Hyperinflation is Coming- The Dollar Endgame: PART 5.0- "Enter the Dragon" (FIRST HALF OF FINALE)

  1. I feel as though there is a concerted effort to keep this information under wraps. You won’t hear anything like this on mainstream media. We’ve gotten to the point where you will learn exponentially more about how the market works on friggin Reddit than by watching accredited mainstream “news”.

  2. Don’t worry, The US will still be the top dog even if money is screwed. Because it takes everyone down..

  3. I’m at a loss on where to go from here. On one end, I can’t afford to sink everything into gold, because I have to eat and pay bills. On the other, I feel like I’ll end up losing my house, because I’ll have lost my job. What did people do in Germany during their hyper inflation? If everything comes crashing down, are we going to be GME millionaires with monopoly money, or will the system stabilize the dollar again? I understand fiat currency is essentially the same as monopoly money, but we all believe in it, so it’s “real”. In some ways I feel like the World will have to ignore the elephant in the room long term due ti the size of our economy. Any tips or thoughts? I don’t intend for this to sound like FUD, more of a brain trust of apes on figuring out a path forward.

  4. This is what I want to know. Gold, sure, but - what are you supposed to DO with it then?? Take a bar down to the grocery store? Start doing dark alleyway deals with underground gold markets? THAT sounds like a good way for everyone to know you've got a bunch of gold lol -

  5. In the dollar endgame series, the part when he talks about the Weimar republic, the rich survived by moving their money to tangible asserts, land, gold, housing and the farmers survived cause they had land and food. If I wasn't poor I'd be buying gold, housing, and land.

  6. I have less wrinkles than a full on erection but my plan is to buy up as many valuable assets that I can as fast as I can if there's a chance the dollar will lose its value...lambos and homes will always have value

  7. If only there was a global, decentralized currency that was immune to manipulation by centralized authorities, cannot be confiscated, transmissible across borders without requiring permission, and is the first true bearer asset in human history... Well defined rules without rulers

  8. Outright owning your residence is the only bulletproof solution. If you are debt free, your exposure to economic risk is significantly lower aside. At that point, your only exposure to hyperinflation is every day expenses and net worth fluctuations. For every day expenses, your best options are to have off-grid style utilities such as solar power and a well. Net worth fluctuations are unrealized as you just ride it out.

  9. So, after scraping the bottom of the barrel all my life, I'm finally about to get rich then the dolller goes poof. God is quite the comedian

  10. What they don’t teach in the history books is that the taxation occurring after the Great Depression wasn’t because the rich were cool with it. It was because the tribe was breaking apart and the powers that were had to do something to hold the United States together. So the rich had a quiet civil war and FDR won and got taxes where they needed to be to glue the tribe back together.

  11. Thanks for this! Can you speak to how many they nations are doing with this escalating debt and hyperinflation? Who is doing the best?

  12. Make no mistake, if MOASS triggers phone number prices for GME then you're going to see hyperinflation as they're going to print money to get out of paying with their own funds and then blame the apes for the resulting hyperinflation.

  13. If you held onto a chocolate bar that cost $1.00 last year and it's now $2.00 this year (due to inflation) would you say the candy's value is less?

  14. This morning, I got up early and fucked my wife, very very well. She said “wow, that was like the old days, so passionate and virile. What happened?” I said, “Peruvian bull promised new dd today and I’m feeling frisky.”

  15. So, what happens if the US, trying to avoid this debt supercycle, just says "hey, yeah all that sovereign debt we've accumulated.. annnndddd it's gone." And literally wipe it off the books? I'll admit, this macro economic 15000 foot view is quite a bit too much for my smooth brain, but if the USD is going to lose confidence anyway and its spot as the world reserve currency, couldn't the US just tell those debt holders to pound sand? "You got a problem with it, we've got 11 carrier battlegroups you can speak to." kinda thing?

  16. If the US tells people they owe money to pound sand (default on their debt), then interest rates for the US to borrow will skyrocket, if they can borrow at all. Considering this country runs on borrowing, it would be awful.

  17. Well what are your alternatives? You can only buy assets (precious metals, real estate, non-perishables like dry goods and diapers).

  18. Even hyper inflation takes time. Unless you're living under a rock when shit's exploding you'll have time to swap to gold / b tc.

  19. I don’t think anyone really knows. An event of this proportion would require a complete systemic overhaul. Society as we know it would either have to evolve or perish; and even within the “evolution” there are branches of possible outcomes that look dire. I choose to be optimistic, but I think you can find a balance between realism and optimism. Whatever happens, Imma diamond hand the fuck outta those shares. Maybe with the new system that is built, positions held will have some unforeseeable value. I can only hope… and buy, hold, drs.

  20. Because we’re will be able to convert our money into ETH/crypto. The coming mass adoption of cryptocurrency and being your own back is about to be real. The value of crypto is going to take the fucking off when mass adoption starts

  21. The scary part for me is that I’ve learned enough in 2 years of the GME saga to understand the gravity of this. I just become frozen, petrified at the thought of how vulnerable my family and I are. How can we stand in the face of this dragon? I’m XXX but unemployed, poor, and a renter. It’s tough to contemplate the magnitude of systemic risk and my own fragility.

  22. My thoughts are they would rather put us on the fed crypto asap because they would not want to wright off trillions of dollars of debt.. the banks.. fed.. and the world run off of interest rates of debt.. If we hyper inflate to a degree the worlds currency becomes worthless and people are paid 100's or 1000's of dollars an hr people would pay off there house and cars in weeks if not days.. they would lose generations of free money from debt.. imagine millions of people with the money to pay off there car and mortgage loan like it was nothing.. they would just get us onto the fed crypto and fast imo and not let us hyper inflate.

