Biotech Company Says Citadel, Other Big Traders Manipulated Its Stock Price

  1. We need more companies to come forth with this. Citadel is a fucking menace and must be eradicated.

  2. All of big finance and this unregulated crap. The financial regulations put in place after the great depression were put there for reasons. Nobody should be able to rig the market in their own favor but here we are.

  3. Citadel, Virtu, Susquehanna, Point72, all the big banks that enable these parasite fucks, and many more slimey corrupt organizations. Oh and don’t forget mainstream media such as CNBC that run propaganda for them.

  4. In this case Citadel is driving down the price of the stock so Big Pharma can buy the company and vault the cure.

  5. A biotechnology company accused Citadel Securities LLC, Susquehanna International Group LLP and other Wall Street firms of driving down its stock price through a series of illicit trading tactics.

  6. This happens all the time. I know a guy who has worked in a few bio research facilities and each time he is excited about "stock options" and the company gets driven to 0 and bought out by a big pharma company. You do the research, you go out of business, big pharma buys you and profiits.

  7. Happened several times to companies I had invested in. Absolute bullshit. I lost money and we lost incredible research to curing diseases.

  8. What would happen if all Amercans DRS all shares of every company they own? Like a bank run, but on brokers? We don't know about all the other companies that are getting shorted into oblivion that don't deserve it. Distrust the system? Maybe it's time to get out while you still can.

  9. Trust me bro. But NWBO has a pipeline of things that are pretty fucking good. They have a decent investor following that have begged the company to finally do this.

  10. Theoretical question, what happens if, say, a large number of unassociated retail investors, were to grab up large amounts of said biotechs stock, then move it to the companies registered custodian? Would a corporate takeover still appear inevitable?

  11. Patents expire. If this was relatively true - you should be able to start up a new company and just search expired patents and then make it.

  12. Sooner or later enough people realize the game is rigged and nobody in government gives a fuck to correct it. Do you know what people do when they realize a game is rigged? They get pissed and flip the board. Ruining the game is preferable to playing it rigged.

  13. Only problem is that flipping this board isn't that easy. Also most people don't want to understand how bad things really are. I'm continually amazed at how many things only work because people believe they do.

  14. Next time he tries to lecture us about playing with teachers pensions can somebody punch him in the face with this article?

  15. Tens of dollars realistically. Sad part is, the fines are a product of doing business and whatever they pay will be a tax write off

  16. And maybe some intern that only served coffee at a meeting where the crime was being discussed will have to do a weekend in a super max luxury prison.

  17. Wait you missed the letter making no accusations or using any stern words letting them know they are investigating the “incident” and will follow up (never)

  18. Isn't it true that the criminal Kenneth C. Griffen of Citadel LLC lied under oath in a congressional hearing before the United States House of Representatives financial committee and has yet to be held accountable for the crime of perjury?

  19. This is a bullshit hit piece against MM, like Ken Griffin who lied under oath. Everyone knows MMs provide a SERVICE to the market by providing INFINITE LIQUIDITY. It truly is God's work, as He intended it.

  20. Spoofing trades to drive down price? That is just business as usual for these "market makers". After all, they are making the market prices, right?

  21. No way this honest soul of Kenneth Cordelle Griffin would fucking use every opportunity to manipulate and lie to everyone

  22. Trying to destroy a company actively working to treat brain cancer? Goddamn bastard just won a sham "humanitarian" award. Send this man to prison already and dismantle his evil empire.

  23. This is like medical research, the kind that saves lives. Citadel is actively manipulating the stock of a Biotech company that is developing a breakthrough treatment for Glioblastoma, a serious type of brain tumor that kills 99.99% 93.2% of patients within 3-5 years, even with surgery, chemo and radiation treatment.

  24. Citadel only have the cajones to do this because they've lined congress pockets and are exempt from so many rules and laws that their operations are all hidden from the public

  25. I actually don’t think many people understand the role Covid played in this series…. Biotech is the most heavily shorted because A they rely on stock offerings to live until they get a product to market and B have to get approval for their drugs to be used (oversight just as corrupt as the SEC) . Look what happened to companies who didn’t even have a sellable product when they announced developing a Covid treatment. Literal hedge fund nightmare

  26. I wish they'd spoof GME like this. Too bad they probably learned we have buy orders set up all the way down.

  27. i think they realized that a long time ago and set the 24-28 range as the optimal range for them, in terms of buying them time against the buy volume and DRS.

