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  1. Trying to download the GameStop wallet on mobile, and Apple Store says the app isn’t available in my country - USA?? Help.

  2. I'm kind of worried about the low sample size of the drsbot. Is there a way we can fix this, so we don't get dissapointed by a lower drs count?

  3. Pulte gets retweeted by ye just before dude goes on infowars and says ‘I love Jews but I love nazis too’

  4. Nic Cage looks like Daniel Day-Lewis in half these B-movies he does. You think you know bad acting, but the rest of these jamokes are something else.

  5. Hey! Anyone else having trouble setting up 2fa in CS? I'm located in Poland, tried entering my country code/phone number but I get no message :(.

  6. a year ago there was a closed meeting between the sec, citadel, blackrock, goldman sachs, and evergrande in China

  7. Retail holds about $3bil in DRS’d GME. Today’s volume was around $200mil. GME’s market cap is about $8bil right now. Short volume any given day is 50-70%. Sure would be interesting to see a billion or two dollars in volume, huh?

  8. idk i feel like his fan base are crazy loyal - they’ll follow him to the streets hoping they get featured in his music

  9. This earnings will reveal the truth: more people are buying and holding GME than ever before. And nothing will change that.

  10. So, I have my GameStop wallet and I have an older Loopring wallet from last year. My Loopring wallet has LRC and IMX in it and I wanted to send them to my GS wallet. But when I open up my Loopring wallet, it is showing the correct quantities of each LRC and IMX, but the value on both is currently showing as $0.00 - is anyone else getting that?

  11. It happened with the loop app update, change the currency from USD and back and it’ll reset. There is an issue with the app where if you haven’t had any transactions recently on the ledger it doesn’t read the amounts.

  12. I just want you all to know that when I make my DRS buys through CS I listen to the guitar solo from free bird

  13. You keep asking WEN MOASS? You’ve been in it for two years. Things are breaking all around. It’s not going to be an immediate thing. Buckle up.

  14. Am I allowed to share outside links? I read this article that I thought was really worth sharing. Written by an undergrad student, but a very good explanation for how modern monetary theory favors the rich and fucks everyone else.

  15. Wonder how the market for the Yeezies shoe is doing now. I know sneaker heads are crazy and they stopped making the shoe. That Alex Jones rant was nuts.

  16. fucking wild how we've had DD warning of hyperinflation and stagflation for over a year... and now that's exactly what's staring us in the face

  17. Tonight we meet Treebeard and travel through Fangorn forest with Merry and Pippin. What's your favorite Treebeard quote?

  18. For once I’m glad I’m not asleep so I got to read this! Can you say what the chances are of them getting the cash and who they are asking? (I’m assuming DTCc) where will they go if they can’t get it?

  19. Layer wonder bread on a baking sheet. Open can of cream corn, and empty contents in to bread. Place in fridge for 25 minutes. Serve with garnish

  20. Add plain diced jalapenos, no seeds or white parts [those bits have the heat]. Don't forget to wash your hands after cooking!

  21. This coupled with being able to party up directly into games that are available on gamestopNFT would be a pretty cool dual-function

  22. Back from a 7 day suspension, by reddit's low life admins, because I reported shills for breaking this sub's rules about pushing FUD. Be careful reporting rule breaking shills, or the SHF loving admins will bring the hammer down on you too.

  23. So, it dawned on me about the Apple/Coinbase NFT thing... perhaps the single largest individual shareholder of Apple talked things over about another NFT marketplace, allowing for their green light & Coinbase red light

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