so funny to me how the sub is having casual discussions about what they gonna do with their money later. The confidence is astronomical and it's backed by detailed research. Anyone looking in must think we're out of our damn minds!

  59. In my opinion, there is another shaping up to be GME 2.0 that has been shorted similarly and recently transformed their board with RCs hand picked personnel. I can’t wait to watch it play out.

  60. You guys missed your opportunity to press your advantage. You think the markets are rigged? They are. And the people who rig them have relationships. It's ongoing. No one is going to call in the shorts.

  61. I’m 1000% pro GME but there’s a legal MOASS happening right now and we should watch it to see how it plays out because management and SEC has NITE capital dead to rights and it’s still not covering. Can they just ignore laws and not close when mandated to do so? That’s the question I hope to see answered in this non-GME MOASS which by all accounts SHOULD occur.

  62. I honestly no longer think this is once in a lifetime event. Some of the details yes. The modus operandi has been to short and distort many stocks. Unless things change they will continue to do so. I will give an example that is ripe for gamma squeeze. The company turn around isnt the same and the company isnt thriving in the current market situation, but it has a decent business model and would have made bank in flourishing economy. UPST. Its heavily shorted. Spent the last 13days on regsho since yesterday. There is alot of difference but what I am pointing out is that this situation could continue with other companies cuz wallstreet has not... will not stop this strategy of theirs.

  63. It already happened folks. The day the buy button was removed was the day. I was watching, the stock price would have continued to go up exponentially. It’s a rigged match that you literally can’t, and won’t ever win. DTCC has all the power and are unregulated, do you honestly think that if this leads to another massive move, that they will play nice? lol.

  64. If MMTLP shorts get away with somehow not getting completely wiped out, Gamestop really will never repeat again. As in there will be no MOASS. Because if the shorts don't have to pay up when a company is being taken private, they will be able to get away with anything, forever.

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