To those of you who aren't DRS'd 100%,what would it take to get you to do so?

  1. All shares that are available to DRS are DRS. The only ones that not are DRS are stuck in my Roth IRA accounts. There’s a way to DRS your shares in your IRA accounts, but I’m a simple ape. Good luck to others!

  2. You can create an LLC, or use a service that allows you to create one. It’s a bit of a process, but works.

  3. In Canada from an RRSP, it would be a double tax hit. Once on withdrawal, second on any realized profit.

  4. As some one with 50k in there and can’t afford the tax hit that’s the main reason. That’s what I have saved up over 11 years…..

  5. Ahh gotcha. Yeah taking that tax hit up front is understandable, and obviously not something everyone can afford to do- if you could afford to do it though, would you?

  6. I'm about 99% DRS'd. I'm never gonna sell those, so I keep a small handful of shares at some brokers, partly to get my goddamn money and partly just to see what happens when the rocket takes off and they have to locate shares they don't actually have.

  7. Im confused about how we make money during MOASS if we are 100% DRS. I am also 99% DRS, but I have a few to sell in my broker when the time comes. If we are 100% DRS, which are shares that will never be sold in the infinity pool, how would we make money if there's nothing to sell?

  8. What it would take is complete financial stability. It’s not a meme that GME is my savings account and while about 90% of my worth is in DRS’d GME I do need some that’s liquid or relatively liquid amount in case something pops up and to save for my quarterly expenses. Cause the price is very stable right now so it’s not the worst option plus I know I’ll gain more then a money market account in the long run.

  9. You can do in kind transfer if current price is below your cost basis. Just transfer like normal if this is the case. You will have to pay taxes on the gains but you will have plenty of money so it will not matter

  10. Yup - if I had the money I’d consider it… I’d also consider just buying more shares if I had the extra money 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. I have .35 shares on RH that I can’t really DRS. Anytime I’ve mentioned this it gets downvoted to hell, or people are like “you can DRS a fraction of a share bro”. But no, you can’t. So it will just sit in RH I suppose.

  12. Waiting until Tuesday to get in touch with IRA financial, I know a couple people here that they registered their IRA shares with them. Mainstar to me seems sketchy but it does cost some money to get it moved. After watching IRA financials YouTube video of registering Roth and Non Roth IRAs I believe that’s the route I’ll take.

  13. Good move bro I agree about Mainstar and if I was in your boat would also go with IRA financial trust or whatever.They were running a sick deal for GME customers like 40 or 60% off recently I’m not sure if it’s still going on. Edit spelling

  14. The few shares (when compared to what I have DRS'd) are in case there is an emergency and I need to withdraw them quickly. The money used for them are my savings, and the alternative is to keep the money in my savings account as I don't want to be too vulnerable for sudden changes. Not to mention the DRS'ing has already cost me around 300EUR.

  15. I have not found a viable plan to move my GME shares in 401k and Roth IRAs. I did look into the 'custodial account' but just didn't feel like I could make that move right now, and at this point in my life, not ready to take the tax hit.

  16. Majority of shares are in a "locked-in" retirement account bought with cash from an old pension plan. Can't remove shares or funds from that account until 55. If I could find a way to DRS them I definitely would.

  17. I don't know why, but I feel like these posts are crawling for info. I'm prob ly just being stupid, but these posts just seem totally sus.

  18. I'm genuinely worried that folks are going to sell their authentic shares first, thereby hurting the price spikes. I plan on selling my IOUs, which will increase the price, yet the demand will still be held solid because my authentics will still be in my name. Hedgies don't get those.

  19. Yeah, I’m South Africa. Have a few in DRS. Would prefer if CS here could assist. The time zones are a killer, international call fees, people not understanding my accent and out mailing system doesn’t work. What scares me is the few I want to sell I will really struggle to over the phone with a CS advisor.

  20. Would it be possible for Computershare to give you your money digitally via a Wise account? Not too sure how all this works for shareholders outside the US is why I'm asking

  21. I keep in mind that CS also works with a broker and a (questionable) bank that they have no control over.

  22. I would say that proof of ownership isnt something their 3st party broker/bank can remove, imagine with halts and stuff how long moass is going to take 🚀🚀 xxxx drsd and 1 in my shithole broker

  23. I have anxiety and ADHD whenever I try and hit hurdles I get frustrated then distracted by other day to day responsibilities. I’m all for it just need a little help and structure

  24. I'm a little autistic myself, so similar issues, just not quite the same. In truth I've had the money to DRS from Webull for like a month and a half now, just kept getting distracted.

  25. I have 1 share left in eToro for shits and giggles. I hope they own the underlying share, as they will have to pay me out of pocket when I sell.

