I CAN'T HEAR YOU: Closed with 1.98 Mil Volume!!! Full day AND under 2 Mil!! 🟣🟣🟣🟣***DRS***🟣🟣🟣🟣

  1. Wow it feels like yesterday that hitting below 3 mil shares traded in a day made everyone go nuts. Now 2.9 mil shares traded in a day doesn't even make the top fucking 10 anymore.

  2. I’m just happy we haven’t seen one of those weird ass mangled fucked up ears in a while but I know he’s gonna drop one on us someday soon

  3. Keep the pressure on these criminals. Take the physical fraud off the table. Strip them of their rehypothication power.

  4. My mom is looking at me very strangely when i laugh at loud and want to see the joke. Then I show her why i laugh and she show some dissapointment in me but I keep on laughing. I love you APEs. ❤️

  5. That’s a LOT lower than other record low days. Almost 20% less volume than the next lowest day? Earnings next week with new DRS numbers (and I’m still hopeful for a reported profit)

  6. 11/25 really shouldn't be included on this list. Its not a full trading day and its misleading. It should be a foot note or honorable mention after #10, but definitely not number 1. Especially considering TODAY is the lowest volume on record.

  7. First comment in almost 2 years of this saga to say this. It should be removed or maybe put at the bottom of your infograph as a special entry.

  8. I just piled on by DRSing 76 away from Schwab. After lots of hemming and hawing from them and an hour of trying and failing to get it down over the phone and chat, finally, they gave in and gave me tracking numbers.

  9. So let's say this guy has an extra $200 layin around... and really likes the stock... is it still reasonable to throw in and be able to DRS?

  10. It's these posts that make me confident that people who claim "OnCe EvErY ShArE iS DrS GmE WiLl StilL TrAdE LiKe NoThInG HaPPeNeD" are simply incorrect. Owning the float of an entire company beneficially is NOT the same as DRSing the float

  11. I think you should take the half day off. Yeah it was cool to include it when it happened, but it's not equivalent to the rest of the dates on the chart.

  12. We have until Christmas to light up the leaderboard again! Just need 8 more days with < 2.4M. LFG!!!

  13. Well let me tell you something Edgar brother- you do a mighty fine job of keeping all the Superstonkers up to speed with the volume brotherrrr💪🙌

  14. I love how it’s full of current dates, always besting itself. Tune in next week for another edition of “Whose share is it anyway?”

  15. So few who are DRSing were selling before, so the “true supply” shouldn’t be changing. The fact we have to DRS in order to see a reduction in volume feels super bullish to me.

  16. The "I am a real American" Hulkster theme song kicked in immediately, I bet you were saving that pic for the true sub 2 mil!

  17. Yeah lowest full day. The number one spot is a half day, and I don't really think it should count.

  18. If the trend is 140,000 shares DRS’d per day, that’s still an extra 1,800,000+ shares that are out there trading per day. Where are those shares going?!

  19. Requested to either remove the half day or double it so it is more representative. This was our driest day yet!

  20. Something to think about: Short fucks like to use ultra low liquidity shitstocks (like HKD) as collateral pumps by trading a few shares back and forth at increasing prices. What happens when GME's volume dwindles down to low 6 digits and a long plays that game?

  21. To all my little GMEniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong. I fear no man, no beast or evil, brother. I woke up and realized life is great and people are awesome and life is worth living. ~ Hulk Hogan, probably actually

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