Today I learned [DRS & LFG]

  1. WEALTH TRANSFER! The universe is on our side, we will prevail and they will succumb. Apes will change the world to the better. Apes will lobby for positive purposes. Apes will unite!

  2. Lol how the fuck are we just figuring this out? There's about a thousand people tinfoiling everything from belts to shoelaces on RC's book but haven't figured that one out yet 🤣🤣

  3. DRS is the coin payment needed for stonks to cross the river of Styx and emerge out from the underworld of Hades and back into the light of Zeus.

  4. Its weird little things like this that make it feel that we're suppose to be here right now in this moment and in the moments to come

  5. In ancient Greece the upper class also had competitions on who could make the biggest/most expensive philanthropic acts to society

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