  28. I still remember a post from long ago where Jim Cramer declared some biotech stock a "battleground" stock. IIRC, it had been targeted by hedge funds as something they could short into bankruptcy, and was being slandered by the media despite having decent clinical trial results for its drug.

  29. Biotech/pharma are some of the most manipulated stocks there are. Almost daily occurrence you're seeing those companies up or down 50-90% on bullshit news or no news at all. Big pharma has a stranglehold on shitty treatment as a subscription and they'll be damned if someone wants to actually cure disease.

  30. Stock market participants should file the biggest class action ever, against Citadel...🤷 Just thinking out loud.....🙄

  31. Exactly. Now would be the time. So this one doesn't get swept under a rug. The more these companies come forward, the fucking better. Bout time a company is standing up and saying something.

  32. Why is this flaired Sh*tpost? It's Education. Seems like one of the few non-FUD articles on mainstream financial outlets I've seen relating to Citadel/Sus-quehanna.

  33. Plaintiff Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc. (“NWBO,” the “Company,” or “Plaintiff”), by and through its undersigned attorneys, Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC,

  34. This is happening right now to a biotech firm I've got shares in. They are generating ~$40M per Q in revs, treating 2 cancer indications, yet the price is $0.36! Add to this that the FDA keeps putting up obstacles to further approvals (such as making them wait 2 years to submit data whilst big pharma only having to supply 6 months data for a similar trial and product).

  35. The SEC, FBI and DOJ are powerless to stop them. They are ultra rich white men in suits. Maybe cross-post to PornHub for visibility?

  36. The law firm has lunch with all of them! DOJ, SEC, Fed, Citadel, Loop, Wolverine, all within 3 blocks in Chicago

  37. I did a search through my halts excel file and this company has never halted, so whatever is going on there , I don't think it is directly related to the swaps basket

  38. GG: Guys stop getting caught doing this! Vixen just dropped 10 new vids on PH. I don't have time to PR your bullshit every god damn day! Start criming better ffs!

  39. Not gonna lie. The fact MSM is starting to put out articles addressing the crime that is currently going on is kinda teet-jacking. Especially with the photo containing Shitadel. ( . )( . )

  40. yo the stock market is just a boomer game that used to have somewhat organized and privileged access, and now every assclown figured out it's easy to fuck with.

  41. Impossible, NO way. No such thing as market manipulation. SEC is on top of it. Synthetics just don't appear from thin air. Media lying again. 🤣🤣🤣

  42. Wow, they actually printed something against two big hedgies. Is this them setting up the hedgies demise? This isn't anything we haven't known for 2 yrs. Now if only RC & co. would say something on behalf of us shareholders.

  43. I hope they win and create a precedent. This isn't even capitalism anymore. It's purely manipulation of our businesses to further enrich the billionaire investor group.

  44. 12k upvotes and I don't see it on popular at all. We're essentially shadowbanned from reddit except for Cohen tweets and memes.

  45. I would just like to say that I am definitely not advocating for violence against people and companies that choose profits over human lives.

  46. Happens all they time. They make billions and if they get caught they pay a few million in fines. Pretty good gig if you can get it.

  47. Citadel?! Manipulating a stock price?! Unheard of. Shocking I tell you. What’s next Mr. Alarmist? You going try and tell us they haven’t closed their short positions.

  48. I might sounds like a conspiracy theorist here, but I’m pretty sure there have been cures discovered or on the cusp of being discovered for all major diseases and illnesses, but when they get close something like this happens. You make a lot more money from treatment than a cure. I can’t wait til we can break the cycle, once these greedy fucks are in jail or living out of a cardboard box, we will be living in the year 3000. Cures for all diseases, sustainable food and housing for all, advanced technology that has been kept from us because oil makes more profit, all of these things I feel and hope that we will be able to finally bring to the public. Anyways I went on a bit more of a rant than I meant to but the point is hedgies r fuk, drs and hodl and let’s change the world.

  49. I wish people would just take a note from our ancestors on what to do when a system fails to rid itself of corrupt entities, my god it would be glorious.

  50. After everything we've learned over the past two years, why would anyone ever willingly take their company public?

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