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  1. Silly question but just got my first letter and registering online......what is the company we have shares in? In the drop down menu..... I thought it would be GameStop but only Game Digital PLC is Cong up...I thought that was the UK GME????

  2. I have a question about booking my shares since that's been coming back up. Let's say MOASS happens on the 3rd. Most of my shares are booked already, but, since I've been auto-buying monthly, my newest shares are not booked. Will I still be able to book my shares while MOASS is happening?

  3. Because i live im germany and i dont know how to sell via computershare.. im scared that it will be difficult to sell/get the money

  4. You can connect your bank account and the transfer from the sale will go straight into your account. The currency exchange won't be as favourable as Wise but the money goes straight to you.

  5. If you connect a Wise account to Computershare you should be able to buy/sell directly using that. Alternatively, you can always send a share back to a broker when you're ready to sell.

  6. Has anyone else ever not had the letter with your code delivered? I DRSd in July and never got my letter and can't check my account holdings. I assume they are safely in my name but it would be nice to look at them every now and then.

  7. Going to need more details because you certainly should get that letter. The name and address CS gets from a DRS transfer out of a broker are the ones the broker has

  8. Hello! Super super new here. Is there a such thing as an amount of shares that is too small to direct register? Started with ten, and didn't know if there was a downside/reason not to DR if it's that few. I feel like while reading the boards I noticed something about being a high value to cash out?

  9. Also new here. I called my broker to DRS my shares with Compushare and they told me I didn’t need to DRS because I bought my shares with my own money, and not via borrowed funds. So essentially the shares are mine regardless and some other stuff, I don’t remember. Do I still need to DRS if I bought my GME shares with my own money?

  10. Nope. However I think they do need to be whole numbers to be in “book form”, to which someone else will need to chime in because I haven’t been paying attention enough to tell what’s the real difference.

  11. On this last trading day of 2022 I’m thinkin back on all the wild memories I’ve had of this whole saga. Bought in late 2020 and that decision truly changed the direction of my entire life. Love all y’all and here’s to 2023

  12. T212 is an awkward case as they don't allow any transfers at all. You'll need to sell them and buy elsewhere. This can be achieved at low risk by transfering money into another broker (Interactive Brokers is good for DRS from UK) and then buying at the same time you sell in t212.

  13. First you need to check your shares successfully left IBKR: In IBKR click on “Transfer & Pay” from the top menu, and select “Transaction Status & History”.

  14. Simple way to move my roth IRA shares ? I already have other share DRS’d. Looks like the 401K shares are staying at fidelity.

  15. I have shares with fidelity that I need help drsing. I dont really know what to do. I already have a computer share account.

  16. Just call them and say you want to direct register your GameStop shares. That easy, they take care of everything

  17. [USA][Fidelity] - just initiated my first transfer from Fidelity. Once they are transferred out - I go to make my Computershare account. After that, what’s the process for ensuring the shares are listed as “Book.” ?

  18. Please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong location; my brain is smooth as glass. I just need some clarity - I just purchased some GME shares this morning through fidelity, and now im waiting for (2ish days) for the shares to settle before I DRS. My question is, can I still DRS my shares through Fidelity (because Im shitting my pants waiting X amounts of business days to book) or is Computershare still the preferred option for entering at this point in the game?

  19. It's a matter of taste, really. Some say ordering via CS is better, because it will not be routed through dark pools (I don't know where this information is coming from). Some say ordering via your broker and then DRS is better, because it forces them to locate shitty shares and then transforming them into real shares as soon as you DRS, showing them their swinging ape dong and raised middle finger. Also, it usually settles quickly and you may be used to the way orders can be setup, limit/no limit and whatnot.

  20. Please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong location; my brain is smooth as glass. I just need some clarity - I just purchased some GME shares this morning through fidelity, and now im waiting for (2ish days) for the shares to settle before I DRS. My question is, can I still DRS my shares through Fidelity (because Im shitting my pants waiting X amounts of business days to book) or is Computershare still the preferred option for entering at this point in the game?

  21. You can go through the selling menus yourself without accidentally selling your stock. You have to manually type an approval message before the order is confirmed so as long as you don't do that your order will be ignored.

  22. Booked shares can not be used as a locate when SHF are doing their crime thing. It takes a couple minutes. Just call and tell them that you want to Book all except 1.xx shares…if you have any fractional shares. You must keep at least one share in your plan account or your fractional will be sold.

  23. I just did this, you need to roll over your IRA and Roth to a company that meets certain requirements. I don't remember what they are, but [Main Star Trust] (

  24. That's a question only you can answer. Do you feel secure knowing your shares are beneficially owned (but truly owned by you). Maybe that doesn't bother you because it's but much money to you, that would be fine.

