The Real (Legal) Count of Available Shares Left To DRS Until "Reported Shorts" Can't Cover

  1. True ! There are people who haven't made their DRS public via DRS BOT. I personally know a couple people with a few hundred shares DRS'd that haven't and don't want to disclose that info on Reddit due to privacy and such. For all we know we have already hit that mark 🌝 🎯

  2. OP this would be awesome to follow up on after the quarterly earnings with the official DRS count. Thanks for your write up. If j wasn't already all in, I'd DRS a few more

  3. My thought exactly. If every of the 200,000 DRS accounts bought 40 shares we’d lock that shit up overnight. I know what I’m doing tomorrow

  4. Iv been saving lots of $$ to wait for final dip before the rip but this post just tipped me over the edge and I'm gonna just buy moar tomorrow. Even if we did get a dip before take off, it might only dip for very short period of time- like minutes but I rather not take the risk of missing out buying one more load of shares and DRSing em

  5. Can someone cover my 40 shares and get 80 shares for themselves. Im too broke to buy anymore shares atm. Ill get you a beer after MOASS.

  6. I finally DRS'd another 20. I think I'm about to close my fidelity account and go 100%. I used fidelity to buy/drs for convenience since the move from robhd, now it is time to level up before the boss fight.

  7. I agree, this metric proves everything that has been speculated on for the last 2 years. At the point where reported shorts can’t cover, Armageddon begins.

  8. I’m curious of the DRS numbers on the next earnings announcement. At the beginning of the year it was about 5 million shares registered per month. In the middle of the year it was about 6 million per month. It’d be a lot cooler if that monthly rate kept going up.

  9. I do nothing but buy about 2-10 shares per month (what I can afford) until that 7.92M shares are gone. I DRS once every few months, current high score sitting at 1,010 shares DRSd + 14 Shares in Vanguard. Wifey is planning on putting a few thousand more toward the cause <3 Can't wait to see what happens when we finally see true price reflection of supply & demand

  10. Agree! I’d also like to point out that ~60M shares have been tied up in ETFs and funds since at least October 2021 (when I started reporting). Many of these are weighted ETFs/funds that mimic portions of the market, so they will need to maintain a corresponding amount of GME.

  11. Wait ... when the price starts going up, can they keep the GME and sell the rest of the basket or are they forced to be diverse and will need to sell some GME as it begins to dominate the allocation in $ value?

  12. Great post, nice hard facts. On the balance of probability, theres more than 7 million shares in brokers so we've already won IMO. However lets lock the last bit up whilst we are at a low price

  13. How many are locked up in retail Roth's? I know I have 44 out of my 126 total. If price is < 26 tomorrow I I'll have 5 more through CS.

  14. Dollar milkshake. Line up the massive printing to come and hide it with inflation and MOASS, devaluing the fuck out of the dollar.?

  15. Agreed, a share that's been lent out and sold short can be lent out and sold short again and again. That's totally legal (I'd argue it shouldn't be, but it is)

  16. right! but back then, there was no DRS. there was a lot more room for fuckery (swaps) that allowed them to hide these shorts. DRS has effectively pulled the plug on infinite liquidity. It doesn't matter what they do to survive another day. All that matters is that we can prove it. And when there are fewer shares available than the reported SI, we can finally throw out this conspiracy nonsense and the pressure will be on shorts to actually close (the first one out loses the least). not to mention to fomo crowd will return once again when we actually can prove it.

  17. Bush league. I personally saw Ortex snapshots that clocked over 330% short interest, and there was that Fidelity one right after the sneeze reporting 226%. They have been fucked this entire time, and all we needed was direct registration to initiate the endgame.

  18. That was also a different calculation to achieve that. They decided to change how SI was reported after the Sneeze and we have a different SI now.

  19. I get Your point, but the Main point of DRSing the entire float is to let folks know we can't take the foot put of the gas pedal, some folks take things For granted and only might promote laziness

  20. If anything, this post should make you want to DRS before the rest of us lock up that 7.92 million. It’s anyones guess what happens after.

  21. There are people who haven't made their DRS public via DRS BOT. I personally know a couple people with a few hundred shares DRS'd that haven't and don't want to disclose that info on Reddit due to privacy and such. For all we know we have already hit that mark 🌝 🎯

  22. The 1st is coming up quickly. The first jab of the month for direct buys via CS will hit and be settled before earnings cut off. Hopefully that pushes the number up considerably.

  23. What's even better if this is true is that, at current price levels and with the current projected path of rate of DRS, retail is putting ~20 millions shares per quarter away.

  24. So what exactly happens when reported shorts can no longer cover their positions in full? Would Queen Kong know? And considering our current pace, how long will it take us to DRS these 7.92 million ?

  25. mid January by current estimates. And that’s the latest. I’m not going to speculate on what’s going to happen. But if the reported data is about to show that GameStop is still be naked short and that the float is still oversold…

  26. this is the count of how many shares should be legally available to DRS before reported shorts cant cover.. at which point the naked short-selling thesis is proven.

  27. Yes and no. The concept of “infinite liquidity” used to be the standard. That was this endless cycle of lending. DRS effectively put an end to that. “It no what you know. It’s what you can prove” and it 7.92 million shares, we can prove it.

  28. Maybe I missed it, but can’t the short sellers borrow from some of the institutions that you list or do they have to borrow from retail? If they can borrow from the ETF and Mutual fund ownership then we should assume they are and not double count those shares right?

  29. This is a major issue in accounting for shares. The 13F reports filed by institutions include shares that they have lent out, but those shares have probably been sold by the borrower and therefore are owned by someone else.

