Here we go. 😏

  1. Either I'm super intelligent 🧠 avoiding every penny in any crypto OR those people and institutions are truly dumb keeping even a penny in any crypto.

  2. Are they forced to sell on market? Since they had their own internal constructions that kept the price unaffected im curious if someone else is going to take the hit, over becoming a full on market dump.

  3. I have heard this story before. Not trusting anything until I can see it myself having any impact (i.e. Ftx, UK pensions, China...)

  4. I think the attempt right now is to make crypto the sacrificial lamb for the stock market collapse, and the reason why they’re gonna say they need to bail out the banks.

  5. It’s the same dominoes. This one was going to happen already but basically got delayed by FTX pretending to buy it out. Most of, if not all of, these companies that have been going down are loosely related and used each other for loans and collateral, with a lot of the $$ value being plugged by self-created shitcoins or pump and dump coins. It’s one big yield-farming circle that’s collapsing.

  6. yeaaaah. but. is this legitimate domino falling and good for us, is this a narrated fall to create an image allowing someone to swoop in, or can both scenarios be somewhat true.

  7. Seems like there's a very concerted effort to keep BTC above $16k and/or ETH above $1100. The dip this announcement caused was almost immediately countered.

  8. These are probably just strong support levels, same for 30k, 20k and 18k. It just took a while to break through the support

  9. I'm still amazed at how a year ago cascading bankruptcy/ failures of banks actually would be seen thru c r y p t o. It's almost as if the banks were using crypto as a front for their money the whole time!🤷

  10. Here we go what? Still waiting on the Evergrande fall out to make an impact. Realistically its all so rigged none of this matters.

  11. I’m hoping these crypto bankruptcies are at least faster than Evergrande bankruptcy. They won’t be done til late next year at their pace.

  12. Chapter 11 is only a restructuring bankruptcy form; chapter 7 demands immediate liquidation. However, it's a start. 😉

  13. Don’t dance. If you have a look at the BlockFi subreddit you’ll see people have lost everything. It’s sad, it was fraud. Now we know that CEX is shit, I’m sure some of them do now.

  14. So another crypto goes bankrupt but Bitcoin price hardly moves. I think they are grasping at straws trying to keep the price pumped high enough so they have collateral on the books. It keeps dropping them pumping then dropping, rinse repeat

  15. Bitcoin is high because it has nothing to do with any of that shit. It is the reason any crypto has value. Every shit coin, shit coin exchange, or bankruptcy has nothing to do with bitcoin. This is like a pop up jewelry store that sells fake diamonds and gold going bankrupt and being robbed, and saying, "Gold and diamond value doesn't seem to be effected by this.... " Of course not.

  16. SilverGate Capital is the one to look out for, this company was some shit tier bank that got turned into a crypto powerhouse overnight.

  17. Don't dance you guys... We know the "not your keys, not your cryptos", but man those companies could make crypto more accessible and offer other services like lending using your coins as collateral. It sucks they can't even do their own job... Let's do our best to help people move to cold wallets and educate them, this is what a true ape should do! >.<

  18. Part of me agrees with you, but the bigger part of me remembers that these chucklefucks have been exploiting fellow humans for decades, following the same shitty heels from Wall street, with full knowledge of how they've broken down society and societal values with their robbing blind of the lowest classes in order to enrich the billionaires further...

  19. Saw a post few weeks ago about how you guys were meat riding FTX. Now that it has gone under you turn the tables and say how this is all going to fall and GME is going to moon.

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