SEC still painted as enemies?

  1. Millions got sent to their PACs as well. Most of the money goes to PACs for them to bribe, launder, embezzle, line their pockets or whatever those crooks do. That’s where the real corruption is.

  2. Don't say bribe don't say bribe don't say bribe don't say bribe don't say bribe don't say bribe don't say bribe don't say bribe

  3. Can you prove otherwise? Go find the letter that was written don’t just call them a shill they seem at least semi factual from my standpoint t during the last few years

  4. would you all please stop with the unusual whales hate? its a frickin retail trading options flow website. who would you rather people post, Marketwatch screengrabs?

  5. Elected regulators who take donations from special interests are tying the hands of hired professional regulators.

  6. I put up a post earlier but it was downvoted citing “no politics” as the reason. Basically I suggested that after MOASS apes should “lobby” politicians to vote for change that would make “lobbying” itself illegal. Going by these rates, apes could do it even before the MOASS.

  7. Yes they are still. It’s just noise and likely linked to them wanting to get a hold of Crypto regulations. Unusual Whales suck too.

  8. Fucking yes, the SEC is complacent dipshits too busy accepting bribes and jerking off all day. Quit your bootlicking.

  9. So are you defending these politicians? All of DC and Wall Street is corrupt. It’s a revolving door and most politicians are paid off. The SEC, CFTC and politicians can all be culpable. It’s not one or the other, it’s all.

  10. Super PACs always struck me a something that corrupt politics with large legalized bribes. Personally I think fundraising/donations should have strict limitations to avoid conflicts of interest.

  11. Ted Budd who beat out Cherie Beasly... She would have been great. He's a pile of shit. So, not big surprise here from my home state

  12. The fact that one part of the circus act is demonstrably corrupt doesn't excuse the fact that others are playing different parts in it. With an equal level of "fuck you" attitude to the public.

  13. The amount of contempt and corruption for all to see is starting to be absolutely ridiculous now. Like honestly are you taking the piss?

  14. We have a healthy distrust for government. It is a necessary evil, that can do good things and bad things.

  15. The world of stocks is very complex, it isn’t black and white. It’s like in Game of Thrones. There are heroes, there are villains, and then there are those that you don’t know if you want to love or hate.

  16. These numbers are very specific; they’re maximums allowed. $2,900 is the limit for a primary, $2,900 for general (combined $5,800), and married couples it’s a combined $11,600.

  17. So buying lawmakers costs $18k-$60k per look into the intentionally gray area of finance where it's either legal(unethical) or illegal (somehow more unethical)

  18. I don’t think I’d commit something even close to a crime for $2.9k, maybe consider it for $11.6k if I thought I’d get away with it. And I’m no where near as wealthy as a congressman!

  19. Bonuses/ bribes on top of already obscene amounts in wages is sickening, It's a "fuck you we're rich". Society we live in always has been rich get richer & we pay for it.

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