  30. Hi sorry was sleeping. I think everyone on this chain missed the point/plot. It doesn’t matter if shorting/overselling increases the float. You can’t prove that until the hard data (reported data) shows that. those points are just opinion until proven otherwise. that “otherwise” being when less reported shares actually exist that there is “reported SI”. 2. I did cite my source. Computershared pulls from legitimate sites that update daily based on reported data acting as a funnel.

  31. MOASS happens in March. Q4 earnings will post a positive EPS, DRS numbers will expose the fact of naked shorts, and GameStop will provide an NFT divvy.

  32. No regulatory entity cares if they can't cover? Who's gonna make em? Who's gonna enforce em? We'll drs until we get all the shares. Apes and insiders only. Then they'll be truly fucked.

  33. They are dumb, they aren’t stupid. These clowns will throw everyone else under the bus to be the first one out alive when they realise their precious infinite liquidity runs out.

  34. I agree with this. After the numbers from this coming earnings report, we'll be real close. At that point we need to start making noise to scare the shit out of Wallstreet.

  35. Reading through this post and there are so many issues and inconsistencies. I agree with your overall point and would like to direct you

  36. Wasnt there that dude this weekend who just exercised $3 million in calls? From what I gather they have fed the bot $500,000 before

  37. OK, I also want to settle this and show why this is tricky. this will not be popular but I hope I can make it logical.

  38. No. You missed the point. Naked short selling does not exist to the rest of the world, the msm says it’s not possible. we can’t prove it… until we can show that there are more shares in existence… In 7.92 million shares. That is the only point in time where we can finally show, with evidence that the float is still oversold. I don’t care if you think short selling adds to the float, I care about what we can prove and what the truth is to the rest of the world based on hard data.

  39. I agree with the general sentiment, but it seems to kind of hinge on the assumption that hard facts matter to the corporate media and that once we register another ~8 million shares there will be some sort of ‘ah-ha!’ grand revelation. I think there will be silence, and more of the same.

  40. Yep, no chance something like this gets reported outside of the subs interested in GME. They've been trying to make people forget about Gamestop for almost two years, they will never stop doing what they are explicitly paid to do.

  41. I think this is what MSM was trying to get at when they said it's only 3 million shares to short available. Your numbers makes sense. I'm not sure where they are getting the number 3 million from. Probably trying to fake us out when nothing happens after the 3 million. Fudelity even sent me an informational email showing how to short shares.

  42. I don’t think Computershare cares about any of these numbers. They will (probably) allow shares to be DRSd until 100% are owned by individual investors who’ve DRSd theyr shares and insider shares. I don’t know anything, but maybe this is right.

  43. Computershare pays no attention to these numbers. As long as there are share in the Cede account that can be transferred by the FAST system from Cede account to the DRS'ing individuals account they will do so. On,y if the Cede account goes to zero will there be a problem.

  44. Sure that is the goal. This is merely a point along the way when everyone else can’t ignore what’s happening here

  45. This ties into why the VW squeeze even happened. There was 12% of the SI reported but only 6% left on the market to close with. That meant for every share left on the market, there was 2 short sellers that could possibly need it. With the GFC of 2008 as the backdrop, the short sellers then were feeling pretty nervous and they needed to close and thus bought at any price to be out first.

  46. Hi OP, thank you for taking your time to review all of this data, there are some points I'd like to make. Naked shorting, under certain forms, is perfectly legal and happens all of the time across the markets. They are called "synthetic" positions, and for example they are part of MMs tool box, who wouldn't be able to function properly without. As per the SI, this sub is stuck on the ideea that there is only one kind of shorting possible, which is to sell short a share (naked or not). This is false, there's also volatility shorting, and it happens a lot on our stock (less so since the split, but still) and many other illiquid ones, which leads to our OPEX runs, events which are only covering of short volatility positions. This happens through options, not shares, and is visible across the options chains, however since this topic became tabu on SS there's nobody left here to inform and educate us on the topic. The volatility shorting creates many synthetic positions, leading to shares that must be located to hedge and/or satisfy the locating regulations of those positions, hence the abuse of ETFs and in the money calls that we see bought and instantly exercised, this process transfers the responsability of locating from short vol players to MMs. This is a circle that keeps repeating, each party transfering responsability to the next, and can happen ad infinituum, as long as there's even 1 (one) share left to borrow from anyone, retail or institution. It's also a process that can be stopped, short vol players can just walk away. They stopped before the share split not willing to take the risk, and afterwards only small positions came back, explaining our lack of OPEX runs. This is because our liquidity is kind of high compared to pre-split, which means lower volatility (not so much worth shorting it). But this is very good for the company, increasing chances to attract new institutional investors (who usually stay away from volatile stocks). If you put all of this together you can see that counting shares is more of an exercise in maths aimed at apeasing curiosity and keeping the DRS momentum, and less for any practicality. This absolutely isn't a critique, I just feel SS is missing out on a lot of knowledge and somehow your post pushed me to vent here. Cheers, and again, thank you for your work!

  47. IT‘S ZYZZ BRAH (21) :D I was surprised when I saw your name fellow sickcunt! Great DD my friend!! We‘re all gonna make it ❤️❤️

  48. You see, it was never about 100% DRS, that’s why I’ve said time, and time again we don’t need 100% locked. We just need enough to be able to kill off the ability of the SHFs to locate shares to borrow, which is the point you’ve illustrated here.

  49. There is a rumoron Twatter, that if we DRS more than 80% of GME, the stock will be removed from NYSE due to liquidity, and the short positions will be somehow nullified... Can someone confirm this?

  50. Going to post this here and in a few other places so hopefully the mod sees this and anyone else that might be confused.

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