THIS is the most bullish thing that has ever happened in this saga.

  1. GME is definitely not the first company to release DRS figures in reports. But it sure is bullish that they started to do it after we started DRSing! 💕

  2. One of the few metrics that we can trust. With all the opaque “reporting” that exists in finance, these DRS numbers clearly show where retail is putting and keeping their money (for GME, anyway).

  3. And, in a secondary role, it can be viewed as a countdown, or countup if there is such a thing, for all the pricksters who are naked, synthetic, and fake; so they're able to grasp just how Fuckity, FUKT, FUKT,FUKT, they are!

  4. If this has taught me anything it is if am truly long any stock I should DRS my shares. GME or not. A broker offers no value to a long holder.

  5. I still think there’s next to no point of even having all the purple circles posts since they report DRS every quarter… the unofficial DRS counter is redundant given that GME elected to report DRS numbers themselves.

  6. It's true, all GameStop retailers have given up and forgotten about the stock. Have you heard about silver? /s

  7. This thing has, really against all odds, gathered enough momentum to already stand as a historically relevant marker that will one day help explain the great migration to web3. And while most of us can’t help but to be periodically desensitized to just how precious and rare an event like this is, I think we can also sometimes take for granted how incredibly unique and extraordinary almost each and every component of this is, not least of all the sum of its parts that add up to a once in a hundred year type event.

  8. I'm not saying the data isn't extremely bullish for me. I love the way we have a community sourced calculation that consistently predicts the actual number.

  9. Did other companies also specifially mention their DRS numbers in their earnings calls? I am not 100% sure if i just have the "As of..." sentence with Furlongs voice in my head but i could swear he always said the numbers out loud in the calls.

  10. Ok wasn’t gonna say anything but I used to be a gamer and my best buddy is one! Him and his whole family are gamers and I was with them this past weekend and I heard a discussion about some video game accessory or games so on and so forth and my buddy goes “GameStop” out of nowhere and I start paying attention naturally! He goes man GameStop has it all and is cheaper then competitor mentioned! This was after Black Friday deals I am sure! This my friends is when I knew we all won and will continue to win everyday! Full throttle baby DRs is the way!!!!!!!!

  11. I'm still on the fence about this one. Not trying to say it's one thing or another, but there's a theory that they are communicating with us and saying DRS by releasing the numbers in their filings, but there's also a theory going around saying that it's their fiduciary responsibility to release those numbers when it's a significant amount of shares available to trade.

  12. As an accountant, the DRS numbers represent material information requiring disclosure. Thats why they include that information.

  13. Yeah +1 for this. They are required by law to disclose materially relevant information to their investors. Now on the other hand I personally think the DRS sentiment among retail is an extremely bullish sign

  14. I mean....DRS ensures long holding. If I had a company that was backed by DRS Apes I'd include the number to inspire more longs to hold. It's to GME's benefit to DRS.

  15. When I made my first CS purchased and then DRS'd some stonks to that account in august '21, I seriously couldn't have imagined the sustained pressure apes would have DRS'ing

  16. No, the most bullish thing is that there are enough bullish things to make a thread out of all of them and still miss stuff.

  17. I felt like the reason they put DRS in the report the first time was because of the lawsuit/demand or whatever of the guy that went to GS HQ with brand new USB drives asking for a list of all investors or whatever that was last summer. (I forget every detail but you guys remember it).

  18. There is still a very concentrated effort to bury positive DRS sentiment and raise controversial takes, takes from apes who seem particularly smooth, and takes that have hidden negative sentiment or confusion through upvote/downvote brigading so that doesn't surprise me.

  19. Aren’t they legally required to add the DRS information to their 10Q’s because it’s material information? Ownership on a verifiable platform being over 10%?

  20. They are legally obligated to do so. It became a material matter requiring disclosure when it hit 5 or 10% I haven’t read their stock agreement…but I know a thing or two about this.

  21. For me DRS numbers give me a since of community commitment to HOLDING to astronomically high value. The value I believe is worth my money.

  22. They know that we know that they know that we know how bad hedgies r fuk, HODL, MOON THOON, and that we can stay regarded all the fucking way to Andromeda with enough bananas and purple circles for all apekind

  23. It's a good point, can you imagine how much more difficult this effort would be if we didn't get a hi-score board every 3 months? I remember before GameStop started adding the DRS number, there was constant FUD that the people reporting DRS circles were fake and it was only a few fools.

  24. It’s absolutely concrete evidence! And the popcorn CEO recently started adding DRS numbers to their 10Q.

  25. How about the DRS amount with its percentage of the float, that’s the moass final countdown ticker for all the hedge hogs to know the ETA of their fucking tsunami

  26. Not yet. I am very curious and might make another post requesting some evidence on why they did it.

  27. An ape was suing them to get the info. I think they released it to fend off the lawsuit. Still bullish, though.

  28. You guys are like robots stuck in a loop with this DRS fantasy. Guess I shouldn't care as long as you keep buying GME

  29. Yeah because it’s been explained ad nauseam in great detail and there’s still dingus dummy nutsacks who call it a fantasy. Guess I shouldn’t care as long as you keep buying GME

  30. I wouldn't call that evidence... GS started to report those numbers because tons of apes DRSed. If apes hadn't started to do that on their own, GS probably still wouldnt be reporting it.

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