NFT Giveaway in celebration for all the new iOS wallets!

  1. My goal is to make sure everyone has something in their wallet, so I’ll try to give away as many as I can. If you’d like to help pass them out let me know and I’ll send you extra!

  2. Its going to be my first NFT as well! I have time so I wouldnt mind sending extras to people. 0xcEd0E32700D6183f6351D902641B840940F849f3

  3. Would love this one! I didn’t get any of the GameStop locations NFTs…thank you! 0xd778a281eD8C0A9B6E0693e2b8595e9cdED86869

  4. with the amount of comments already here I hope a ton of people already got their first one! Hopefully there's still a couple left!

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