  25. Hi all. I have a bunch of shares in Vanguard. I want to DRS to Computershare. I read in the DRS guide that I don't have to already have a Computershare account to do so. Is this still accurate? Is the Vanguard (2.10) section of the guide still accurate? Thanks!

  26. Just tell vanguard to drs your shares and then try to set up your computershare account in a few days online. CS can help walk you through it. You don’t need to necessarily wait for the CS mail either.

  27. You don't need a CS account to transfer from any broker that does DRS. Your account will be created with your name and address. That's the name and address your broker has so make sure it's accurate! 💕

  28. So I was out of this community for like a year. Still own my initial shares on Trading212. Did the process to DRS from Germany become easier in that time? I remember it being nearly impossible with the constellation I'm having.

  29. [Germany][Commerzbank] Is there a way to get my G2SC transferred and booked quickly and easily as GME in Computershare?

  30. If transfers are not allowed, that tells me you don't actually own anything at all and are trading based on them saying "trust me bro"

  31. I haven't registered my shares yet because once the float is locked or close to it, RC will have to issue more shares for liquidity, delaying MOASS even further than DRSing already has

  32. Theoretically, Price would just go up and eventually someone would sell to the short sellers. What would force rc to dilute the company?

  33. Why would he do that? They don't have any kind of obligation to fuck over their shareholders to save a bunch of short selling bitches.

  34. In Canada, I have GME shares in my TFSA account. In order to DRS, I would first need to transfer the shares to my margin account; then put in a request to transfer from margin to Computershare.

  35. Due to CS buying delays (~5 days) you might want to go through a broker that can DRS. Unless you factor that in the selling your other shares. Price fluctuations could cause you issues otherwise.

  36. You could do both if you consider some of your shares a long term investment and you use short term money for options.. something to think about. Doesn't have to be one or the other.

  37. I have a stupid issue… I moved address when I decided to transfer some shares to computershare. My new address didn’t have my name on the mailbox, so I never recived the letter. This was mid august and I have no clue what to do now. Any ideas?

  38. I will do it too. I have fidelity so I will chat with them. My only questions is how do I sell my shares during the high point of the squeeze though? Do I have to call CS, can I do it online, what? Thank you so much for answering these questions, I will do it today (if possible, it’s Xmas eve in the US)

  39. Yes, you can absolutely sell via ComputerShare, and you can do it online. There are a few things of interest:

  40. What is your problem? What are you trying to do? Define your BankOfAmerica account in CS in order to Direct Purchase? Or define your BankOfAmerica account in order to sell?

  41. i started this ride Jan 2020 on TR212 at a cost basis of $320 and never got off! ...well i did get off Tr212 eventually obviously. yet in case you are stuck in there, feel free to hit me uo: i tried everything! (spoiler: there is no decent way out, you will have to sell!) if you are new to what is going on here and you happen to be stuck with Tr212 feel free to hit me up! i'm between slow and random in replying - so cut me some slack if you may!

  42. I just Drs-ed 14 more shares and broke into the xxx club. But I don't know how many I've already registered. How do I reset my count for the bot and post?

  43. Wait wait wait. I thought we went over this. Why is everyone telling me DRS book? Not long ago plan vs book in drs was negligible.

  44. I had all my shares transferred to Computershare but a small portion is listed as held at another institution. My ETrade account does not show the shares listed anymore. Thanks for the info. I’m going to call tmr.

  45. Hey guys, quick question: I have a fully set CS account and would like to start transferring from IBKR. However, upon initiating transfer, IBKR doesn't let me put in my CS number and is stuck on "Create new account on arrival" option. Will CS automatically merge the new incoming batch to the existing account or do I have to contact them somehow?

  46. When I started I only had four shares and I registered one. Then I got a better job and bought more. Unfortunately when I was riding my bicycle to work I got hit by a pickup truck and I’ve been on the mend for months now.

  47. I am holding shares through Hargreaves Landown from the uk but have recently moved to Australia what’s the easiest way to DRS

  48. [EU][Revolut] - i have sent 5 shares for starters via Drivewealth's help desk ticket, got an email from them, three days later the shares were deducted from the trading account, and it's been almost two weeks now but no letter from computershare. How long will it take?? I'm so anxious the whole time

  49. Is it just me or are the Fidelity chat reps getting snarky AF? Chatted in to DRS some shares I got this week and the first guy dropped the chat because I didn't confirm his canned BS in exactly the verbiage he wanted and the second one was slow and a bit of a dick as well. Took WAY longer than it has in past and I've never had TWO reps be assholes. Wonder if they're getting some heat over our DRS habit?

