1. The thing is "prudent" academic data backed lending leads down the same path and is arguably what is happening here. Any time a currency expands it is subject to the cantillon effect. Because of this any centralized production of currency will end in problematic capital distribution, regardless of the best intentions of the distributors. No matter how intelligent they are not omniscient. The problem of combinatorial explosion in AI illustrates this nicely.

  2. Every president who spoke out against central banking and fractional reserve lending had an assassination attempt on dat ass. Some succeeded as we know

  3. rob ager argues in his youtube video about the gold room in the shining that the movie is in part about the establishment of the fed. tin foily but i think he might be onto something but only because it confirms my bias.

  4. They created the central bank to get more control over the system and prevent another crash from ever happening again.

  5. If someone wants to learn more about central banks, here's a long documentary I have been recommanded called Money Masters

  6. JulietGolf out records show a slightly subversive tone in your earlier Reddit posts. Be advised that for the next month your coon tokens will only allow you to purchase Soylent green and no other foodstuffs.

  7. Oh whats that? Youre only reserving a fraction of the money youre supposed to holding for people and loaning it out instead? Oh, and people are trying to withdraw their cash but youre out? Oh, we'll just print more sucking the value out of everyones money, and give it to you so you dont bankrupt our economy.

  8. Writing is on the wall. Market is fake. Inflation will ruin it all. Only a matter of time. Gas food heat credit debt homes rent to high. Fed just giving false hope. Tech stocks will come back down 2023. Pump n dump 101. Not financial advice 🦅

  9. Hes been calling this for over year, the market was down 30%, shouldn't he be in the green. It would be his fault for not selling.

  10. I wish I was smart enough to research and find out the exact cause of each currency collapse and the reason currencies failed in the past. What was the straw that broke the camel's back in the past and are we seeing anything similar today?

  11. It's funny that JPow hinting at raising rates still, but at a slower pace, is bullish. The rates are still going up. It's not bullish.

  12. Cant wait for the Volume being the same as usual while we locked the float. Quite excited to see what our wrinkles will bring up on what we can do.

  13. Hahah, all you guys that think "they" are going to let a value backed currency exist? Hahahahahahahahahaha, ask Saddam how his went, or Venezuela, or Brazil, or Russia for the matter.

  14. Actually the Roman’s invented the central bank to protect the Roman housing market and eventually minted too many coins to make up for its debt and the aristocracy bought up the land creating divisions of power between the bureaucracy who now owned less land, the aristocracy who owned more, and the commoners who owned none. Then the empire experienced a “sudden” and “unexpected” regime change lol.

  15. michael burry is the financial equivalent of the sonic kid yelling "WHEN WILL YOU LEARN....WHEN WILL YOU LEARN...THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!!!"

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