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  1. Yo, cocaine bear is a great episode on the podcast “The Dollop” it’s fucking hilarious. Pretty sure cocaine bear get taxidermafied after his OD

  2. Legit not looking into cocaine bear at all, I think we all have the same reaction to that absolute load of dross of a movie having a release date..

  3. Could anyone tell me what day the Q3 ended for gamestop? Making bets with friends for over/under (obv over) on the bot.

  4. I wouldn’t worry too much about the hyperinflation panic stuff. I honestly kind of think that whole series is to make people panic and give up and/or start buying gold/silver/guns and shit instead of drs the stonk. It was over 5k likes within minutes. Even if the op doesn’t mean it that way I think it serves a very fud purpose. Stay frosty

  5. ehhhh... if you read it thoroughly, it addresses the failure of gold bugs against modern monetary policy. don't think it's meant as FUD at all tbh. very much pro crypto/web3 aka GME. I think bull produced a masterpiece

  6. High thought that I will post in here again for more people: If the financial institutions/fed is so exposed by the corruption hedgefunds caused, wouldn't the fact that they don't offer to buy gamestop outright meam that there exposure, risk of loss, etc, is bigger than the market cap??

  7. Goalposts are cool. But I think they're setting less 'long term' folks up for disappointment, and I think that's disingenuous. Removing every share from DTC is all but imperative.

  8. Or maybe just take it at face value and hee is either unironically or ironically excited for a movie called Cocaine Bear


  10. I can tell my mental is backsliding because I'm listening to ASMR again. Once my shares settle on Friday, let's go ahead and moass, k babes?

  11. That last DD by peruvianbull is such a bombshell masterpiece I don't even know who to send it out to. Very few, anyway. "Hey, how ya doing. Read about the collapse coming. Have a nice night. Mwaaahahaha! 🤣"

  12. So I think I finally decided on my sell price per share. Originally I was going for Rayo's number, but I decided I would settle for Tree(3) or maybe even grahms number if they buy all at once.

  13. Are various news agencies really trying to convince people that SBF acted alone? Lmao who seriously believes that

  14. 1 to 3 days for the money transfer to ComputerShare. 3 to 5 days for them to buy in the next batch and for settlement. Plus or minus weekends. I find it increases Zen

  15. I miss the sub where none could post or comment unless it was a bot and we all just enjoyed the nonsense that ensued

  16. it's been a pleasure being broke af and shitposting about wall st gaffoons with you guys the last 2 years. just wanted to say that since moass tomorrow

  17. How can I buy whole shares as a monthly reoccurring order on Computershare instead of partial shares? Can you set it so Computershare purchases the nearest whole share?

  18. I did a poop. So, like any normal person, I stuffed it under my pillow so the poop fairy will come to collect it tonight and reward me with a toy the next morning.

  19. Robinhood Is Now Offering Options Contracts That Expire Every Day Of The Week... 🤣 criminal fundraising bonanza

  20. Bets was extremely excited. Idk how Superstonk can be considered regarded when those guys can't wait to give their money to hedge fund managers

  21. Let's say that, hypothetically, I was a hedge fund manager who compromised the global economy due to a group of retail investors recognizing my abuse of market mechanics... how could I sneak my way out of such a nightmare?

  22. Any news on the GS wallet being able to connect to the NFT marketplace? Feels like this is the biggest bug with the app and no one’s talking about it

  23. Just had a long-ass day sitting at the desk for work trying to figure out some data shizz. Comfortable setup vs. factory/warehouse/shipping jobs, I know - don't mean to sound ungrateful. I love my job, especially when it makes me think long and hard to solve problems but like most jobs, it's subject to the overall economical climate and that's been shaky lately. Would be great if we all didn't have to worry about having a stable job, health insurance tied to a job, etc. LFG, y'all! 🚀

  24. hey y’all, i’ve been out of the loop for the last month. besides FTX meltdown and RC interview, is there any tit jacking news i missed?

  25. Anybody else feel like crypto is pumping just to provide rugpull money for short ammo to smash GME down when it approaches $28 again?

  26. The shf dragged us into the Upside Down… gme is the demigordon… no, hang on.. RC is the… nope that doesn’t work either… gme is the portal to the real world… ok I’m messing this up.

  27. I told my friends a couple years ago that ether and beetcoin would swap price values due to beetcoin being overvalued and Ether having more utility for real world applications. If I’m proven right, they might stop fucking my wife.

  28. MOASS so I can make my parents comfy, send my nephew to college, travel, and focus on people without homes

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