  26. I have 1400 at CS and 60 at my broker. im planning on not selling either but eventually getting my broker position liquidated in the thousands or buy trying 🤷‍♂️

  27. No money left atm, barely scraping by for food and such atm so unless I sell I cannot pay the fee for transfers. And selling is not an option… so I hope to do so next month when hopefully money comes rolling in

  28. You can transfer to BMO first. They can DRS for free. and I've seen that it might only be $25 to transfer to BMO from Wealthsimple (or Qtrade, or Questrade)

  29. Mostly procrastination, i did start the process (living in The Netherlands and broker is Degiro) but stopped after waiting for IBKR. I will follow up tho.

  30. About 75 bucks, but I'm being petty because Fidelity didn't tell me there was going to be a transfer fee from Public, and now I refuse to pay the balance. Rest of my shares are in ComputerShare.

  31. I have 501 DRSed shares currently. I have another 33 in my broker and I’m managing an IRA that currently holds 100 shares.

  32. Nothing. I'm pretty financially fucked and may need access to liquidity quick, without getting hit for $60 in fees selling from CS.

  33. UK ape here, to be honest, I have 172 shares on Free trade app that I bought after the first sneeze crash at around $30/40 a share. I'm sure I'll get lombasted for having shit excuses but I have a very busy job and having looked into transferring them (which doesn't seem possible on freetrade) I quite frankly don't have the time nor clear guide on how to do it. Everywhere seems to say just sell them and then rebuy on another platform then transfer to computershare but I just don't have the brain power to bother figuring out where I've gotta get it from.

  34. A time machine Going back in time to now, back when I had a chance to prevent me losing everything when my broker fucked me during moass because I trusted my assets in street name.

  35. this I’m over 50% DRSed with the remaining split between fidelity and TD. I believe the DD but risk management + not putting eggs in one basket. Downvote away but it’s the reality of a lot of us and there’s nothing wrong with it.

  36. what risk are you managing with almost half outside of computershare? Like the theory is computershare will go down or what?

  37. But isn't leaving your shares in a broker basically giving your basket to someone you don't know and who definitely will not put your interests first?

  38. This! I expect fuckery at every turn. I have a small % in CS and plan to keep it that way. They are my last resort shares and if I am able to sell from the numerous other brokers and I’ve given myself a comfortable life with the returns then my CS shares will be my forever shares.

  39. Honestly, the price to start going parabolic. I have about a 50/50 split. If we see the price hit like 50$ I’ll start to fomo DRS. I hope there are others like me too.

  40. vastly underrated way to think of DRS in that last sentence: the implications of what price you buy them at vs the price you DRS them. Idk if we're allowed to say this but I'd think it's ideal to use LIFO (last in, first out) and then DRS when price is over your initial buy to maximize pain. I'm pretty smooth, just thinking out loud

  41. Got some on e toro and it's a pain. Also I don't want to give them the satisfaction of making money of me rn since I'm like 65%down

  42. Back when I was transferring shares from my broker to Computershare I made a mistake on the form and it caused one share to be left behind. It costs $25 to transfer out from my broker to Computershare and I'd rather just spend that money buying direct through Computershare (which is what I have been doing ever since)

  43. I’ve been unemployed for almost 2 years now, trying to qualify for disability (process takes forever). I just don’t have the extra $100 at this point to transfer them. But I hope to someday soon.

  44. I have a 401k I would love to get shares with and drs. Currently sitting in Fidelity. I feel like j don't know what to say or how to say it even if I understood. I'm also scared for tax time and owning a shit ton of 💰

  45. This is why I kept few in broker: up to now was easy to hold. I’m in finance since jan2021 and never had the experience of really making some money. I bought all over the place. So I thought: if I keep few dozens post spit shares on the broker account and I feel the urge to sell once I see big profits I will be aloud by myself to sell just those ( that in my understanding are all IOU. This just because I’m broke so I don’t know myself in that situation and I’m taking precautions to don’t find my self missing real moass. For the same reason I didn’t look into how to sell on computershare :) Anyway my proportion is 95% drsd…. More time passes more I feel strong and aware … will get to 100% when my training is finished :)

  46. Time. I can only do one indirect every twelve months. Or money, I don’t have enough unallocated money to pay for tax were I to take a distribution on 3000 shares at current price 🤷🏻‍♂️

  47. I have a negative $136 debit in my Fidelity account and Fidelity won't let me DRS my last share in there until that is paid off. I also have some shares left in my SoFi account, it's going to cost $75 to DRS those. Normally it wouldn't be an issue for me to set cash aside to pay these fees, but inflation is a motherfucker. My lifestyle isn't extravagant but I just pulled myself out of credit card debt for the 2nd or 3rd time this year. With work slowing down it makes it all the more difficult to set money aside when gas and food for myself and my fur babies is so much more but has to take priority.

