I have super bad anxiety, which is why I haven't DRS yet.

  1. the only way is through! You got this my friend. If it helps, maybe have a friend or close family member by your side to cheer you on. The feeling after will be priceless. scratch that… infinite.

  2. For me I get more anxiety seeing all these bankruptcies (FTX, Blockfi, Archegos) and their poor investors’ assets are now in limbo and knowing that the brokers with SIPC insurance only cover 500k per account

  3. If your anxiety is about dropped shares, just remember that they exist in binary states. They’re either on the books of your brokerage firm or they’re in ComputerShare. The backend process only takes a few days maybe a week at most once the broker starts the paperwork, but there is no point at which they are in limbo.

  4. You would have been completed DRSing via chat in the same amount of time it took to make this post. Probably with less word count, as well. :D

  5. Hi OP. I too have anxiety and Fidelity lol Hit me up if you have any questions, but as others have said, through the chat is the best way to DRS.

  6. I was kind of in the same boat. Hate cold calls on something I’m not used to doing…. When I did it, I said ‘I’d like to direct register my shares’, TDA rep said ok, verified some info, it’s in progress, thanks.

  7. This post seems backwards. My anxiety would be through the roof if my shares were still held by a broker. Stay zen apes!

  8. If you are with TDA, you don’t have to say anything. I literally just submitted, via email, a form that I filled out. Didn’t even title the email or leave any text in the body. Just emailed a pdf.

  9. Anxiety about one thing is only bad until something worse gets you worried. Being worried about jumping out of a second story window is bad until you realize the house is on fire and the window is the only way out.

  10. Without details on which broker and/or where you are located, this is just FUD. Do you want direct ownership of your shares or not? Do you want to take shares away from the SHF or not?

  11. I'll tell you what ... having your shares safely tucked away in Computershare is a HUGE antianxiety pill. Try it!

  12. I wish Merrill Edge wasn’t so confusing to DRS. I still haven’t yet and I need to. Having crazy anxiety from it.

  13. yes it is that simple. as long as they know who you are and that you want to DRS your GME, it is that simple. that is all they need. you have nothing to worry about.

  14. I developed super bad anxiety about having shares in my brokerage. I DRS’d more and more, with more and more urgency, until anxiety go away.

  15. I was in the same boat, managed to get it done from New Zealand. Have faith and back yourself, you've got this! You are stronger than you realise!

  16. It's OK brother Ape, You have fidelity so you can do it online via the live chat nice and easy, after MOASS your anxiety will be gone and assholes like the story in your childhood will think twice before doing anything to you. ▸ BUY ● DRS ● HODL 🟣🦍🚀

  17. Use the guide that provides every single step. Super easy. Took me less than 5 mins via the chat feature on my brokerage app. The guide can be found here, just select your broker from the drop down menu and away you go.

  18. Pretty much any of those things should be fine. Literally be like, I wanna direct register X shares (or however many) of my GME. They should do the rest for you. TDA was requiring a phonecall to tell them verbally for a while, idk if they still are.

  19. I think it intimidated me for a while because I thought it would take forever and then my shares would vanish and I wouldn't be able to access them from computershare until I got my purple ring in the mail. It's super fast from fidelity. It took me 2 days, and then I created my cs account and accessed them right away. Try it with a few shares, then when you feel more comfortable, do the rest

  20. I get really bad social anxiety and trust me the DRS chat process through fudelity is extremely easy and quick to do. I've done it 3 times now and it get easier every time. You got this!!

  21. This is one of those things that's even easier than it sounds. Others have written out all the steps once you have DRSed its such a relief. You got this!

  22. I feel ya dawg! It’s called phone apprehension and loads of salesman and business owners deal with it. Very real. Here’s the deal though. They’re YOUR stocks and you have the right to register them in YOUR NAME.

  23. I had DRS anxiety when it first became a hot topic. “I’ll miss MOASS if it gets screwed up!” I put it off for 3 months because “I’ll miss MOASS if my shares are in limbo.” I DRSd. That was 82 years ago and I sleep like a little chimp.

  24. Euro ape here with anxiety too. I procrastinated the process for so long. Time after time I thought it's too late or that if I start the process I miss the squeeze. Or that I had to talk to people in English (even though I have c1 so it's not bad). Then I finally started the process a year ago or so from Trade republic to IBKR and then from IBKR to CS. The snail mails took some weeks bc I didn't call for express mail and in-between the mails I again waited for some weeks before doing something.

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