  23. This is exactly what will happen. They will create a new world wide crypto that the US and allies control. It will buy time for a while. One of the things that will put a wrinkle in this is what is happening with FTX and Tether. Idk how they will be able to explain it away.

  24. It's been like the day before Christmas waiting for this. Thanks for all the effort you've put in. I hope you (or someone else) tells us when the paperback is available.

  25. In. Want to be early to what will become history. Reading now. Thank you so much for your time and effort. Thank you for sharing with the community.

  26. Since the FED will not stop and continue to protect the brokers, mm etc doesn’t that mean that whether or not GME moons we won’t get anything out of it if our tendies are worthless?

  27. Retail has always been the dragon. Jan 21 it was born, like in the season 1 finale of GOT. That dragon is now nearly full grown, and soon about to vaporize the systemically fraudulent system just like Dickon got vaporized by the dragon toward the end of the series. Like Dickon, centralized finance is willingly deciding to be annihilated instead of bending the knee to the dragon. 🩳r Fukd. God Bless GMErica 🏴‍☠️

  28. So, with hyperinflation - the $200,000,000 I'm gonna make from my $GME during MOASS is gonna be worthless and I'm still gonna have to put out behind the Wendy's dumpster?

  29. With hyperinflation coming, the everything bubble and global economic dependencies... it feels like the entire world is going to get set back for a decade or more while "better" systems get implemented everywhere.

  30. I really don't understand how people put all this effort into these things, and just neglect to mention the other side of this debt. The debt is someone else's savings, whose savings do we think that is? It's the rich, the way our government funds itself is a policy choice. It functions almost like a UBI for the rich.

  31. FFS. While I don't doubt any of this... what it DOES do is make me wonder... as all this is going on, and if the biggest powers start to fail, crumble... how does anyone think there is going to be money to close out short positions for an epically over-leveraged stock?

  32. Dude, that’s a ton of work. So…. All this just to tell you are shorting the SPY without actually telling us you are shorting the SPY. Got it

  33. The scary thing for me is most of these I take with a pinch of salt, but when the post is auto held at zero karma despite huge engagement it usually means someone with a lot of money and resources doesn't want you to see the post (at least on superstonk)

  34. I usually come to Superstonk to feel some sense of hope that the squeeze will come and all my financial woes will finally be over, but whenever I read a Peruvian Bill DD I leave feeling more hopeless than before :')

  35. I take issue with your interpretation of "mandatory spending" and I urge you to reword.

  36. I love the smell of hyperinflation in the morning. It smells like the burning of Wallstreet followed by an orange glow in the night sky as the APE rocket ignites. As Rome burns, I will see all of you on the other side.

  37. I understand that rhymes and all, but Myth Busters proved that bulls are actually really careful about hitting stuff with their horns, and can walk though tight spaces without knocking anything over. The whole bull in a China shop anecdote is not actually true! 😎

  38. Servicing US debt is a single digit percentage of the annual budget and most (~70%) of the debt is held domestically.

  39. There will be a massive collapse and there gonna restructure, wipe the slate. Then work on cbdcs and a digital coin(they already are) and start the fraud cycle all over again. We might get paid, we might not, thats the bottom line.

  40. I swear I’ve learned more in the past 2 years on economics and the markets than I ever did in all of my years in school and general life and studies.

  41. Anyone ever see that NBC show "Revolution" back in like 2012? Where there was a worldwide blackout and all electronics just stopped working? I remember one of the characters on there was a former Google exec or whatever and was apparently a billionaire before the blackout....but all his money vanished because it was all "electronic" only. I hope that's not us Apes in the near future.

  42. The jump between 16-18k on the graph was when they passed the law to also account for savings accounts in the M2 supply as well if memory serves me correctly. I know I know it's a minor thing but it should be noted is all I'm saying. There wasn't any mass print fuckery, just some books being switched in 2020 for some odd reason 🤔 lol.

  43. Thanks for sharing this, PB. The hours upon hours you put into this just to educate a bunch of random apes is glowingly appreciated.

  44. As someone who relies on those “non discretionary payments,” and who receives them in exchange for having sold my future to the military for the hope of a better life, I am really tired of irresponsible spending. Jfc.

  45. Financial engineering is part of what got us into the '08 GFC mess. So what did they do to fix it? More financial engineering, derivatives of derivatives to "spread the risk". Central banks around the world threw tons of cash at institutions and bottomed out rates as an emergency measure. That emergency has been ongoing for the past 14 years. The can kick to rule all can kicks. Any regulations put in place were sidestepped by moving to the unregulated wild west of private capital.

  46. cause when the fiat system collapses or something society will crumble and only our precious gme shares will be worth anything and we'll be the new 1%...or something. idk dont think too hard about it

  47. Is this worth reading? Is there anything concrete in there or is it all just a bunch of speculative doomsaying without sources? I'm suspicious of anyone hawking something.

  48. I might get downvoted to oblivion but this just seems like the sensationalist “JESUS has risen AGAIN already and here’s WHY” bullshit you find in the depths of YouTube with crude thumbnails tacked on.

  49. This is just a very basic description of the financial situation of the United States with lots of scary sounding warnings added. We've known since the 50s that the Boomers are going to strain the entitlements budgets when they retire. Al Gore ran his 2000 presidential campaign on this topic.

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