  50. Well, since you asked, I'm not DRSing because I sold my shares. There seemed to be a chance that something interesting was going to happen, but it's clear now that it's over. I would like to thank GME for teaching me how to put my money somewhere other than fancy clothes and video games the second I get paid. I'm now closing in on a down payment for a condo. Never thought I would ever have more than a thousand bucks at a time in my account, and now I have a whole lot more than that so that's great. Thanks! This was a lot of fun and an awesome learning experience, but it's time to pack it in guys. Don't be caught holding the bag!

  51. Because no one has answered my question on whether or not I will lose the tax advantage on shares held over a year. Guess it doesn't matter much but I want to know first.

  52. It could be a different answer depending on where you live, so your best bet would be to contact someone who specializes in taxes that's local to you.. and if you do that, I'd love if you could check back in with the results🙏

  53. Computershare doesn’t have limit BUY orders to my knowledge. They’re not really a broker. If you purchase through CS directly, they just execute a market order whenever they can.

  54. I’ve DRS’d a small chunk of shares but really hate the thought of selling my other shares at such a big loss (I know that this shouldn’t matter too much if I’m re-buying straight away) but between the time it takes to withdraw my shares then re-buy on CS I’m worried I’ll lose more money. Another thing about CS that I find annoying is each time I’ve bought shares I end up with a worse price than on the day I ordered them, again I know this is minuscule when thinking about MOASS terms but I stubbornly don’t want to keep being on the loss side of things. DRS is most likely the way but I imagine quite a few people will have similar mindsets.

  55. I haven’t registered mine yet. I am UK Revolut. I have 2800. Do I have to open a computer share account in America? Any step by step would be appreciated

  56. Not at all. There are plenty of apes who tried that and posted about it, if you look for "I sold on computershare" and variations you will find them. One of the mods also did this and added his thoughts to the preliminary post about DRS here

  57. Because you can't DRS from T212 I saved up a "float" and then used it to open IBKR and buy shares, DRS them, once in CS I sell the same amount from T212 so I always had the same number of shares. Rinse and repeat until all T212 shares are gone.

  58. Trading212? I think they're a CFD broker like Etoro- you're probably not even holding synthetic shares, just CFD's, so you'll have to sell and rebuy via IKBR and DRS from there to get out of T212.

  59. [MX][GBM] - I live in Mexico, i got some stocks of GME ,in the broker called GBM+ the problem i got im a deaf person using cochlear implant i barely understand the phone so no one can help me or i can trust with. Plus i dont know what to redacte them to move my stocks to make them DRS in the correct way. Since im in Mexico most people doesnt understand about stock market. I have thought doing it via email but im scared because i dont want to mess up something and lose my savings. Thanks in advance sorry if my english is not clear.

  60. I use Freetrade and can see no other way to register except selling my shares. Right not I’m at a loss and it hurts to think of selling them.

  61. Just some reassurance for you. I slowly escaped Freetrade by selling/repurchasing in batches. Well worth it in the end. So happy to see my Freetrade account empty after the fuckery they tried.

  62. Freetrade does not allow transfers of any kind. I know selling and rebuying isn't ideal, but you'll have close to the same number of shares after doing so regardless of the price measured in your local currency.

  63. [Germany][DAB BNP] - I feel like I am the only person alive with Stonks at this address. Havent seen any resources regarding them. Can anyone help?

  64. [USA][Schwab] - My issue with doing DRS is that Computershare does not have electronic feed to some of the trading pre-clearance systems for us apes in the financial industry. (currently company is using FIS PTA) We dont have a data aggregator either. (e.g. byallaccounts) Therefore no e-feed, not allowed.

  65. I'm half DRS with fidelity back in like March. I never received my mail from CS and lost my control number or whatever from Fidelity. Anyone know what I should do? Id like to get my CS stuff all good before DRSing the rest! Ive also moved and have a new address. Thanks!

  66. Your account already exists you don’t need the account number to get in you can open it up with your social security number. If you have trouble call the GameStop branch of computershare

  67. USA - anyone know if I can DRS from a Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA)? It’s funded by an active 401k and I have an account with TD for my trading.

  68. True story, this week is my anniversary for DRSing via IBKR. It took roughly 2 weeks for me to get my first letter then I paid the $30 for the fast track 2nd letter. It was less than 4 weeks in total but they were posting from the UK at the time, not sure if they still are.

  69. Mine are in a Charles Schwab retirement account and I'm just not sure how DRSing would work for that.

  70. Would it be easier to just transfer and have a computer share account created in the process or to create an account in computer share and buy some shares then have them transferred in to that account from my broker?

  71. Easier to just go to your broker, tell them you want to direct register your shares, and let Computershare set it up from there, but both ways are very easy.

  72. well, now im gonna panic DRS.. how do I DRS shares from fidelity? I see you can use the chat to ask for it.. but whats the process for making a DRS account or whatever. is there a link anywhere?

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