  48. I feel that man. Hey, here's an idea to get the cash for that though- cashapp has a thing where if people refer other people to sign up for it, they get rewarded with like $5-$10. Could get an ape train doing that maybe

  49. 2 factor authentication for better security. 24/7 customer service like Fidelity. Updated system which can handle transactions quickly (yes I know it’s fast even now but it’s very slow compared to big brokers).

  50. Every time I try to login to computershare it tells me I don’t have an account. And when I do an account recovery it gives me the info for the account it says doesn’t exist.

  51. I am small time investor. I just opened M1 yesterday. So from now on certain stocks will be drs. The obstacle fir me was understanding. I studied up on this topic yesterday then opened my account.

  52. It’s difficult for us based outside of the usa with no social security number to DRs, as this is a requirement from computershare. I did mine through giftashare but took months to activate my account using 1 share. They send letters through local post to activist your account. The letter usually gets lost for us based in Asia or Middle East. Because local post is garbage. After activating my account COMPUTER SHARE said gme don’t allow to buy directly through computer share using bank transfer. Apparently this is a gme policy, they said it was activated in 2021zYou have to use an American broker and transfer purchased shares. I’m just providing my own experience as a guy based in the Middle East.

  53. Computershare changing my address which they’ve been refusing to do unless I send my signature in a letter which takes for ever since I’m in europe. Currently 2 letters deep and account code thingy sent back yet

  54. A working and simple to follow guide to DRS from Nordnet (Finland). I have bought one share from giveashare, so I have the computershare account, I also verified it.

  55. When I first DRS'd over a year ago, it was after reading mountains of DD claiming the entire float had been shorted several times over

  56. If I had omnipotent foreknowledge that Fidelity would collapse and I would lose the last 1% of my shares to a forced “buy in” I would 100% DRS.

  57. I buy new shares through IBKR and DRS (UK) but still have xxx shares in an ISA that I’ll keep in there as it’s tax free. I’m not really bothered what happens to them to be honest.

  58. Getting out of brokers is the best feeling. I've been on edge with my shares in 212 especially for a long time and they're finally safe.

  59. Laziness, I guess. I called my bank here in Saudi Arabia and they told me it's doable, but its gonna take up to a month until it's done. Also i have to go there personally to sign some papers.

  60. I’m not going to lie, I sold LEAPS on half of my position to try to recoup some of my unrealized losses. I’ve invested over half a million and I’m down over 50% right now. The other half is DRSd.

  61. I literally have about 0.741% (precisely 0.74074%) of my shares remaining in my brokerage account. I only plan to sell those. The shares in ComputerShare are to be held forever. Even as I buy more, I continue to direct register them with the goal of only keeping 1% or less in my brokerage account. I’m either selling that very small portion of my holdings for ridiculous, unfathomable life-changing wealth or I’m going to my grave with all my shares (or my broker will sell them for a paltry amount without my consent, but even then the ~99.3% of my shares are still mine forever). I don’t want to DRS 100% because my DRS shares are for the infinity pool.

  62. Nothing, I already promised to have mine done after the holidays. I was out of work for over a year by choice during Covid and had to get on my feet financially

  63. Either ComputerShare or for GameStop to make a clean way to DRS my Roth IRA. I know about going through a custodian, but I'm not doing that unless it's something straight-forward and official.

  64. Mostly I'm DRSed, but I bought some shares through Trading212 in early 2021 that cannot be transferred to CS, meaning the only option would be to sell on that platform, wait for settlement and cash transfers, then buy to DRS through IBKR, or directly from CS.

  65. Reposting this lmao... I'd need to pay euros from DEGIRO.. 60eur in lrc would be great 0xF96A56a34957d85CC23Ea1c127161f5d020cff73 ty

  66. I’m from Mexico and I’m my shares are in GBM+, however, the only way, since they don’t let you DRS is going through BBVA and then Computershare. BBVA asks you first to open an account with them which needs you to have $10,000 pesos in the account.

  67. ally wants to charge me $100 to DRS a position and $50 to transfer my account to fidelity where I can DRS for free from. Crazy how it's double the price to DRS one position as it is to transfer your entire account to another broker, although we all know the reasons why

  68. I have my target number of shares DRS'd -1000 of em. I have bought a few more which I hold at my broker and use them to trade and give me a small income. If I have spare money I will buy more and DRS those. I recognise the 1000 I have at my broker are at risk, but I consider the risk of trading GME shares as a lot less than trading any other stock right now.

