SBF interview cut off when talking about corporate custodians because they're afraid of giving POWER to the PEOPLE! How often do technical errors like this happen???

  1. This is fucking disgusting. He literally stole customer money and took it to the casino and lost it. Arrest this morherfucker for fraud and theft! I don’t give a fuck who he paid off or what political party they belong to. This is fraud, and normalizing this shit is exactly why Wall Street gets away with the blatant manipulation and distortion they pull. Watching that lack of accountability and simping for crypto exchanges now makes me FUCKING SICK. Regular, working folks are being robbed in broad daylight. This is fucked up.

  2. And let's not forget who is conducting those interviews. Andrew "let's call retail investors suckers on live tv" Sorkin, Ken Griffin's cum socket himself.

  3. And how does he not look like a train wreck. Sure I would look a damm sight worse than that if I caused a global crypto/stock melt down and lost billions

  4. he is new in the list - so find the right max prison with a camera that will be off 43 days and 12 hours and 11 minutes from today and he will be in prison

  5. The simple fact that he is still a free man doin interviews a few short weeks after argaubly one of the largest financial frauds in entire market history…should be all you need. Completely fraudulent system

  6. They want to make him look like a moron so people don’t question all the folks running the different arms of Ftx. Didn’t an ex citadel worker create the security backed token scheme that literally had no securities backing them? Let’s interview that guy. The second he starts talking about upper management (this video) they lost connection…. Right….

  7. “We had too many boards” - censor involved in the decision making of the Ponzi scheme. So now if they charge him this goes into evidence and discovery opens up another can of worms. He should stop talking but he seems too arrogant and dumb to stop.

  8. I think they are intentionally trying to make him look dumb so people think this was all him and he is just careless. I want to know who ran the security backed tokens division and came up with it. Who saved hedge funds asses by creating that bullshit right before January sneeze. Second he starts talking about upper management at FTX they lose connection…. Convenient… SBF looks very calm for someone who is going to jail for fraud…unless he has dirt on some people that are gonna make sure he doesn’t do any time….

  9. Who uses Elgato Capture card to broadcast a duplex conversation in front of a large audience + national television simulcast? Fucking rookie bullshit...

  10. The disconnect happened on his end, meaning he likely shut down his stream deck/software as the Elgato logo pops up immediately. If you’ve ever been watching a twitch stream when the streamer DC’s, it’s the same Elgato splash screen.

  11. It was playing at the gym, I couldn't hear so I youtubed SBF with the Live filter. Did the world come crashing down?

  12. Tinfoil hat: him drinking or how he held the mug was some type of signal to whoever was in the room with him to cut the signal

  13. It was a really weird way of taking a drink, very fast movement and a complete tip. Almost like he knew there was no liquid in it.

  14. You can see his eyes dart from the camera to something just off center as if someone was signaling to him, and then quickly drinks. He could actually be high, or something/someone caught his attention.

  15. Lmaooo, you chose the clip with Matt Kohrs watching? Matt literally shilled the fuck out of FTX. He also heavily supported popcorn and their diluted little ape coin. Matt is a fucking grifter.

  16. THATS NOT FUCKING ODD TIMING AT ALL. “in some ways we had too many” SHUT HIM OFF NOW. wtf can these people just take their fucking L and give up one of the many yachts or jets while still hiding the rest in the caymans? Jeeeez I thought soccer and basketball players were a bunch a whiny crybaby bitches but here we are

  17. The fact that he’s free shows how corrupt this country really is. Every judge and politician in this country is responsible for this and deserve ZERO respect and obedience after this blatant manipulation of the US people. Rot in hell REPS DEMS AND SBF!

  18. Okay well first off you shouldn't believe a damn word that comes out of SBF's mouth. Dude is a fuckin scammer, a con artist, and a liar. He plays both sides of everything because he wants power and control over people. He's no better than the hedge funds, maybe even worse in the grand scheme.

  19. It isn't hard. Wrangle up all the top management and executives of FTX and throw them in jail pending an investigation. Then as the investigation finds out more about all this and who has been involved with whom to make it happen, throw them in as well. For life.

  20. Fraud is a crime the rich commit against the poor. Murder is what the poor do to the rich when they get frauded. This is why one is punished so much more than the other!

  21. I find it interesting that sorkin — the mouthpiece of Griffen — is the one scolding this pathetic child and is on his pedestal portraying himself as the “non corrupt” one.

  22. So as an ex streamer and an elgato user, I know that if they just cut his stream it would have just blacked out. So the error was all SBF side. Looks like they literally pulled the hdmi cable to remove the camera, which begs the question why did his mic also cut off at the same time as elgato usually only control the video (unless he is using elgatos webcam with built in mic)

  23. The fact that this piece of shit isn’t behind bars but instead is giving interviews like he’s some sort of corporate CEO instead of a fucking criminal is wild.

  24. Why do the interview at all? Why even pretend? Just talk about polar bears or something. You’d think they would have gotten smarter by now and just made the news all about fake good things happening around the world.

  25. And you think this doesn’t go deeper down the rabbit hole ?! he may hang himself like Epstein didn’t

  26. I’d be at the bare minimum walking around with ex special forces private security 24/7. People on the street be killing each other over a few stolen thousand dollars, and there’s people that lost hundreds of thousands and some lost millions, entire life savings in FTX. How he doesn’t have a price on his head blows my mind.

  27. His rhetoric is confusing. He’s bad mouthing his own company and saying he messed up as well as going against his lawyer’s recommendations. Maybe this is all part of the script from the ones running this fraudulent mess so he openly admits to things and takes the fall? Maybe behind the scenes he gets offered a deal to play along

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