spugnacious Ape knows how to beautifully illustrate a point.

  1. Never before in history have individual investors DRS'd even a significant percentage of a publicly owned company. When we DRS every piece of GME that is publicly tradable, we WILL have our once-in-history achievement.

  2. Rather then exploit the game like SHF. In this game enough individual investor can beat them simply by button smashing and tenacity and it helps when other investors have created the strategy guide too. The individual investors are not breaking the game. The SHF are with the exploits because the game wardens and mods are sleeping and put away the ban hammer.

  3. I played once for 48 hours straight at a Halloween event to get a pair of JBoots ( the ones that let you cast spirit of the wolf) starting Friday night and ended at Sunday 4:00am. It was a school night then.

  4. Haha yeah talk about grinding, killing Delzna in Najena in hopes of Jboots drop, or Evil Eye in Lower Guk for a Manastone, so grinding for MOASS is nothing. We got this...

  5. Using levitate in eq I died to raptors in great divide. So pissed I went back to get my corpse and died on the corpse run. So then I just kept doing it. For a week. I grinded to lose exp in eq. But by the end, I had looted all my corpses and lost a few levels. Wall Street doesn't know what they're up against.

  6. Also. Gamers usually don't need as much money to live. We can eat ramen and play Xbox with no money while waiting for eternity. It's all same to me.

  7. They don’t have the guy that trained woodcutting in RuneScape for hundreds of hours and that only being 1 skill out of 20+ they have no idea what they are up against! 😎

  8. I played f2p for 6 years before I saw a membership. Multiple accounts. Yeah.. they have not even seen half of my patience yet. DRSing the free float at this speed?? Feels like I'm training range with an exp boost using red chinchompas at the monkey madness cave..

  9. Dude they’re IT employees working for a very successful hedge fund or other financial institution. Their salary is fucking high and they play video games? I know I’d be building the best setup and gaming on that 24/7. My point is, they’re too content with money they’re not particularly looking in our direction

  10. They don't have the guy that remembered all the spawn points in Goldeneye and always chose proximity mines when he played his friends on multiplayer.

  11. The achievement will be to hopefully retire in my early 40s and enjoy fishing during the day, reading at night, and waking up whenever the fuck I want.

  12. They don’t have the guy who played DBZ Legend of Goku 2, and grinded Vegeta up from level 16 to 50 in only two days because he didn’t know the level 50 door was for an endgame treasure room.

  13. Hahahah, well dunno about you, but it’ll be win this game, but also make money same time! Seems like win/win here

  14. I enjoyed getting 87 agility on my main in osrs just so I can use 1 shortcut in the revenant caves which would help me pk and escape pkers. I spent weeks clicking on rooftops, zip lines, and buildings just to use 1 shortcut. They don't stand a chance.

  15. Let me tell you something about pre-mass internet and not being able to find a fucking door that was in front of you the entire time for 20 hours.

  16. They don’t have gamers that farm 1000s of runs in D2 looking for a stupid rune to make a rune word so they can keep farming 1000s more different runs looking for a rare drop.

  17. I played A LOT OF EVERQUEST. I do not remember any doors you had to be level 1000 to walk through. Nor do I remember the level cap being that large, but i did have that many AA

  18. They don't have the guy that left his NES on pause for a week while camping with his family so that he could come back and not lose all the progress on Final Fantasy 1. That guy would sacrifice the machine the game is played on before sacrificing the game progress itself....truly regarded.

  19. I played RuneScape for 15-years clicking on a screen just to see numbers go up or to see unusual pixels. If I can imagine a reward it will keep me motivated for ages! All I need to know it is possible, and the DD has showed me that.

  20. Since no one will read this I once played wizard101 for 20 hours straight everyday for a week trying to get first place in some tournament… I got second place, gamers be wild

  21. The fucking gamers circle jerk needs to die. Stop stroking yourselves off bc you probably play an unhealthy amount of games and feel the need to make this flaw of yours no longer feel like one.

  22. Assuming you're talking about the 1000 part....Crafting/lockpicking skills? I left eq when skill caps were 300 but i wouldnt be surprised with new EQ their numbers are different

  23. 2 years ago the aim was to make money off of gme by taking advantage of short sellers who had over leveraged themselves. Now it's just a straight up cult spamming nonsense like this. Funny how times change.

  24. Once stayed up til 5 am building a door/staircase that opened and closed and retracted behind the user in Minecraft simply because my buddy asked me to and mama ain’t raise no bitch. They can pry my DRS’d shares from my cold dead hands.

  25. I liken the DRS movement and "no cell/no sell" to gamers enacting the concept of "Nintendo hard." No finish line, just increasing difficulty. There is no strategy to beat that.

  26. Thats why i always like the analogy of wikipedia vs Ms Britannica. You can never win against an enthusiastic group of people willing to do something for “free” because they love doing it.

  27. Yeah but they have people willing to put in 80 hours of work per week…per person. Trust me, as a person in the finance industry, these people have crazy work ethic. It’s almost as if they’re on crack…oh wait

  28. Pleeease let there be an achievement NFT like a cross between "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been" and "Insane in the Membrane" from WoW.

  29. I know that it's GameStop and the default thought process goes towards video games, but I'm genuinely curious how the game theory in the psychological/math side of things are thinking about this. I know a little about the field but I'm certainly not an expert and even at this point I find the entire situation fascinating outside my own personal interest. It's been a game for them for centuries, the concept of a new batch of players entering and disrupting the existing meta to the extent that apes have, the idea that an exploit has been found and it's being grinded the way it has. I'm not in contact with a former friend who has his PhD in game theory any more and I really wish I was because I'd be picking his brain about every aspect of the situation.

  30. https://www.washington.edu/news/2011/09/19/gamers-succeed-where-scientists-fail/#:~:text=After%20scientists%20repeatedly%20failed%20to,it%20in%20only%20three%20weeks

  31. Destiny 2 recently had a community event last week where we had to donate 500,000,000 "Captains Coins" to help repair an alien refugee quarter in The Last City.

  32. Little friendly Gatekeeping here and I mean this in the most ball busting your friends kind of way.

  33. Man EQ was the best. Just last year I was on project 1999 and grinder to level 60. Today I grind the biggest loot yet, GME 💜

  34. The achievement unlocked is being among the first in retail history to fully register a company. That is a gold star spinning on a mountain top.

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