  69. Honestly, fear that CS can’t sell fast enough and I’ll miss moass. No one knows how long moass will be (some say weeks, months) but who knows? That’s the main reason I still have some of my shares in street name.

  70. My reason - and you might bad me for this, but you are asking so I am being truthful - is because I make a lot selling cover calls. I actually believe in DRS and am impressed the SS community has rallied around it so effectively but I also have financial goals for my family I’d like to get closer to.

  71. i'm 98% DRSd, in my cash account. only holding <20 in Fudelity. 690 in a 401k that i can't DRS. only plan on selling one during MOASS for phone number $$$, holding the rest till infinity. and hodling the 401k till retirement (20 years) when i'll cash out for 1 quadrillion fuk the hedgies.

  72. I'm 96.5 % drsed. Have only 16 in a broker my first shares purchased Feb 21 that will cost $120 + tax to transfer to other broker to then drs. Now monies very tight so for now can't even afford to buy direct with cs, if I did I'd rather buy more shares.

  73. If it doesn't blow up you pay f all on f all. I was in the same boat as you and decided that getting taxed on MOASS is better than 0% on NOASS 👍

  74. My smooth brain tells me that once 50% of the float is locked individual investors can propose changes that need to be voted on. More than 50% DRS means the vote cannot be messed with.

  75. I don’t plan on selling my CS shares so I guess it feels if I was 100% DRS’d I’d have no shares to sell when it’s time to take profit. Ultimately I’m almost 80% my net worth in this play. So I need to make sure I can get out with some winnings

  76. I was under the impression that the TFSA shares on WS can be take out into your personal account and then DRS'ed from there. Had a friend who pulled their TFSA shares to BMO and and DRS'ed that way.

  77. This is an old battle that was lost long ago. PCA doesn't know what they're talking about on this one. The custody at computershare thing that theoretically exists was done for employees. The DD was incorrect that it could be utilized like that.

  78. Me too, as many have said here it’s a tax problem. I don’t like that I’m being taxed once I sell given that I’m not a us resident nor a citizen. I’m mostly DRS’d but leaving some with my broker to sell and not get hit with a sales tax.

  79. Computershare is partnered with navigate/navishare for securities lending. Everyone says they can't lend your shares which I assume they can't but CS hasn't addressed this in any AMA.

  80. I’m making really good money selling covered calls every week, which in turn I use to buy more shares. I’d need someone to give me that additional income to make me switch! It’s like every kind of asset I own…I need to make a return on my investment.

  81. Money. Had to sell my last cs shares for rent last month and I’m hoping I can buy back at least one share or two before moass

  82. Because I can’t sell covered calls and increasing my position further. Thanks to CC I have been able to almost double my initial investment. I’ll drs when I’m ready.

  83. That's solid. Especially since others also doing this will probably also DRS when ready- as we get closer to 100%, it'll be one of the waves that pushes this all over the edge.

  84. What would it take? Probably not having other people ask what it would take - because that seems manipulative and I’m an individual investor

  85. I recalled my IRA from Mainstar back to Fidelity. 1) I felt like I lost control of my shares, and 2) everything just took forever with Mainstar and my shares literally disappeared into the ether for weeks and weeks.

  86. Honestly if superstonk mentioned BOOK every time they mentioned DRS. I would believe we could own the float. But if people leave their shares in PLAN, we're going to get there and be disappointed

  87. I hold 20k shares. I haven’t DRSd - not because I haven’t wanted to, but I need clarification. Below are the reasons I haven’t.

  88. Honest question. Wasn’t there some potential FUD that they can delist the stock if a certain amount of it was not tradable due to DRS removal? Real question.

  89. 38 shares on WS in Canada. Does it make sense to buy one share on, wait until my computershare account is created, then sell my shares from my TFSA Wealth Simple account and buy them direct from computer share.

  90. NFA: but you could open a BMO TFSA.. transfer lets say 37 over to BMO TFSA for free then DRS 36 shares from BMO for free because WS charges $305 per DRS request. Then you'd have one share in a tfsa with WS and one share in TFSA with BMO and the rest is safe with your name on it at Computershare, then you can setup a Wise account and start buying directly from computershare to add to the infinity pool.

  91. As people are inherently lazy, I would say a broker to fall or royally fuck up accounts, so on the verge of too late.

  92. I’m 0% in DRS and hold upper XXX shares. Just more convenient for me to hold them at my broker… yeah street name, whatever… when I want to sell I want to sell immediately, not end of day; and I want the money credited to my account to trade with.

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