Ryan Cohen on Twitter: Finally

  1. My Favorite Murder podcast episode 268 covers this story. Its the second of the two stories, starting around 1:26:00 It’s very funny.

  2. Finally…an accurate movie about this event. Bear goes balls out on bad drugs and is fucked. Bear causes terror for a period hopped up on the product. Bear drops dead.

  3. Do you know the whole story behind cocaine bear?? It's fucking insane. The dude was ex military turnes cop turned lawyer turned drug smuggler. He jumped out of a plane to parachute down, I think letting the plane crash, his chute failed, and he went splat in some dudes driveway with like 4 handguns, night vision goggles, and a shitload of cocaine and money. I guess one kilo fell off and a bear got to it. It's wild.

  4. Seriously, this is the first RC tweet I didn't get any type of notification about and I open this thread and people are talking about fucked bears 🤔

  5. So apparently this was 1985, the bear did 15 million in Coke. Went on a wild rampage before dying. Coked out bears are fuk 🐻🏴‍☠️

  6. If I become a millionaire by investing in the company being run by this crazy mfer (which I 💯 believe I will), then we are living in a simulation for fr fr.

  7. I think it’s important to remember, for anyone that takes simulation theory seriously, that just because it could be a simulation, doesn’t make the experience any less real and it’s still important to be kind to one another and spread love and good fortune.

  8. .           ✦             ˚              *                        .              .            ✦              ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍                  ,      

  9. My buddy sent me this trailer earlier and I was laughing my ass off about it… then I was casually scrolling 🐦 and saw RC’s comment on the movie and had to do a double take to make sure it was real 😂

  10. Total coincidence, but it's pretty crazy that it's coming out on the 24th of February, the same date that gme doubled from 40 to 80+ after the January sneeze.

  11. Bro, stop set expectations too high. That makes you only dissapointed if it doesn't hit. If gme doesn't report profits I would also be happy since transformation needs time. Tesla didn't report profits for over 9 years I think. Always red and stock went up crazy

  12. So that’s really a thing…yeah this timeline is definitely getting weirder and weirder lol CERN back at again colliding atoms and merging the multiverse

  13. The longer I watched the more confused I was. Thought for sure that couldn’t be a real movie at first, now I just don’t know.

  14. Same. Thought it was a meme based off a horror movie, then it just kept going. Guess it's legit and I'm gonna have to go watch it.

  15. What in the fuckity fuck fuck is goin on with the bear shit I stepped out when I walked in this thread?

  16. Come to Lexington, KY and you can see him! Cocaine Bear was stuffed after they found him dead from... Cocaine

  17. He might have just been excited about this movie guys. I mean if I knew about this earlier and if that was like it’s first trailer I’d also be pretty hyped. Looks fun lol

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